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 What is the best remedy for sweat rash
I have a sweat rash in my groin area, what is the best treatment for it other than keeping the are clean and dry.
Additional Details

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 Sunburn help?
i have a realy bad sunburn im out of aleo vera
and is there anything you can put on it to feel better
plz ...

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Risa XXX
What can i use for nail growth?

eat jello and drink your pee thats what they do in other countries

there are usually polishes that will help.
but vitamians and minerals help too

'If you want faster growing nails, be sure that your diet is rich in Vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D, E and iron, calcium, zinc, sulfur, and the essential fatty acids.

For Vitamin A, look for fruits that are yellow and orange or veggies that are dark green.
For Vitamin C, chop up some green and red peppers and offer them to your family as a snack.
For Vitamin D, look to your dairy products.
For Vitamin E, a supplement is your best option.
For zinc, options include kidney beans, rice, chicken or cheese'

I have always bitten my nails and realised they looked horrible so when in Tesco bought some nail growth and
strengthener - it has a polish to it so looks good. you can even put your usual nail polish on it once the first application has dried. Believe me it works cost £6 but well worth it

Don't bite them.

titanium nail growth nail polish works good


Drink lots of water.

titanium nail growth

Rog V
Start taking calcium. You'll see a big difference within 2 weeks, likely 1 week. It's safe too because we all produce our own calcium (the metabolism involves the sun + your skin where vitamin D precursors are) + bone + your gut (how much you absorb from food) + your parathyroid gland (which controls the regulation of vit D between these systems, ie how much you hang on to vs lose). You can take calcium tablets (with or without vitamin D). Any pharmacy or grocery store will have it in the vitamin aisle. Hope this helps!

Omega 3 and biotin works for nail and hair growth

♥ lovee xo ♥
Drink a lot of milk.

juyt h
Here are some ways to grow nails faster:·

Drinking milk is good, as it contains calcium·

Some people advise to take prenatal vitamins for hair and nail growth·

Proper diet with green leafy vegetables, nuts, dried fruits and fruits would also help nail growth·

Massage your nails with olive oil.

take some vitamin E its for hair nails and skin.

titanium nail growth nail polish

â–“â–’â–‘ 4th of July â–“â–’â–‘
There is nail polish that is almost just like shine nail polish (the stuff you put on after you put on colored nail polish). You put it on and it should help your nails grow. Growth nail polish in other words. It looks sorta pink but you put it on and its clear and shiny.

Or there's a vitimen you can get in stores called: Biotin

It helps with hair growth and nail growth. Take one everyday and it should get your nails to grow.

mrs.nick jonas
buy a clear polish nail groth formula thingy at any drugstore

Ella Dummet
Eat lots of yogurt. It makes your nail grow fast, and healthy.
Truely .

there is certain nail polish to make your nails longer. otherwise, right when you get out of the shower, push your cuticles back and your nails will be longer.

International Spy
Drink Green Tea! It's amazing for nail growth.

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