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Women Given Specialized Treatment Half as Likely to Attempt Suicide
Women with a serious mental disorder called borderline personality disorder who received a specialized form of cognitive behavioral therapy were half as likely to attempt suicide as women who were treated by expert therapists in dealing with difficult patients.In addition, the women who received the... Read More

Improve Your Memory with Natural Resources
Being a very complex and sensitive organ, our brain needs continual care and nourishment. In time its normal functioning can be diminished or inhibited by various factors, like medications that have side effects, residues and toxins in our body or deficient activity of brain cells. The activity of... Read More

Heat to Relieve Internal Pain
The old advice to hold a hot water bottle against an aching stomach given to us by our grandmothers has been scientifically proved. Medical experts at University College London showed that external heat can have the same beneficial effect on internal pain as a painkiller.The results of the study... Read More

Gene that Causes Down's Syndrome Tracked Down
A medical research conducted on mice discovered what the possible cause for brain cells damaging can be. The study was led by Professor William Mobley, director of the Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University and investigated by comparison mice with three copies of a certain gene found on... Read More

Dopamine Mimicking Drug Spawns New Neurons
In preliminary results, researchers have shown that a drug which mimics the effects of the nerve-signaling chemical dopamine causes new neurons to develop in the part of the brain where cells are lost in Parkinson's disease (PD). The drug also led to long-lasting recovery of function in an... Read More

Cause of Neuronal Death in Down's Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease Could Be Surprisingly Simple
Surprisingly simple genetic abnormalities in the machinery of critical neuronal growth-regulating molecules can kill neurons in Down's syndrome, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders. The growth-regulating "neurotrophins" whose functional failure they studied are taken... Read More

Cannabis May Lead to Heroin Addiction
Up to now cannabis has been considered an "inoffensive" dope as compared to stronger and highly health-damaging others such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine etc. It was thought not to cause any addiction and proved to have a very beneficial effect on relieving pain in multiple sclerosis severe... Read More

The 'Jolly Fat' Stereotype is Myth: Even Santa Claus Gets Depressed
A team of researchers asked whether the fat really are jollier, as popular opinion often claims. But, in spite of the chubby image of Santa Claus and other jolly characters, what they found was that obesity does not protect people from mental health problems, on the contrary. Are the Fat Jollier? ... Read More

Flower Therapy Induces Happiness and Positive Feelings
Flowers have an immediate impact upon stressful or depressive states by bringing delight and happiness in our lives and providing a long term positive effect on our good mood.There has been developed a new type of complementary therapy called flower therapy. It is thought that our emotional states... Read More

Does Hair Dye Cause Cancer?
In 2005 researchers have studied reports on hair dying lasting since 1966 to the present time, in order to discover if artificially coloring of the hair is really harmful for our health. They discovered 14 studies on breast cancer, 10 studies on bladder cancer and 40 on diseases related to blood... Read More

Benefits from Horseradish
Horseradish is a perennial plant that comes from the same family as mustard and cabbage. It can reach 1,5 meters in height and is mainly cultivated for its root, that is used as a condiment for meat or fish meals. It has been used extensively by our ancestors in medicinal purposes, as Pliny the... Read More

Artificial Tanning Devices Cause Skin Cancer
The European Commission warned on Thursday against artificial devices used extensively nowadays by fair skinned people to get tanned. The EU scientific committee on consumer products claimed that all the sunbeds, tanning lamps and other devices using UV radiation are very harmful to our skin, as... Read More

Bach's Flower Therapy - Or How to Grasp the Healing Effects of Nature
A new type of flower therapy related to homeopathy and color therapy was developed in the 1930's by the British physician Dr. Edward Bach. He claimed to have discovered this healing technique by "inspiration," as he was walking one day and realized that the dew drops on a flower are absorbing... Read More

Iridology - Our Health Diagnosed Through The Eyes
The examination of the eye can trace and reveal diseases that affect other parts of the body. For example, a retinal exam can reveal high cholesterol, diabetes, parasitic infections, high levels of intra-cranial pressure etc. The cornea can lead to the tracking of excess amounts of minerals (iron,... Read More

Not Getting Enough Sleep? People Sleep Less Than They Think
We usually complain about the fact that we do not get enough sleep and also about the fact that we over-work in order to earn more money, but a few people have really thought about the fact that we may think more than we even sleep.This is the reason why Diane S. Lauderdale, PhD from the University... Read More

Trouble Putting the Kids To Sleep?
About half of pediatricians recommend that children under age 2 can be given diphenhydramine to help them sleep, but the first study to look at effectiveness of the agent in children who are that young found no benefit or even worse.In fact, the national study, conducted by researchers from... Read More

Death from Injuries Higher in Poor Children
Ten years ago studies showed that the deaths of poor children caused by injuries were 5 times higher than the same type of deaths in rich children, due to the social and environmental factors and conditions. Moreover, the main discrepancy among the social classes was in the cases of pedestrian and... Read More

Hopes for Patients Suffering from Deadly Liver Diseases
Scientists at Edinburgh University give new hopes for patients that suffer from liver diseases that eventually will lead them to death. The experts have discovered that certain cells in the body can be modified in order to help transform and regenerate the damaged liver tissue, which will also put... Read More

Gender Gap Found - Males and Females Are Really Different
A study led by scientists at the UCLA has been recently carried out on rats with the goal of finding genetic roots of a range of diseases, such as mental illnesses, diabetes, obesity or heart disorders.The most unexpected result of the research lies not in the discovery of genetically related clues... Read More

Paracetamol Intake Found Beneficial Against Ovarian Cancer
A review of several studies on paracetamol and its intake by women showed that it may cut ovarian cancer in women with almost a third. The review was carried out on studies lasting since 1966 up to 2004 and was published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.The lead researcher Dr.... Read More

Beauty Myths - True or False?
There are so many cosmetic advices nowadays about how a woman should stay healthy and beautiful and also prevent damaging her hair, nails, complexion, skin etc. that make most women get dizzy. Women do not know anymore which is good and which is bad, what they should try and what they should avoid…... Read More

Faulty ATM Gene Doubles Breast Cancer Risks
A medical team from the Institute of Cancer Research has investigated breast cancer risks in women that carry damaged ATM genes. The experts reached the conclusion that the faulty gene doubles the risk of developing breast cancer in women by the time they will be in their 70's. If usually a... Read More

High Hopes for AIDS Patients: Stem Cells Turned into T-Cells
Experts at the University of California, Los Angeles, announced that they are working on a scientific project that may become a medical breakthrough: finding a way to transform stem cells into T cells also called immune cells, which are highly important in preventing and curing AIDS and other severe... Read More

Fight against Aging by Eating Less
Scientists at the University in Calgary state that eating less and cutting therefore calories and waste in foods helps not only to be thinner and have a trim waistline. Cutting on food and being on a healthy diet helps one stay younger and good-looking.Of course, this does not mean that we should... Read More

Varian Medical Systems Releases PaxScan Digital X-ray Image Detector
Systems, Inc., a world leader in X-ray tubes manufacturing and a supplier of digital image detectors for filmless X-rays, has launched the new PaxScan 1313, which has been developed for low-cost and high quality imaging. As it is optimized for use in dental and orthopedic imaging and semiconductor... Read More

Low Fat Dairy Intake Reduces Risk of Diabetes
New medical research shows that individuals that eat many low fat dairy products decrease their risks of getting diabetes. The low fat dairies are also beneficial for people that already suffer from diabetes, as they prevent or lower insulin resistance syndrome.Dr Simin Liu, from the University of... Read More

The Proteins that "Switch On" the Heart Tissue Repair System
Researchers are utilizing a protein to "switch on" the ability to repair damaged heart tissue. By triggering the cell-cycle signal, researchers can manipulate cells in animal models to regenerate damaged heart tissue. If this research is someday successfully translated to humans, it could change the... Read More

The Three Essential Steps towards a Perfect Complexion
Even if they say that physical beauty should not count so much, it really does make a big difference! The "wrapping" is not all, but it often reflects the inner beauty and that is why we should care about the way we look and about how the others see us. One does need to be laden with make-up or... Read More

Fruit Diet to Completely Detoxify Your Body
Summer is the most appropriate season for starting a detoxifying diet because now fruits and vegetables are mostly available. We all should consider having a detoxifying diet at least once a year because during the cold season our body gets filled with toxins, waste elements and compounds that are... Read More

Reiki - The Touch Therapy that Cures Body and Mind
Reiki is an ancient Japanese therapy that cures both body and mind by making use of the flow of universal healing energy. This energy is related to the Qi or Chi flux of energy from the Feng Shui art of decorating buildings and positioning objects in a living space.The word Reiki is made of two... Read More

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