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 How much sleep does a 15 year old need in a night?
hi, im 15 and i wanna know how much sleep i really need during the night cos my mums always going on at me that i should go to bed early cos i don't get enough sleep, but i don't actually ...

 Best sad songs to listen to while going through a breakup?

 Is it wrong to brush your teeth on the toilet killing two birds with one stone, time is precious?

im going to leave my b/room widows open at night (im in gloucester, and it VERY WINDY, we got a sevre weather warning lol) and sleep on top of the blanket in my boxers and then in the morning (for ...

 Will they find marijuana in my system if i take a pee test?
I went to the doctor because of a UTI, he asked me to take a urine test. I smoked marijuana 2 days prior to peeing in the cup. Will the results show the marijuana in my system? Can the doctor do ...

 Why has my 15 year old daughter started smoking?
People know how bad it is for you these days, and I've said to her it doesnt make you look cool, just either stupid or so addicted you cant give up.
Additional Details

 If you were to fall asleep tonight and never wake up...?
...what one thing would you most regret not having told someone???
Additional Details
p.s. why haven't you told them yet? ...

 Anybody elses second toe longer than their big toe?
Mine are. I heard that it means something but i forgot, Anyone know?...

 When you get up really fast do you ever feel like passing out?
have you ever stood up really fast and felt like passing out?...

 Should i call off from work tonite?
i feel sicker than hell, my family is all sick, and i work the nite shift, so it's usually especially tiring....plus i have to go in for minor sugery on friday. should i take today off to try ...

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Healthy Chocolate from Mars
Wouldn't it be nice that at least one of our addictions was healthy? The Mars company, maker of products such as Milky Way, Snickers, M&M;, claimed it succeeded in making this dream a reality and aims to launch a new series of products which contain dark chocolate with some health benefits.... Read More

Men Around 50 Have More Satisfying Sex Lives
Recent studies show that men in their 50s have more satisfying sex lives than the ones in their 30s or 40s, suggesting that men's sex lives do not necessarily get affected from aging. Experts conducted the study on Norwegian men from 20 to 79 years of age, taking into consideration facts as... Read More

Keep Your Brain Healthy
Do you want to keep your brain healthy? Well, scientists have now identified some activities which maintain the brain's health as we grow older, like exercising, learning new things and staying socially active. William Thies, vice president of medical and scientific affairs for the Alzheimer&... Read More

Moms' Stress Leads to Miscarriage
According to a study conducted in Guatemala, women who experience stress in the first weeks of the pregnancy have an increased risk for a miscarriage. Previous studies on this topic failed to provide valuable results because they looked at women at least six weeks from their menstrual period and... Read More

Bird Flu Spreads in Croatia
As bird flu spreads, the European Union is scheduled to make a decision on whether they should vaccinate poultry in order to stop the spread of the disease.France and the Netherlands assert that a vaccination program should be started, while Germany and the other states oppose the idea. After... Read More

Woman at 62 Gives Birth to 11th Child
Janise Wulf, mother of 10, grandmother of 20 and great-grandmother of 3, became the oldest woman to give birth successfully to a healthy baby boy through in-vitro fertilization, though family members were concerned for her health, the woman suffering from diabetes and being blind since birth,... Read More

Trials for New HIV Drug
Chinese researchers announced recently that they are starting testing on human subjects a new drug against HIV and hepatitis B (HBV). Extracted from a Chinese herb, Inula britannic, the 1.5-di-O-caffeoylquinic acid (1,5-DCQA) has proved its efficiency in a different way than most medicines. A... Read More

New Yorker Infected with Anthrax
American officials confirmed the infection with the anthrax bacteria of Vado Diomande. The 44 year old New Yorker probably contracted it from the animals' parts he usually imports from Africa; the authorities assured that it is not a terrorist act and there is no serious threat to public health... Read More

Dentist Accused of Stealing Human Tissue
Investigators made a shocking discovery when they exhumed the body of an 82 year-old woman. They found that many of her bones had been removed and replaced with plastic pipes. Supposedly, the woman and her family were victims of a biomedical New Jersey firm which planned to sell human bones and... Read More

2 Arthritis Drugs Found Inefficient
A federal study has found that two of the most popular nutritional supplements which soothe arthritis pains are not effective, namely glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. The studies took 24 weeks and were conducted on 1 583 patients with arthritis of the knees; some took one drug, some took the... Read More

Hormones Make Older Women Have Twins
Due to hormone fluctuations, older women tend to release more than one egg at a time, explaining why they tend to have twins. The studies conducted at Amsterdam's Vrije University explain why non-identical twins, those born from two eggs fertilized in the same time, are born in a time when... Read More

France Discovers Second Case of Bird Flu
Officials confirmed the second case of the deadly H5N1 virus found in a wild duck in France, found dead 5 days ago in the Ain region, village of Bouvent. This case follows the first one, discovered a week ago, in the same region, at the same species of bird. Specials measures are taken by the... Read More

Human Prostate in Mice
Australian scientists claim to have succeeded growing a human prostate gland in mice with the aid of embryonic stem cells, an important step in the cure for prostate cancer. Researchers at the Melbourne Monash University combined embryonic stem cells with the ones of mouse prostate and implanted the... Read More

Virus Linked to Prostate Cancer
Studies' results released on Friday discovered a virus in the prostate of cancer patients with a particular genetic mutation which may have a role in causing the illness. The virus was found in prostates affected by cancer, removed from men with a certain genetic defect. The researchers from... Read More

Deadly Fever in France
French researchers have identified a diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, carried in France by citizens returning from an area around the Indian Ocean. The "Chikungunya" virus, for which there is no known cure, killed so far 77 people in La Reunion, an island on the Southern coast of Africa.... Read More

Bird Flu Spreads to Farms
Europe grows more and more concerned after the deadly H5N1 virus was confirmed in domestic poultry. Turkeys were found dead on a farm in France, the leading poultry producer in Europe. Sales in poultry have dropped since the discovery of an infected swan, two weeks ago, by over 30%. The authorities... Read More

France Starts Poultry Vaccination
On Monday, France began vaccinating thousands of ducks and geese against bird flu. The officials started the process in Landes, situated in the southwest of the country, an area with a high risk of infection from migratory birds.Meanwhile, Niger became the second West African country to become... Read More

Smoking Linked to Root Canals
New studies show that smoking can lead, besides teeth coloring and gum disease, to undergoing a root canal procedure, which helps heal a diseased tooth.The study, which started in the late 1960s and early 1970s, covered about 811 men, during a period of 30 years; every 3 years, the men in the study... Read More

Cocoa Lowers the Risk of Heart Disease
Dutch researchers have found in their latest studies that eating or drinking cocoa lowers the blood pressure and reduces death risks in the case of older men. For 300 years, cocoa has been associated with a healthy heart, but just now studies came to justify these beliefs. Apparently, cocoa contains... Read More

Children Grow Fatter and Fatter
Reports issued recently raise serious questions about the future of our children, who could die faster because of obesity. Type-2 diabetes, a disease which affects overweight middle-aged people, is now frequent in children as well, at least 100 being diagnosed per year. Efforts to combat these... Read More

Cat in Germany Has Bird Flu
The first case of mammal infection with the H5N1 virus in Europe was found in a cat in the north side of Germany. The cat was discovered dead during the past weekend, in an area where over 100 wild birds were also infected, and it is believed to have eaten an infected bird. Officials demanded cat... Read More

Deadly Painkiller
Considering the tragic number of 2,000 deaths in the last two decades, consumers asked American officials to ban the drug called Darvon or Darvocet. In their petition, consumers say that propoxyphene sold as Darvon by Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has been linked to 2,110 deaths from 1981 to 1999 and is... Read More

Depression Leaves A Biochemical Scar on the Brain
Scientists have now found what the long lasting effects of depression are and why it is so hard to cure. They have found that depression triggers a biochemical change inside the brain producing a certain silencer molecule that inhibits the gene expression of a key protein.In a previous article we... Read More

Banned Drug Tysabri Proved to Be Safe
New data on Tysabri, a multiple sclerosis drug pulled from the market a year ago, suggest that it appears to be effective and safe, but it does not confirm that the medication is without risk. Tysabri was approved in November 2004 for the treatment of multiple sclerosis, but it was banned in... Read More

How Cells Get Their Specific Functions
Each cell contains the entire DNA code, but only small portions of it are activated. As a consequence the cell has a certain function instead of others. But what determines which genes are to be activated? This has been longstanding enigma. Each gene in the DNA code is responsible for the production... Read More

Tequin Carries Risks
After 6 years from its release and 20 million patients using Tequin, a commercial name for the antibiotic gatifloxacin, the drug is found to chance blood glucose, a serious life threat for people with diabetes. Scientist studied 1,260 patients hospitalized for complications from blood glucose, who... Read More

U.S. Immigrants Risk Their Health
Millions of immigrants come to the U.S. in search for a job, a better education, a better life, but remaining here seems to be damaging to their health. On their arrival in the land of all possibilities, they are healthier than the normal American. But after 5 years of staying here this situation... Read More

Malnutitrion Report from World Bank
World Bank states in a report issued recently that poor countries should focus their efforts on combating malnutrition on pregnant women and children younger than 2 years, citing a medical consensus according to which malnutrition causes damage to physical growth and brain development during this... Read More

Tough Measures Against Bird Flu
Germany announced on Thursday a series of drastic measures against bird flu, after discovering new cases in the country, leading to a total of 140 infected animals, most of them in the Baltic Sea region. The Minister of Agriculture announced that access to poultry farms will be restricted to people... Read More

New Vaccine to Reduce Ear Infections
A new vaccine could reduce the number of middle ear infections, a common problem in toddlers. This type of infection affects 20 million U.S. children per year, out of which complicated cases may result in hearing loss. Middle ear infection causes fever, pain and even a decrease in hearing, often... Read More

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