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Does anyone know how to get rid of warts?
i've got 5 warts on my hand frozen them with wartner but isnt working. does anyone know how to get rid of warts

Go to the doctor, they freeze them off

BTw how the hell did u get 5?

if you got to a doctor hell take them off with a scalpel pain full but fast

Rub a banana peel on your skin everyday.Good luck

i have 4 on the bottom of my foot and i have no idea what to do. my dermotologist says freezing them if they're on your foot doesn't help, so idk what to do either.

Sharp knife.

1. freeze them then use a different wart removal stuff them put a band-aid on them really tight
2. go to doctors

once you have them removed... wash your hands more often then you wont get anymore

I have a name now
duct tape..cut to size of wart..leave on for 6 days then scrape away wart...might be difficult with it being on your hands to keep the tape on.

Madison M
freez it then poke it with a needle

go to the doctors and have them burned off

Try Zinc Tablets

Sarah N
Go to the chemist they usually have over the counter creams that can be used to freeze it off.

warts tend to disappear by themselves after time, i had ones on my hands to, and in time they went, . . ,although you can have them removed at the doctors for a quick way, although it may sting a bit.
go talk to ur doctor, he /she will be able to tell you what you can do.

Matt R
dr. sholtz or whoever has a home wart removal kit,
they also have these things that look like bandaids you can buy.
you can also cut it off but it will most likely grow back and youll have to do it again

Go to the doctor and have them taken off...

sweetest girl.
dr schols freeze away wart removerr

Doctors use either acid to burn them off, or liquid nitrogen to freeze them. Warts can also disappear on their own without any intervention at all.

you should go to a dermatologist and have them frozen off, but it usually takes several visits to completely get rid of them, and if you don't they will keep spreading

I used wartner and had to used it once a week for a few weeks, It did work eventually. I tried all the remedies before hand, like, plastering an aspirin over the wart, weeing on it, rubbing it with steak and burying it in the garden. I even went to the GP and he wouldn't freeze it off as he said it was a virus and they would go on their own. persevere with wartner it will work, I rubbed mine with a pumice stone and then applied it.

odie b
Compound W



Sarah M
burn or wrap Cotton around and kill it that way should drop off

i had like fish wire put round mine and stopped the blood circulating the doctor did that then i bought a wartner cream which went white and killed it off as well got that from the chemist

Scoot Dogg
doctors have liquid nitrogen they use to burn it off, hurts but it does the job and its gone in less then a week

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