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Fetuses Cannot Feel Pain
According to a report published in the British Medical Journal, fetuses cannot feel pain because they lack a mental development which occurs after birth. As Dr. Stuart Derbyshire, of the University of Birmingham, said, the baby's relationship with the people looking out for him enables him to process the subjectivity of pain. Now U.S. officials are thinking about a law which will oblige doctors to tell women who are considering an abortion that this action will cause the fetus pain after 20 weeks of gestation. Also, the law may include an article saying that, if the fetus is over 22 weeks, it should be given pain-relieving drugs. The legislation will require that a fetus receive anesthesia before the abortion procedure, fining doctors who refuse to comply with $100,000 and taking away their license. Derbyshire said that certain parts of the body will have the pain "alarm system" developed in various stages of a fetus' gestation. By the 26th week, the pathway to the brain which will enable the fetus to process pain and hormonal stress will have appeared. "Pain is something that comes from our experiences and develops due to stimulation and human interaction. It involves concepts such as location, feelings of unpleasantness and having the sensation of pain. Pain becomes possible because of a psychological development that begins at birth when the baby is separated from the protected atmosphere of the womb and is stimulated into wakeful activity," Derbyshire stated. Administering the fetus pain-killers through the placenta will involve procedures which may expose the woman to risks and distress.

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