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Does anyone know of a cure tha actually works for hand warts?
Freezing doesn't work as it just seems to make them spread. Neither do bazuka or any other similar remedies

I tried a homeopathic remedy called Thuja. You can get it at Boots or Holland & Barrett as a tiny tablet or in liquid form to take with water - I got this from the web: www.mistry.co.uk cost about £5 or so I think. This worked for me and two of my children. I tried everything else but nothing else seemed to work.
Make sure you read the instructions carefully as it is homeopathic and sometimes cannot be taken with other medication.

go to iran and let them catch you stealing something!

my daughter had hand warts and also one on her chin, the doctor mention that if you get fresh garlic cut it in half and then rub it on the wart it helps them go, we tried this and believe it or not it did actually work. The only down side to this is that my daughter said it stung to start of with but she is only 7 so i couldn't tell you how much it does actually hurt.

Talk to them. If you tell them to go away as often as possible they do!!

See a dermatologist. If freezing doesn't work, there are stronger treatments available, such as phenol peels.

Very carefully cut around it with a stanley knife so to not cut the roots in the center, or it will come back, then pull it out with some pliers, sounds nasty I know but it works, I tried everything available for mine and it just got bigger and got so sick of looking at the ugly sob that I did that. If you try it be ready with some tissue as it will bleed and bleed. good luck.

Tommy G
I used to cut them off and one day they disappeared (probably just grew out of them though) problem with making them bleed though is that they can spread where the blood goes so not really recommended

Quit beating your meat so much and they will go away.

I think you should try covering the wart or warts with duct tape. You have to leave it on for a while, but I can't remember how long. I think maybe leave it on for 72 hours or something like that. I'll try to get ahold of my friend that tried it and ask her how long she left it on, cuz it really did work for her.

Good luck!

Old wives remedy put a piece of raw meat on them rubbing it etc then bury the meat in the garden. As the meat rots the warts are supposed to rot and drop off. Some say it works and some dont but worth a try.

I had a wart on the back of my hand that wouldn't go, I had been cutting off the top and it just regrew. In the end I started to try to work under it with my nail, this took quite a few days, probably a week or two, but when it finally came off, it brought the root with it. It has never regrown since, and did not leave a scar after the area had recovered and healed.


Burn it with cigarette

jason s
Ask ur doc for occlusal (maybe only one "c"in it tho). It works slowly - maybe 2 weeks of daily application but it does work i plromise!

my nan used to say if u sold them to someone they would go away- but my son had the same problem so i bought a product called freeze veruca and wart remover made by scholl it freezes them off and worked a treat-get it from big chemists cost 12 quid

I had the doctor freeze some, but they alway grew back. So, out of desperation, I tried something that I had read in a magazine, and not only did it work, they never grew back!

At night, before going to bed, break off part of an aspirin, and dissolve in a drop or two of water, just enough to make a wet paste. Apply directly on the wart and put a bandaid over it. Continue doing this every single night. Eventually the wart will start dying. Do not stop this process until the wart is completely gone. It might take a couple of weeks, or possibly longer, but mine have never grown back.

rub a raw potato on it 3 times a day until it goes away. Can take up to a month

Susan H.
Nasty. Quit playing with toads and/or yourself.

i hear kissing jenny helps ;o)

Doctors can slice them off...

I have several types of hard to treat warts and the only treatment that ever works is salicylic acid. The doctors assistant applies it.
It works. Good luck. :-)

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