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 What color contacts should i get *pic included.)?
that's me.
either eletric green: http://www.dixieart.com/Sparklescent_Electric_Green.jpg
or the blue, like the color ...

 What is the rarest eye colour in the world?

 Do color contacts change your vision color?
for example, if you have green contacts will you see stuff in a greener ...

 Is this pink eye?
for the past 2 or 3 days, usually flaring up at night, it feels like there has been something in my eye. i checked many times and tried to wipe it out but I've seen nothing. Tonight, it got very ...

 Putting Contacts In?
I want to be able to wear contacts, but I have a very difficult time touching my eye and trying to putting contacts in.
Does anyone have any advice, suggestions or exercises that could help me ...

 Why do my eyes hurt after reading?
i have picked up reading again and my eyes hurt really bad after reading only 10 or 15 pages? whats up?
Additional Details
i was thinking about glasses too but its weird because i can ...

 Can masterbating one time everyday and not sleeping well cause your eyes to get blurry sometimes?

Additional Details
6-7 hours of sleep everyday....

 What are the consequences for leaving your contacts in over night?....or over 7 nights?
it is a bad habbit that i need to break but i want to kno what it does to your eyes. i kno it has to do something or else the doctors wouldnt tell you to take them out. but they have never stuck and ...

 How do I clean glasses?
I just started wearing the glasses I got...and I don't know how to clean them...how do i clean them?...

 What Is The Most Uncommon Eye Colour?
Im just curious ......

Thanks for your time, =)

Welsh Girl Gets Her Heart Back
A 12-year-old girl, Hannah Clark, is believed to be the first patient in the world who had her heart "doubled" through a complex procedure - transplant, and then removed after 10 years, leaving the initial heart in a perfect state. Hannah Clark, from south Wales, previously suffered from cardiomyopathy, a serious disease of the heart muscle, which causes the organ to expand in size in order to try to compensate for the fact that its ability to pump blood is compromised. Hannah's heart was double in size by the age of 2, doctors fearing that it will stop functioning. Medics at Harefield Hospital, Middlesex, decided 10 years ago that the girl needs a new heart, so they transplanted another one. The new organ was placed in the right part of her chest and attached to her original heart, which remained in its original position. The organ pumped most of the blood in her body, while the other organ pumped a small quantity, being able to rest since the new heart took the most important task. The aortas, the major blood vessels which leave the heart, were merged to supply blood in an effective way all over the body, the circulation of the normal heart remaining unchanged. For 10 years, the new heart took all the major tasks and the doctors believe it is time that Hannah's heart should be put again to work. The surgery went well and took shorter than expected, 4 hours instead of 8. Having only her heart, the girl made such a good recovery and returned home in only 5 days. Medical experts said this procedure represents an important step in treating people suffering from cardiomyopathy, with inflamed hearts which functions poorly.

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