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  • Gloucestershire County Council


  • Focus on Disability
    A wide range of information for Disabled People, The Elderley and their Carers in the UK.

  • The Institute for Molecular Medicine
    The mission of the Institute for Molecular Medicine is to contribute to the understanding of and the prevention and cure of catastrophic human chronic diseases, such as autoimmune diseases, fatigue illnesses, rheumatic diseases, cancer, AIDS, and infectious and genetic diseases.

  • Psychiatric Medication Awareness Group
    is a small group of British Columbia citizens concerned about the increasing use of psychiatric drugs in B.C. and Canada, and the potential harm associated with these drugs.

  • The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation
    is a nonprofit organization committed to funding programs that provide the greatest benefit to cancer patients and their families. New programs in cancer research, education, and patient and family services are in memory of internationally known and beloved comedienne Minnie Pearl.

  • The European Parkinson's Disease Association
    EPDA) is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit making organisation concerned with the health and welfare of people living with Parkinson's disease, their families and carers. By promoting constructive dialogue between international patient and neurological organisations and the pharmaceutical industry, EPDA are able to develop research projects into quality of life issues, and conferences for multidisciplinary teams and people with Parkinson's of all ages.

  • Natural Supplements for Tinnitus
    including the gingko based Arches Tinnitus Relief Formula. Natural cure treatment to clear tinnitus-induced ear ringing.

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