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 Im getting drug tested, what will my school do if it comes out positive?
i got drug tested today at school for pot and it is going to ocme out positive, i know that. i am not only scared bout my dad finding out but i am scared about what the school will do...does anyone ...

 What is the safest cigarette?

 I have aids?
i found out yesterday i got aids from my gay boyfriend, what do i do?...

 My best friend just found out he has AIDS and told me.......?
I work @ Cracker Barrel and I was just told by my best friend that he has AIDs.........he only recently found out, he begged me not to say anything to anyone but my conscience is getting the best of ...

 How do you get rid of crabs???

 How do I live with AIDS?
The system and dealing with all the pain, mental and physical.
Additional Details
I thought I should add that AIDS is not going to &...

 If you found out your partner/spouse was HIV positive and you are not, what would you do?

Additional Details
having looked at the answers so far, take this scenario, a couple with kids the husband contracts HIV, he does not ...

 Dose second marriage lead to aids,when both partners are free from aids?

 Wait...are cold sores and herpes the same thing?
I'm like so totally confused. Can't cold sores develope on their own? Ohhh goodness. Can someone explain please?...

 I had a pap-smear done, does anyone know if they test for HIV or STD's? Thank you!!?

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Chillies Fight Against Cancer
Experts said yesterday that chillies may help in battling against prostate cancer. Capsaicin, the ingredient which makes the peppers hot, proved to destroy 80% of human cancer cells in tests on mice, which had been genetically modified to have human prostate cancer cells. They were fed 8 habanera... Read More

Drug Trial Ends in Hospitalization
6 men, among which 2 in critical condition, became ill and are currently in intensive care after taking an anti-inflammatory drug as part of a drug trial. The drug TGN1412, a monoclonal antibody developed by TeGenero AG, was developed for the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases and... Read More

High Humidity Does Not Ease Croup
Traditionally, we use chicken soup to soothe a cold and surround a child who was the croup with steam to help him breathe. A new study says that the latter old-age treatment will not help to ease the cough. Croup swells the tissues around the voice box, leading to a bark similar to a seal and is a... Read More

Sleeping Pills Cause Weird Behavior
Strange behavior like eating or having sex while asleep raised some serious questions about drugs against insomnia such as Sanofi-Aventis' Ambien. Ambien is the most popular prescription sleep medication. Last year, 26.5 million prescriptions filled for drugs including Ambien brought the... Read More

Doctors Seek Help in Treating Drug Trial Victims
Parexel International, the company that ran the tests in London's Northwick Park Hospital, said the reactions to the drug were totally unpredictable. "This type of reaction is extremely rare, and is a very unusual event," head of clinical pharmacology Herman Scholtz said in a Parexel statement.... Read More

Five More Nations Confirm Bird Flu
On Thursday, four Asian countries and Denmark confirmed the presence of the deadly H5N1 virus. It appeared in tests in Afghanistan, India and Myanmar and the flu might have killed turkeys in Israel as well. In India, more than 70,000 birds have been exterminated in order to try to stop the spread;... Read More

Atkins Diet Not Recommended for Everyone
The Atkins diet, based on low-carbohydrate and high-protein foods for the loss of weight, may not be universally recommended. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lessnau, a clinical assistant professor of medicine at New York University School of Medicine, describes a complication which might have ended in death for a... Read More

Uneven Breasts Linked to Cancer
Scientists found that women with asymmetrical breasts have a higher risk of developing cancer. The teams of researchers from the University of Liverpool in England compared mammograms of 252 women who later developed cancer to the same number of mammograms of women who remained healthy. Results... Read More

Abortion Pill Caused the 7th Death
Two more women have died 2 days ago after taking the abortion pill called RU-486, totaling so far 7 deaths related to this pill. The agency investigating this case said it is analyzing the reports from the manufacturer of the drug but has not been able to confirm, so far, the exact cause of death.... Read More

Egyptian Died of Bird Flu
Egyptian authorities announced Saturday the discovery of the first human death caused by the lethal strain H5N1, while yesterday a second infection was discovered. A day after Egypt announced the death of a 30-year-old woman, a 28-year-old man was admitted in hospital after showing symptoms of the... Read More

New Hope for Eczema Sufferers
A new discovery made by scientists inspires millions of people suffering from skin conditions with hope for new, better treatment. Experts from the University of Dundee have found the gene that causes dry skin, predisposing people to eczema and asthma. The gene produces a protein that helps the skin... Read More

Smoking Highly Increases the Risk of Premature Death
Several studies have shown on various occasions that smoking can be deadly, but a recent one brings new data to this problem. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of dying in middle age, but giving up this damaging habit strongly decreases the risk of dying prematurely. 24,500 women and 25,000 men... Read More

Petting Zoos Can Transmit Diseases
Researchers found on Monday that animals from petting zoos can transmit the potentially deadly E. coli and other bacteria which may cause gastrointestinal illness. A study which looked at people who visited zoos in March 2005 showed that the E. coli bacteria, which causes 60 deaths annually in the... Read More

Outbreak of Botulism in Thailand
143 people in Thailand's northern province of Nan got sick from botulism. This number of people suffering from the disease is the largest ever recorded in Thailand and, probably, in the whole world. Among the 143 victims, 33 of them needed respirators to assist their breathing, another 36 are... Read More

Parents Warned about Pesticide Risk
Researchers found yesterday that levels of pesticides which were thought to be harmless could cause cancer in babies and young children. The study, conducted at the Liverpool University, shows that low levels of chemicals found in pesticides and plastics could affect the development of babies while... Read More

Mom's Depression Transmissible to Children
A new study showed that treating mothers for depression can help their children as well, reducing the risk of developing psychiatric disorders themselves. Consequently, if the mother's depression continues, the risk of such problems for her children increases as well. Study author Myrna... Read More

Drug for Female Baldness
A drug used to treat male baldness can also help women who have a problem with thinning hair. Italian researchers looked at 37 women who suffered from hair loss and gave them 2.5 milligrams of finasteride and the contraceptive pill. Pictures of the women's heads were taken and the hair density... Read More

Oily Fish Beneficial to Fight Prostate Cancer
Scientists said, after a recent study, that eating foods such as oily fish, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can prevent the spread of prostate cancer. Omega-3 and its "partner" Omega-6, which the body cannot produce, are essential fatty acids associated with good health. Omega-3 can be found in flax... Read More

Human to Human Transmission of Bird Flu Not Likely
Two groups of scientists, in Japan and in Holland, have come up with explanations as to why human to human transmission of the H5N1 virus is highly unlikely. Unlike other known flu viruses which can be easily transmitted between people, the H5N1 virus can attach very hard to the cells in the nose,... Read More

Bird Flu Found in Gaza Strip
Preliminary tests discovered the bird flu virus in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli and Palestinian officials. The tests were initiated after 200 chickens were discovered dead in the southern town of Rafah, on the Egyptian border, only 3 days after Egypt reported its fourth suspected case of... Read More

Efficient Drug that Treats Alzheimer's
A controversial drug used to treat mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease has been proved to be useful also in the later stages, improving the memory and understanding in patients with a severe form of dementia. A study conducted at the Karolinska Institute that looked at 194 patients showed that... Read More

Scientist Questions the Early Treatment for Schizophrenia
Early episodes of schizophrenia are treated today with anti-psychotics for at least a year. However, this medication often has serious side-effects, and it isn't entirely clear whether the medication is actually necessary. The side effects appear in nearly half of patients and include severe... Read More

High Levels of Fluoride in Drinking Water
A report issued on Wednesday says that fluoride in drinking water, deliberately added to strengthen teeth, can in fact damage bones and teeth. So much fluoride is allowed by the Environmental Protection Agency that children in some areas are developing discolored teeth and weakened tooth enamel.... Read More

New Diabetes Cure on the Horizon
Scientists announced yesterday that they have managed to cure diabetes in mice, by blocking an immune system attack that is causing the disease. The discovery, first published 5 years ago, raises hopes for people suffering of type 1 diabetes, which affects half-million to a million Americans. This... Read More

Chiropractors - Any good?
Researchers claim that going to a chiropractor to ease back and neck pain has few benefits. Experts from Peninsula Medical School in Devon looked at 26 studies between 2000 and 2005 evaluating the benefits of spinal manipulation for period pain, colic, asthma, allergy and dizziness. The analysis... Read More

New Drug Cocktail Against Breast Cancer
Studies found that combining Avastin, a drug against cancer, with chemotherapy can double the chances for survival among women with breast cancer. Cancer sufferers, who cannot be treated with Herceptin, another drug against breast cancer, can now improve their chances of recovery with a treatment... Read More

Extra-resistent Tuberculosis in the U.S.
Health experts have recently reported a small, but dangerous increase in tuberculosis infections that are resistant to antibiotics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced the presence of 128 cases of tuberculosis in the U.S. in 2004 resistant to drugs, an increase of 113 cases... Read More

A New Rare Sexual Syndrome
Scientists requested more detailed research over a very rare and not well understood sexual syndrome. Instead of failing to get aroused, thing about which many women complain, they suffer from the persistent sexual arousal syndrome (PSAS), experiencing constant feelings of excitement. Dr David... Read More

Scotland Bans Public Smoking
Scotland became the first part of Britain which baned on Sunday smoking in pubs, restaurants, cafes and workplaces. Officials hope that this action will lead to a decrease in the number of people dying from passive smoking, currently 1,000 a year in Scotland. A recent survey also shows worrying... Read More

New Bird Flu Victims
China announced Saturday that tests confirmed the presence of the H5N1 virus in a woman who died in Shanghai, while Indonesian officials wait for tests results from a dead 1-year-old girl in Jakarta. The woman who died in Shanghai is China's 11th human death and the first in the country's... Read More

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