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 Which arm do you get the shooting pain in if you're having a heart attack?
Is it the left?
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I'm not having one it's just research for something....

 Blood Pressure 153/95?
How serious is this for a man in his early thirties - 6ft tall and about 14stone in weight? Thanks....

 Can smoking pot increase your heart rate dramatically?
i always thought its supposed to relax you. why is it having the opposite effect one me?
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go to hell lc


 Can you tell high cholestoral by having an eye test?

 How can they denie you disabilty 4 times and you have proof from 6 doctors?
I have Bipolor Since 1994 and Fibromyalga, as well as RA ,OA, and they keep dening ...

 Does smoking cigarettes have an effect on your cholesterol levels?

 Is 52 a low heart beat ... was is considered a normal heart beat im 22 yrs old ?

 What are the 5 main things that cause heart attacks?

 My friends mom just had a heart attack, and shes feeling alot better at home. I want to bring her something ?
& i dont know what to bring her. A low fat cake? Fruit dessert? I have to drive an hour to see ...

 I am not afrain to die, they tell me I have congestive heart failure.?
Should I worry? Will it hurt when I die?
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I am sorry about my spelling....

Social Isolation Increases Risk of Breast Cancer
According to a recent study, women who have few close friends or family members are more likely to die from breast cancer than those women who are more socially active. The study, led by Dr. Candyce H. Kroenke of the University of California, looked at data from about 3,000 women, 46 to 71 years old, in 1992, women that were diagnosed with breast cancer between 1992 and 2002. Women were asked to fill in periodic questionnaires regarding their social life, marital status, frequency of contact with relatives and close friends, their social-emotional support or having a confidant. 224 women died by 2004, among which 107 from breast cancer. Based on the analysis of the data, socially isolated women, like those with few family members or friends, were 66% more likely to die from all causes and twice as likely to die from breast cancer than those who were the most socially integrated. Participating in religious or community activities did not seem to have any effect on this risk, but the presence or absence of close relatives, friends and living children had a great impact on survival. Also, having a confidant or a spouse was similarly unrelated to their survival. Women with no close relative or friends had 3 to 4 times more chances of dying from breast cancer than those with 10 or more friends or close relatives.

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