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 Should smokers be put to the back of the line when they wait for treatment caused by smoking.?
i think non smokers should get prefferential treatment and get operated on first as long as the op is not life threatening.smokers have brought on their own afflictions and deserve to be treated last,...

 Why cant my son talk? Serious only please!!?
My son is almost 2, and he cant talk. Have you dealt with this? what is wrong with him???

If youpost anything derogitory about my son, I will flag you and send you a citation !!!!!!!!!!...

 Why is life so bl@@dy cruel?
Just when i thought my life couldn't get any worse than it is already, something comes along and smacks me full belt in the face and knocks the wind out of my sails!
I lost my wonderful mum ...

 You have one year to live, tops you find out 5 days before your wedding Day, Do you tell your spouse?
you get diagnosed with a terminal illness that is incureable, you find out five days before you get married, you have about a year to live and you already told them you cannot have children. Do you ...

 Should cigarette smokers be refused medical treatment for lung cancer if they continue smoking?

 My dad has cancer, is it wrong for me to be tired of fighting?
I understand that its really him fighting it and not me, but we have been doing this for 2 years now, dont get me wrong I DONT want him to give up, its just that this is all getting to me. Im so ...

 How do you get bone cancer?

 Question on smoking?
I smoke around 2 - 3 marlboro red ciggerates everyday. Obviously its going to effect my body, but how severely do you think it will effect me? Also I started about a year and a half ago.

 CAn another dr call another dr about a patient with out the patients premission
dont they need you to ...

 Do you have a family membor or friend whos suffered from cancer?
both my mum and dad have passed away cos of cancer.

if cancer was standing in front of you right now. what would you do?

personally, i would kick the living **** out of it.

Second Face Transplant Performed
Chinese doctors performed the first face transplant in China and the second in the world on a man whose face was disfigured in an attack by a bear. Li Guoxing now has a new nose, cheek, upper lip and eyebrow, according to representatives of Xijing military hospital in the central city of Xi'an. The man had been attacked by a black bear in the southern province of Yunnan 2 years ago. His right eye was almost closed and the cheek and lip had been badly ripped. The scars spread from the left ear to his right ear and around his chin.The 14 hours operation performed on the hunter involved 12 surgeons working from about 2 p.m. on April 13 until the early morning of the next day. "The patient from rural Yunnan province has survived the most dangerous 24 hours," said Guo Shuzhong, head of the Plastic Surgery Institute at the hospital. "Up to now, the patient is in good condition. The operation was successful. It is predicted that the patient's wounds can be healed within one week," the hospital said. After verifying these claims by independent experts, China will become the second country in the world to have conducted a face transplant. This procedure comes less than 5 months after doctors in Amiens, France, performed the first one, transplanting lips, a chin and a nose. Isabelle Dinoire, a 38-year-old French woman, received the transplant in November, after being disfigured by a dog.

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