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 Since my kids teeth are gonna fall out anyway, do I have to let them brush daily?
Those Dora, Sponge Bob, and Diego toothbrushes are VERY expensive.
Additional Details
does it HAVE to be listerine? Or can I use ...

 Daughter has toothache with severe jaw pain?
painkillers and other remedies not working more worried bout jaw pain she cant eat properly got worse last 36 ...

 My mouth is a bloody mess!?
Is got some bleedin gums...my choppers are perfect otherwise.What ch'all reckon I dew?...

Okay so I went to the orthodontist on Saturday and he applied a chain to my 4 front teeth, IT KILLS. Please is there anything I can do to stop the pain. My gap is closing but it hurts so bad i feel ...

 How often do you visit your dentist?
I go every six months or so, I had a check up this morning and everything was fine again and I don't need any treatment. Do you think it'll be okay to go once a year or should I keep up ...

I'm getting braces do they ...

 Is it ok to chew sugar free chewing gum with braces?
I know you aren't supposed to chew gum with braces, but what about sugar free gum? Some people have told me that its ok with sugar free though. If anyone has any good or bad experiences please ...

I HATE BRACES i just got them and i cant eat for like a week
i cant even bite down i really stressing and just i hate them

do you have any ideas of what i can eat?...

 Who likes the dentist?

 Getting teeth pulled?
I have to get some teeth pulled because my mouth is crowded. Will the dentist people or whatever they are knock me out? or just numb me?...

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Increased Risk for Second Hand Smokers
US Surgeon General Richard Carmona warned this morning in a television conference about the side effects tobacco smoke has on second hand smokers, the ones that do not smoke, but inhale instead the harmful smoke coming from the lit cigarettes. He also claims that providing no-smoking areas or... Read More

Flawed Cells in Placenta - The Earliest Sign of Autism
Autism is a disorder of brain functioning that appears early in life, generally before the age of three. Children with autism have problems with learning capacity, social interaction, communication, imagination and behavior. Autistic traits persist into adulthood, but vary in severity. Some of the... Read More

Dyslexia - The Strange Genius Disease
Dyslexia, a Greek word meaning "difficulty with words", refers to learning disabilities, as the persons affected by this disorder cannot cope with standard, common ways of learning. They develop excellent use of visual thinking skills at an early age, they recognize real life objects, but cannot... Read More

Feng Shui Your Living Room
Besides the bedroom, the resting room where everything must be peaceful and relaxing, Feng Shui provides methods for decorating the others room in our house in order to have a comfortable living space and a balanced spiritual state of mind.In the living room you should place a fireplace and make it... Read More

B-Vitamins Do Not Work against Alzheimer
Even if previous studies have shown that folates, which contain the B - vitamin complex, could be the cure for dementia or Alzheimer disease, the tests showed that this was a wrong starting point for the research.It was supposed that these folates would lower the high levels of homocysteine in the... Read More

Gambling to Become Officially An Addiction
BBC informs that The British Medical Association's annual conference warns against gambling to become a new type of addiction. The medical team calls for help to prevent and treat the passion for gambling, especially among teenagers.Besides drug and alcohol addiction, this may be a serious... Read More

Ultrasound May Help Regrow Teeth
Hockey players, rejoice! A team of University of Alberta researchers has created technology to regrow teeth--the first time scientists have been able to reform human dental tissue. Using low-intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS), Dr. Tarak El-Bialy from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry and Dr.... Read More

Fighting HIV and Hepatitis B with Genetically Modified Tomatoes
Russian scientists are developing genetically modified tomatoes that would include vaccines. In the poorest parts of the world it is often difficult to deliver vaccines to the people who need them even when such vaccines exist. For example the transportation of vaccines over large distances may... Read More

Martial Arts Improve the Well Being of Old People
The ancient Chinese martial-arts forms Qigong and Taiji seem to bring health benefits to older adults, shows a new study by researchers at the University of Illinois. Qigong (chee-kung) and Taiji (tye-chee) - or Tai Chi - combine simple, graceful movements and meditation. Qigong, which dates to the... Read More

Sun - Both Friend and Enemy
The beneficial effects of sun exposure are various, starting with the fact that it provides our body with vitamin D, without which we can come to bone diseases. But, at the same time, Sun can cause burns, wrinkles and can lead to skin cancer.Besides vitamin D producing and syntheses, the Sun also... Read More

The Healthy Clay
Known as having beneficial effects upon the health of plants and animals, clay has first been used centuries ago by indigenous cultures that ate it in order to stay healthy and in shape.But modern society should not overlook the natural healer that is the clay, as it helps treating and curing a wide... Read More

Euthanasia Forbidden in UK
A decision of neutrality concerning euthanasia was taken last year during the annual conference of the British Medical Association members. After 134 years of ban on euthanasia, it seemed that the medical team have finally come to the conclusion that anyone can decide for his/her own life... Read More

Decaf Coffee Lowers Risks of Type 2 Diabetes in Postmenopausal Women
An 11-years study on more than 28000 postmenopausal women in Iowa proved that decaf coffee consumers develop lower risks of getting ill with type 2 diabetes. Of the women tested, the ones that drank 6 cups of decaf coffee a day proved to have 22% chances of keeping diabetes away than the women that... Read More

People Who Smoke Light Cigarettes Less Likely to Quit
People who smoke low-tar and low-nicotine, or "light" cigarettes thinking they will reduce their health risks may actually be less likely to kick the habit, according to research conducted by University of Pittsburgh and Harvard University. As such, light cigarette smokers increase their lifetime... Read More

Problems with Dry Hair? Moisturize it the Natural Way
Most of us have hair problems especially because it gets greasy and laden with dandruff almost immediately after it is washed. The first rule for having a beautiful-looking hair that does not need so frequent washing is to try washing it twice or three times a week and not daily. It is not as hard... Read More

Color Therapy - Surround Yourself with Colors
If we were to live in a black-and-white environment we would become angrier, irritable and we'd develop a poor health, for sure. Even if we are not aware of the effects colors have on our spiritual and affective states, we should get wind of the therapeutic effect of colors, as they are meant... Read More

Curative Effects of Bilberries
Also known as huckleberries, whortleberries, blueberries etc., bilberries are the fruits of bilberry, a perennial ornamental shrub that is commonly found in various climates in damp woodlands and moorlands.The bilberry has been used for a long period of time as a medicinal herb due to its curative... Read More

Copper - How is this Metal So Beneficial for Our Health?
It is really amazing to see in how many ways copper can help us improve our health or prevent us from getting ill. But how can a metal have such a beneficial influence on our body? This is because copper is vital for the collagen synthesis, for the use of iron in hemoglobin and for the vitamin C... Read More

Obese" or "Overweight" Children - Which Term is More Appropriate?
The term used by doctors until now for labeling teenagers with weight problems was "overweight" or "at risk of becoming overweight." But American experts have started a debate on whether they should start labeling these children "obese" or not.Some say that "obese" is a very strong word that might... Read More

What Is Really A Psychopath?
For most people on the planet, the term "psychopath" evokes thoughts of violence and bloodshed - and evil of the darkest kind. But during 25 years, a psychologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has built a body of work that may help temper such deeply ingrained perceptions.Sure, people do... Read More

Brain Recovery After 20 Years of Being Barely Conscious
Terry Wallis, from Arkansas, aged 42, lost his ability to move or speak after a fatal car crash which took place almost 20 years ago. Since then his brain has not been working properly, leaving him tied to the bed and barely conscious.But his brain seems to have grown new nerve connections, as he... Read More

Sued for Unconsciously Passing on HIV
Until now only individuals that passed on HIV and were perfectly conscious about their health condition could have been sued. But yesterday a final decision has been taken by The California Supreme Court in the case of a woman that has been infected with the lethal virus by her sexual partner. Even... Read More

Noninfectious Bionic Limbs Directly Attached to Human Bones
Researchers at the University College of London are on the point of making an outstanding surgery discovery: a new technology that allows skin to bind perfectly with metal prostheses without any risk of infection. The artificial limbs made of titanium will be attached directly to bones and... Read More

Pomegranate to Prevent and Delay Prostate Cancer
A small study suggested and financially supported by a pomegranate juice maker led to the conclusion that drinking this natural juice slows the growth process of prostate cancer. The study was conducted on 50 volunteers and showed that doubling the levels of the protein that indicates this type of... Read More

Natural Remedies to Treat Sunburns
Summer is the most critical season for sunburns to occur. Due to over-exposure and prolonged sun-baths, our skin becomes red and sore on the surface exposed to sun rays - especially to UV rays. This happens because the capillaries in the epidermis are damaged and get dilated, while the external... Read More

An Apple A Day Really Keeps The Doctor Away
Why should we eat at least an apple a day? Not only because it is so refreshing and delicious, but also because it is laden with vitamins and nutrients that preserve our health and help our body fight and prevent multiple disorders and diseases.There are people that give away the skin of the apple,... Read More

Gemalto Will Create the First Smart Card-Based Healthcare System
Gemalto, one of the leaders in digital security, just announced that it has been selected by the Algerian national health insurance authority (Caisse Nationale de la Securite Sociale des Travailleurs Salaries, CNAS) to be its sole provider for the rollout of the first healthcare microprocessor cards... Read More

Higher Rate of Sexual Diseases Registered
Even if gonorrhea rates have decreased last year with 13%, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) warned today about the increase in other sexually transmitted infections, like syphilis and chlamydia. Syphilis rates have registered a 23% rise, while the most common sexual disease, chlamydia, rose with 5... Read More

Breast Feeding Prevents Bed Wetting
A study published this month in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics states that children that are not breast fed are more likely to wet the bed later on than the ones that are breast fed.It seems that breast feeding is very beneficial for the infants because through the milk there are... Read More

Five Steps Towards a Healthy Life
In order to show that a healthy lifestyle is the best means for preventing chronic diseases, especially higher rates of cholesterol and blood pressure that eventually lead to heart disease, US medical experts started a study in which the subjects had to respect five simple rules in their everyday... Read More

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