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 I need to lose about 10lbs fast. any tips.?

 What are the best foods to eat to keep you full and help you lose weight?
I lost 45 pounds last year on diet pills and gained it all back quickly. Now I am determined to do this the right way. I am 17 years old, 5'7, and weigh 225. That is a lot. I really just want to ...

 Am fat and sooo unhappy?
Am fat and sooo unhappy?
I'm 32 and weight 12 stones and 8lbs. I'm 5ft 8. with big bodyframe. My clothes size is 12/14. and bra size is 36DD. Is this fat???

I hate myself so ...

 How can I gain weight before school starts in August??
I'm not sure if I have a fast metabolism or something because it seems impossible to gain weight. I weigh about 100 right now. How can i gain at least 20 pounds without spending alot of money?...

 Is it better to join a gym or just walk every- morning?
I just want to lose tbis flab stomach and tone up other areas- please help, thank ...

 I'm 13 and obese, I would like to lose weight, but where do I start?
I'm 13, 5'4" and 180 pounds. I would really like to lose weight, for a healthier life. Where do I start? What should I do first to lose weight? Any tips will be ...

 What are the things you love about yourself? easy 2 points?
most people come on here and say all the things they hate about them selves i wanna see if there actually is anyone out there that loves something about themselves

for me its my hair =]

 If i take a lextive every day or two time a day will i lose weight?

 Can a 16 yr old female lose 37 or 40 pounds without having loose hanging extra skin/flabbiness if she?
is not fat just chunky/chubby and does a half hr of toning 3x a week and a walk 3x a week plus the other 4 days an hr to an hr and a half or toning
toning from using callanetics and lotte ...

 My friend says women poo less than men. about once every three days. is this true?

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Fifth Case of Mad Cow Disease Discovered
Recent tests have confirmed on Sunday a new case of mad cow disease on a farm in British Columbia's Fraser Valley, Canada's 5th case since 2003. "Our investigation has taken us back to the farm, which is known to us to be the birth farm of this cow, and we're in the process of... Read More

Many Health Workers Won't Show Up in Case of Pandemic
A study says that 40% of health professionals will stay home, away from the workplace, in case a bird flu pandemic should occur. Two-thirds of the 308 employees involved in the poll said their work would put them in jeopardy of contracting bird flu. The survey was conducted between March 2005 and... Read More

Mediterranean Menu Can Reduce Risk of Developing Alzheimer
A Mediterranean diet can dramatically diminish the risk of getting Alzheimer's disease, shows a recent study conducted in New York. This serves as additional evidence that the Mediterranean diet, high in fruits, vegetables, cereals and low in meat and dairy products, is good for the health. 2... Read More

A Natural Protein Fights Against Obesity
Scientists have discovered a natural protein which might help the body get rid of fat, while suppressing the appetite. They have discovered that the protein called ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF) increases the body's ability to burn fat, through influencing the muscles, thus helping the body... Read More

Bubonic Plague Discovered in Woman from L.A.
A woman in Los Angeles is being treated for bubonic plague, the first case in the country since 1984, said health officials on Tuesday. The patient began experiencing specific symptoms of the disease last week and is currently treated in the hospital. She may have contracted the illness,... Read More

Killer Nurse Faces Life in Jail
A nurse in Britain has been found guilty of murdering 2 patients by deliberately injecting them with lethal doses of drugs. Benjamin Geen, 25, waited for vulnerable patients in the emergency department of the Horton General Hospital in Banbury, Oxfordshire, after which found a way to get involved in... Read More

24th Bird Flu Death in Indonesia
World Health Organization tests have confirmed the 24th death caused by bird flu in Indonesia. "The latest results from the WHO were received yesterday concerning a man who died at Sulianti Saroso hospital on April 8 or 9", said Ilham Patu, spokesman for the national bird flu team. Indonesia has... Read More

Gene for Rare Bone Disease Found
U.S. researchers have found the gene that turns muscle and other connective tissues into bone, imprisoning its victim into a second skeleton. The disease known as the "stone man syndrome" or fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) begins in childhood and cannot be cured. FOP transforms muscles,... Read More

Diabetes Inhaler Rejected
Britain's health officials rejected the inhaling of insulin, rather than administering it through injections. The drug Exubera, created by Pfizer, is designed as an alternative for daily insulin shots, but it costs 1,100 per person a year, sufferers from diabetes still needing an injection at... Read More

Preeclampsia May Increase the Risk of Strokes
Pregnant women who develop preeclampsia already have an increased risk of having a stroke during pregnancy, but scientists discovered that the disease is also a risk factor for future strokes. Dr David W. Brown and colleagues in Atlanta looked at data taken from studies regarding young women's... Read More

Mercury Fillings Proved to Be Safe
2 new studies found that amalgam fillings can be used safely, without harming the body. The present research reported high levels of mercury in the urine of the children who received amalgam fillings, but no harmful effects were found on the children's kidney function or their neurological... Read More

Milk Essential in Pregnancies
Women who do not drink enough milk while they are pregnant may prevent their babies' growth in the womb, researchers suggest. The scientists which conducted the study compared the birth weights of babies born to mothers who drank a cup or more of milk a day during pregnancy with ones whose... Read More

High Amount of Coffee Does Not Harm the Heart
A new study found that, after all, drinking coffee for a long time does not increase the risk of heart disease. The study looked at 128,000 subjects, men and women, for as long as 20 years, and found no link between heart disease and a daily intake of 6 or more cups of coffee. Volunteers were asked... Read More

New AIDS Gel Brings Hope
Researchers recently stated that a gel, against HIV virus for women may be available by 2010, if testing is successful. Gita Ramjee, director of the HIV prevention research unit at South Africa's Medical Research Council, affirmed, at an international conference, that these microbicides, or... Read More

World Bank Falsified Information on Malaria Treatment
Experts say that The World Bank published fake financial and statistical accounts and used money for useless malaria treatment. The researchers from the University of Ottawa, Canada, said that, since 2000, the World Bank hides the amount of money spent on malaria treatments, did not spend the... Read More

Second Face Transplant Patient Healing
A Chinese man, who had a partial face transplant after being attacked by a bear, is healing well, officials reported on Tuesday. Li Guoxing, 30, received a new nose, lip and cheek from a brain dead patient, having his right side of the face reconstructed by doctors at the Xijing Hospital, from Xi&... Read More

Flatulence-free Beans Developed
Scientists announced that they have developed super nutritious and flatulence-free beans. Marisela Granito of Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela and her colleagues have identified 2 bacteria, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum, that can be added to beans so that they can... Read More

35,000 Chickens to Be Slaughtered
The government said on Wednesday that Britain will slaughter 35,000 birds after bird flu was found in one of the biggest poultry farm areas. The tests conducted on the domestic birds on farms near Dereham, in Norfolk showed the presence of the H7 strain, a less risky virus for people than H5N1, but... Read More

Electrical Currents Used in Obesity Treatment
Medtronic Inc., world's No.1 medical devices manufacturer, is trying to take control of the most profitable economic segment - the $100 billion obesity market - by launching a battery-powered device, which contracts the stomach in order to achieve excess weight loss.Because of the fact that,... Read More

Bird Flu in the Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast reported the first outbreak of bird flu in 2 neighborhoods of its main city Abidjan, making it the 6th African nation to report the virus. The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) confirmed on Wednesday the H5N1 virus at 17 birds found in 2 heavily populated suburbs, Marcory... Read More

Pandemic Planning Too Slow
A team of experts warned that the U.K. government has been too slow in formulating plans to combat an eventual pandemic caused by bird flu. Professor Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, said the government lacks clear plans which will ensure rapid access to vaccines and drugs. The Department... Read More

First 5 Years Essential for the Child's Development
The World Health Organization stated on Thursday that the child's development is influenced more by environmental factors than genetics until the age of 5. "Children from India, Norway and Brazil all show similar growth patterns when provided healthy growth conditions in early life," the WHO... Read More

Contraceptives for Men - Reversible
Although we have to wait a few years more for a male contraceptive, a new study shows that the effects of this pill may be reversible within a few months of discontinuing treatment. Contraceptives for men are now limited to condoms, vasectomy and withdrawal, methods not acceptable by many because... Read More

Impotence - Also A Problem for Young Men
Recent research found that erectile dysfunctions usually found amongst older men can also affect young ones. Dr. Najah S. Musacchio, lead researcher, doctor at the Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and her colleagues conducted a small survey on college-aged men, wondering if these... Read More

Chinese Girl Infected with Bird Flu
China has reported so far 18 cases of human infection with the H5N1 virus, out of which 12 proved to be fatal. The most recent case was that of an 8-year-old girl in the southwestern province of Sichuan. Health officials stated that she is in critical condition, receiving treatment at Suining... Read More

Lung Cancer Drug May Fight Breast Cancer
Women with breast cancer could have their treatment improved by an existing chemotherapy drug. Studies on animals showed that carboplatin, used to treat ovarian and lung cancers, could be a 20 times more effective therapy in treating breast tumors caused by mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.... Read More

Saliva Shows Stress Levels on Kids
According to a new research, children's saliva could show their anxieties about relationships with parents or teachers. U.S. researchers found that a stress-linked enzyme, alpha amylase, marks the sympathetic nervous system's response to certain social factors. Among these social factors... Read More

Blood Clots Linked to Dementia
A British study warns that blood clots to originate in the heart and wander to the brain could cause dementia. The researchers found these clots in the brains of 40% of 85 people with Alzheimer's and 37% of people with vascular dementia, according to the report published on April 28. The clots ... Read More

2 More British Farms Found with Bird Flu
Britain's efforts to stop the spread of bird flu proved to be useful when chickens in 2 more farms in Norfolk were found to have the virus. The farms are located near Dereham, the same place where 35,000 chickens are being slaughtered after the disease was found there last week in the eastern... Read More

Romanian Red Cross Launches International Appeal
The Romanian Red Cross launched through the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Federation a preliminary international appeal for humanitarian assistance worth 1.5 million euros granted over three months to at least 13,000 beneficiaries. After having granted so far first aid humanitarian... Read More

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