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 What can i use for nail growth?

 Someone told me that if you eat a potato that's gone green you will suffer an excruciatingly painful death!!
Is this true? Because if it is I wont bother setting the video to record Eastenders tonight!!!
Additional Details
cutegirl, eastenders ...

 Very black neck!?
Black Neck?
Ok my skin is light brow. However, my neck is very dark. People quickly notice that my neck is darker then my face. My neck has little rings going around it too. I am overweight (14 ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of warts?
i've got 5 warts on my hand frozen them with wartner but isnt working. does anyone know how to get rid of ...

 How do you get rid of acne?

 How do i get rid of the blackheads of my nose !
well i have some blackheads on my nose and i am trying to get rid of them i just bought the clean&clean blackhead clearing scrub yesturday and i did notice after 3 uses that the tiny blackheads ...

 Does anyone know of a cure tha actually works for hand warts?
Freezing doesn't work as it just seems to make them spread. Neither do bazuka or any other similar ...

 *yellow stuff comes out!!?
*all around my nose i have just started to get these tiny yellow things that stick out, and if i squeze my nose it all comes out...i don't know what it is. can someone tell me what and how i can ...

 I have a party in 5 days, but my face has erupted with spots. How can i get rid of them quickly?
I use Retin-A constantly but i still keep getting acne. Its very frustrating especially because its everywhere this week and i have a party on saturday....

 I want to get whiter! what is the problem with me?
I'm a Filipino. I have this sort of spanish mix down my system. I was born with fair skin, til now im still fair skinned.

I want to get whiter skin.

The natural skin color ...

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Passive Smoking Associated with Diabetes
Many people know about the passive effects of passive smoking on the lungs but, according to a recent study, it seems that this also increases the risk of diabetes. A 15 years study of more than 4,500 American men and women proved that the incidence of glucose intolerance, a sign for diabetes, in... Read More

Ovary Removal May Increase Risk of Dementia
New research suggests that removing the ovaries, especially in the case of young women, significantly increases the risk for cognitive problems later in life. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic showed that the surgically removal of a woman's ovaries raises the risk of developing dementia. Dr.... Read More

Platinum Found in Silicone Breast Implants
Researchers revealed on Friday a new reason for concern about breast implants with silicon gel, when they found dangerous levels of platinum in the bodies of women who had silicone implants. They reported high levels of platinum in the hair, breast milk and other samples from women who had silicone... Read More

Risk of H5N1 Mutation Very Low
A British government official recently announced that the chances of bird flu virus mutating into a form that spreads between humans are "very low". Sir David King, a spokeswoman for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, made this statement, characterizing rumors of an imminent... Read More

9/11 Survivors of Have Health Problems
According to researchers at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people caught in the cloud of dust and debris caused by the collapse of several buildings have more chances of suffering from psychological trauma and breathing problems because they were around the September 11 attack.... Read More

The Glasses That Improve Your Hearing
They are available: glasses that have tiny microphones embedded on each leg and which, unlike traditional hearing aids that amplify all sounds, amplify only the sounds coming from the direction the user is looking.One in three people over the age of 60 is suffering from hearing loss. However, only... Read More

The Laser That Melts Fat
Scientists are currently developing a laser that could melt cellulite, acne and even make heart disease disappear, according to experts from the Massachusetts General Hospital in the U.S. The device will be able to melt fat without affecting or warming the skin above it. Using this laser, scientists... Read More

Social Isolation Increases Risk of Breast Cancer
According to a recent study, women who have few close friends or family members are more likely to die from breast cancer than those women who are more socially active. The study, led by Dr. Candyce H. Kroenke of the University of California, looked at data from about 3,000 women, 46 to 71 years old... Read More

Myanmar Fighting Bird Flu Outbreaks
According to U.N. agriculture officials' statements on Monday, Myanmar is struggling with more than 100 outbreaks in domestic birds since the virus was first reported a month ago. Burma confirmed its first case of bird flu infection on March 13, in the central town of Mandalay, 700km north of... Read More

Snoring Runs in The Family
A new research shows that children whose parents snore have a 3 times bigger risk of snoring themselves. Researchers at Cincinnati Children's Hospital based their study on the interviews with 681 families, suggesting a link between snoring and allergies. Parents were asked if their children... Read More

Estrogen Increases Risk of Blood Clots for Some Women
A new scientific report associates estrogen therapy with an increased risk of developing a blood clot in a vein (venous thrombosis) in postmenopausal women who went through hysterectomy. The risk appears to be smaller than the combination of estrogen plus progesterone given to women who still have... Read More

Contact Lens Solution Tied to Eye Infections
Bausch & Lomb suspended shipments of "ReNu MoistureLoc" contact lens solution, when the company found out that this solution may be linked to a rare fungal outbreak among contact lens users. The solution is normally used by all contact lens wearers to rinse and store the lenses when they do not wear... Read More

Indonesia Confirms New Human Bird Flu Case
According to the announcement made by an Indonesian Health Ministry official on Tuesday, a 23-year-old man in Sumatra has been confirmed to have bird flu. U.N. bird flu crises coordinator, David Nabarro, who was in Jakarta at that time, as part of his "five-nation trip" in Asia, said he will not... Read More

Nanoparticles Used to Kill Cancer Cells
According to a study published on Monday, scientists found a way to kill cancer cells by injecting tiny particles, loaded with medication, attacking diseased cells while leaving healthy cells untouched. The team of researchers working at MIT used particles firstly on cells growing in laboratory... Read More

British Woman Wins Herceptin Case
Ann Marie Rogers, the woman diagnosed with breast cancer in an early stage, has won the trial for receiving the drug Herceptin. Last year, the 54-year-old cancer victim was refused Herceptin on the grounds that the drug was not licensed for use in the early stages of the disease. This decision, made... Read More

An Antibiotic May Help Asthmatics
A new research suggests that antibiotics may prove useful in the treatment of asthma. A study, which included 278 patients, proved that an antibiotic, Telithromycin, made by French drug-maker Sanofi-Aventis, can reduce symptoms of asthma and improve lung function. The drug, which is normally used to... Read More

"Fattest Fast-Foods" in the U.S.A.
Danish doctors warn that French fries and chicken, coming from the American McDonald's and KFC, may contain more trans fat than those in other countries. Steen Stender and his colleagues from Gentofte University Hospital in Hellerup, Denmark, report in a medical journal that the levels of... Read More

Cop Working at the 9/11 Incident Died
According to his autopsy, a 34-year-old New York police detective's death was due to exposure to toxic dust on September 11, 2001. A coroner report said the detective died after developing a respiratory infection, while working at ground zero, where the attacks took place. James Zadroga's... Read More

Cheaper Malaria Drug on the Horizon
Scientists are working on a new and cheaper method to synthesize a very effective drug against malaria. Under the name of Artemisinin, the drug is currently expensive to manufacture and is refused to many people in the developing world. The drug is used for treating multi-drug resistant strains of... Read More

Welsh Girl Gets Her Heart Back
A 12-year-old girl, Hannah Clark, is believed to be the first patient in the world who had her heart "doubled" through a complex procedure - transplant, and then removed after 10 years, leaving the initial heart in a perfect state. Hannah Clark, from south Wales, previously suffered from... Read More

Egypt Confirms 12th Human Infection Caused by Bird Flu
Egyptian authorities have confirmed on Monday the 12th infection caused by the H5N1 virus. The patient, 18-year-old woman from Minufiyah, in the north of Egypt, began to show symptoms of infection on April 5 and was hospitalized on 11 April. According to doctors attending to her, the woman's... Read More

Painkillers Which Increase Risk of Heart Attacks
Researchers said on Thursday that painkillers, known as COX-2 inhibitors, may increase the risk of heart attacks, raising the blood pressure and the risk of clots in the blood. These COX-2 inhibitors were created as a safer long-term treatment than aspirin, or other analgesics for arthritis and... Read More

Fetuses Cannot Feel Pain
According to a report published in the British Medical Journal, fetuses cannot feel pain because they lack a mental development which occurs after birth. As Dr. Stuart Derbyshire, of the University of Birmingham, said, the baby's relationship with the people looking out for him enables him to... Read More

Second Face Transplant Performed
Chinese doctors performed the first face transplant in China and the second in the world on a man whose face was disfigured in an attack by a bear. Li Guoxing now has a new nose, cheek, upper lip and eyebrow, according to representatives of Xijing military hospital in the central city of Xi'an.... Read More

Polio Reappears in Bangladesh
The Bangladeshi government started on Sunday the vaccination of 21 million children under 5 years against poliomyelitis, the disease resurfacing after 5 years. Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr Khandoker Mosharraf Hossain inaugurated the 13th immunization day and said Bangladesh was made "polio... Read More

Mumps Outbreak in the U.S. Spreading
The mumps outbreak surfaced in Iowa is spreading, infecting other U.S. states. Iowa's Department of Public Health recorded at least 605 cases of mumps, most of them among university students, between December 2005 and April 13 of this year. The normal number of cases found in the state yearly... Read More

U.S. Prepares for Bird Flu Pandemic
U.S. President George W. Bush will approve in a few weeks the national pandemic influenza response plan, possibly permitting other countries to print U.S. currency during an eventual pandemic. The document is the first to depict the government's response to the crisis and the way it will... Read More

Reaction to Cancer Linked to Gender
Men and women diagnosed with cancer look for information on the disease in different ways. A new study suggests that men seek practical advice and the latest medical treatments, while women look for emotional support. Clive Seale, a sociology professor, conducted this study which highlights that... Read More

New Cancer Drug with Fewer Side Effects
The osteoporosis drug Raloxifene works as well as Tamoxifen, a drug in the same category, at reducing the risk of breast cancer in high-risk postmenopausal women, showing fewer side effects. The 5 year study of Tamoxifen and Raloxifene which took into consideration 19,747 postmenopausal women showed... Read More

Chronic Stress May Lead to Depression
Scientists have shown that the hormone released during periods of long-term stress is directly linked to depression. They already knew that many people with depression had high levels of the stress hormone cortisol, but it remained unclear until now whether the hormone caused the condition or was a... Read More

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