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 Blindness caused due to diabetes?
My dad is arround 60 yr old having diabetes since 6 yrs and it has startted affeting his vision. now my dad cant see anything in night, hardly he can see in the day. I know for diabetes there is no ...

 Can anybody please help new diabetic looking which yoghurts i can eat?

 Could I have Diabetes?
I have put on quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years. I am 5'4, 18 years old, and weigh 210 pounds. My father has Diabetes. I have been extremely thirsty for water the past week or so, and I...

 I have diabetes and I eat the things i shouldn't, drink beer, and am addicted to sugar?
Every day I wake up and tell myself, I'm going to get a fresh start and start treating myself better and every day I slip up. How can I stop this vicious circle. I've been told that ...

 Advice please?
My daughter has just been diagnosed diabetic shes 21 i want any advice what she can and cant eat ,ok i know nothing with sugar ,please help.Thankyou in advance....

 What is the newest anti diabetic medicines?

 Type 1 diabetics, pls help me with this question?
Have you ever taken too much insulin and had your heart race and your throat get halfway closed up, almost like anaphylactic shock?

I had a similiar reaction and I think it was from too ...

 My doctor earlier wanted to confine me for highblood sugar--i tested at 310? should i go for it?
im not taking any diabetic ...

 I'm about to get diabetes!??!?!!??!?
No one in my family's history has diabetes or ever got it in their lifetime, my doctor said my eating habits might get me diabetes, she said I'm on the borderline! What can I do to reduce ...

 HELP I think i am diabetic+have extreme hunger ,no docs and no meds,what can i do?
what foods or suppliment can i take to reverse diabetes and the constant hunger ,my weakness has and i sweet creamy coffee through out the day,im reducing that to 1 cup per day this week(started)and ...

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Fighting Hard on the Arteries
A recent study has shown that hostile behavior increases the risk of heart diseases. Women who are hostile during a fight with the husbands are more likely to suffer from sclerosis or heart disease than those who are not. Men do not appear to increase their risk of heart disease, but having a... Read More

More than 700,000 Million People of the Rural Population in China Lack Medical Care
After two decades of neglect, China is confronting with a monumental health crisis of the rural population. About 90% of the 800 million people in the country side lack proper medical care. Children do not get the vaccine they need; AIDS patients get free drugs, but lack necessary monitoring. Zhang... Read More

Chinese Man Dies of Bird Flu
A man died because of the H5N1 virus last week in southern China, the number of deaths rising to nine in the country. Lao, a 32-year-old man, died in the Guangdong province, situated at the border with Hong Kong, being the 15th case of bird flu infection. Previously, 14 cases of infection have been... Read More

Genes Related to Blindness Have Been Discovered
A recent study shows that 3 out of 4 common cases of blindness in the elderly are triggered by two genes which suffer mutations. Professor Rando Allikmets, from the Columbia University in New York, leader of the research team, stated: "I am not aware of any other complex disorder where nearly 75 per... Read More

Bird Flu Spreads to Poland
Poland confirmed on Monday the presence of the virulent H5N1 in two dead swans and Austria reported that a cat from an animal sanctuary was tested positive for the infection, but has not yet shown any symptoms. The cat was kept with other 170 in cages, next to a group of birds including a swan which... Read More

TV May Not Cause Attention Disorders
The time spent in front of the TV may not influence the kids' developing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Scientists from the Texas Tech University in Lubbock studied U.S. children over a two-year period, determined to conclude if TV viewing in kindergarten results in ADHD in... Read More

Coffee Increases the Risk of Heart Attacks
A coup of coffee increases the risk of a heart attack for people with a defect in the gene responsible for breaking down coffee. People with a normally-processing gene can drink as much coffee as they want, scientists say. Coffee is the most consumed drink in the world, $17 billion a year being... Read More

CHINA: 10th Human Death of Bird Flu
A child in the south-east part of China has become the 10th person to be killed by bird flu. The girl, aged 9, died on Monday in the Zhejiang province, being the second Chinese citizen to die of bird flu in less than a week. She fell sick on February 10 with fever and pneumonia, after visiting the... Read More

Tysabri: Tough Decision Regarding Its Approval
Tysabri has been withdrawn from the market on February 2005 after 3 patients got a rare brain disease, often found in AIDS patients, and some had their immune system weakened, 2 dying from the side effects. Now, multiple sclerosis patients are urging officials in charge of approving the drug to... Read More

Eliminating Sugary Drinks Helps Losing Weight
A can of sugary drink a day can lead in a year to 6.4kg extra for the teenagers who consume it. American scientist studied the weight of 103 teenagers, 47 male and 56 female, aged 13 to 18, half consuming sweetened drinks and half unsweetened. During 25 weeks, one half was asked to continue with... Read More

Spring Break - A Fest of Sex and Alcohol
The American Medical Association released on Wednesday the results of a poll describing spring break: a fest of sex and alcohol, blaming the alcohol industry for promiscuous and reckless behavior. 65% of the women questioned think that spring break is essential to college life. About 91% agree that... Read More

Stolen Corpse Parts Infected with HIV
A woman from Pensacola, USA, may have contracted, according to her lawyers, HIV from bone tissue she received during a common surgery, the material being illegally harvested from a corpse not been screened for HIV. Kay Phelps, 43, is currently suing Tutogen Medical Inc. for have taken human body... Read More

Bird Flu Expected in the U.S.
The deadly avian flu could reach the United Stated in 6 to 12 months or even sooner, as it is carried by wild migratory birds toward Alaska. Considering migratory patterns, birds will carry the H5N1 virus from West Africa to the Arctic and Alaska this spring. "We have a virus capable of replicating... Read More

More and More Women Contracting HIV/AIDS
27% of new AIDS cases in the United States were found in women, especially black women, according to the US Centers for Disease and Prevention. In the first days of AIDS, fewer women contracted the HIV virus. In 2005, 46% of adults living with HIV/AIDS throughout the world were women. According to... Read More

Bird Flu Found in Weasel-like Animal
German officials said on Thursday that a laboratory discovered the H5N1 virus in a stone marten. The sick and dying marten was found on the north German island of Ruegen, the location for the first bird flu outbreak this year. The animal comes from the same area where three cats and dozens of wild... Read More

Ex-Governor Battles Cancer
Texas's ex-governor, Ann Richards, confessed on Wednesday that she has cancer of the esophagus and will be treated at the famous Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Richards, 72, known for being a strong fighter against medical system problems, received her results on Tuesday; her treatment... Read More

Blood Pressure Drops Globally
Between the 1980s and 1990s, blood pressure in the population dropped in about 21 countries, but now thanks to medicine. Scientists from the World Health Organization who conducted the study said they do not know what caused this small, but significant decline, but they think that more fruit and... Read More

Wine Can Treat Gum Diseases
Canadian scientists found that polyphenols, a chemical in red wine, can block the production of free radical molecules which can damage the gums. Researchers from Quebec's Universite Laval said that there are other risks which come with drinking wine and people should be aware of the fact that... Read More

Bird Flu in Cameroon
On Sunday, Cameroon became the forth African country to be infected with bird flu, after the disease was found in domestic poultry in a northern province. "Some ducks on a small farm in the town of Maroua died and the owner contacted the local office of the ministry for agriculture. Instructions... Read More

Calcium Reduces Pregnancy Complications
Increasing calcium dosage for pregnant women with diets low on calcium can help prevent complications at birth, according to a study published recently in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In this study took part healthy pregnant women from Argentina, Egypt, India, Peru, South... Read More

A Possible Third Case of Mad Cow Disease in U.S.
The U.S. Agriculture Department is investigating a possible third case of mad cow disease in the United States. So far, tests indicate the possible presence of the disease in a cow, the Agriculture Department representatives announced on Saturday. While awaiting results from the tests, the Bush... Read More

Aspirin - The Best Choice Against Heart Attacks
Researchers say that aspirin still remains the best drug in reducing the risk for heart disease, in comparison to the blood-thinning drug Plavix. Plavix has been shown previously to reduce the risk of myocardial infarctions, stroke, or cardiovascular-related deaths. Co-author of the study, Deepak... Read More

Some Vaccines Fight Cancer
Reports say that anti-viral vaccines have the ability to prevent one in ten cases of cancer. The English Center for Cancer Research estimates 1.8 million, about 18% of new cases of cancer caused by viruses each year worldwide. Vaccines against a wide range of viruses could prevent hundreds of... Read More

Running Alone Is Bad
Jogging offers the possibility to enjoy some fresh air, nature and the urban scenery and the chance for a good workout of the body and brain. But now researchers have found, after tests conducted on rats, that running alone may be bad when combined with isolation. The study was launched because of... Read More

Marijuana Clouds Up Your Memory
A new comparative study found that people using large amounts of marijuana for a long time perform worse at standard memory and decision-making tests. The study hasn't yet determined whether the changes are irreversible. Lambros Messinis of the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital... Read More

Antibiotics Raise Asthma Risk for Infants
Children exposed to antibiotics during their first year of life may have increased risk of contracting childhood asthma. Studies found that exposure to one course of antibiotics can double the risk for developing asthma. The risk increases with every course of antibiotics taken. Scientists mentioned... Read More

Mad Cow Disease Confirmed
A beef cow from a herd in Alabama tested positive for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease, but the origin of the animal could not be confirmed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The department will try to trace where the cow was born and find other members of its birth herd... Read More

Heart Disease Can Be Reversed
Doctors found the best evidence yet that heart disease can be reversed, and not just kept from getting worse. This evidence was provided by a study in which people saw their "bad cholesterol" reduced to the lowest levels ever seen and their blockages of the blood vessel shrunk. The data was seen in... Read More

A Vegetarian Diet Slows Weight Gain
People who turned to a vegetarian diet gained less weight over a period of 5 years than those who did not make such major changes. These data result from a study in which 22,000 meat eaters, fish eaters, vegetarians and vegans took part. "Contrary to the current popular views that a diet low in... Read More

Bird Flu in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan recently reported 3 deaths caused by bird flu, after Myanmar announced the first outbreak in domestic birds. Officials said the three victims got the disease after contact with sick birds and did not infect each other. The women were aged 17, 20, and 21 and were apparently members of a... Read More

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