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About the medical emergencies and what we can do in these situations.
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About a healthy diet.What is good to eat and bad to eat?
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About child health,feed and Common childhood diseases treatment.
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About medical tests and how to use medical equipment? We help you to understand !
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Artificial Insemination
Artificial insemination, or AI, is a procedure that is used to help an infertile woman become pregnant. Infertility is a disorder in which a woman is unable to become pregnant through sexual intercourse. ...
Sleep Disorders
A sleep disorder is a condition that abnormally affects the quality, duration, or behavior of a person's sleep. Sleep disorders fall into three general categories, with treatments ranging from narcolepsy medication to CBT. Other sleep disorders, which are related to a medical condition or substance abuse ...
Low Blood Sugar - Hypoglycemia
Hypoglycemia is the condition that occurs when blood sugar, or glucose, levels drop below normal. Blood sugar levels drop when people don't eat for a long time, or when they have complications of diabetes and other diseases. The blood glucose level is affected by the hormones insulin and glucagon. ...
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Medical Forum Posts
 Does smoking weed make you lose weight?
just wondering cuz a lot of my friends r drugies and skinny...they never workout or anything of that nature and well me im in lykee every sport imaginable and cant lose weight...just curious does ...
 Am I fat/overweight?
I'm a teenager and I'm about..meh..4"11 to 5"0 tall. I weigh (my weight changes often) to 102-106 pounds.
I feel fat =( honestly.
Am I fat or overweight or anything?...
 Am i fat cause I'm 14 and i weigh 85 pounds.... please help!!?
 How can i weigh 90 lbs?
im 13, 5'4 and i weigh 116.. i want to weigh 90. and please i dont wanna hear thats not healthy cause i hear it too much..

so yea can u give me some ideas on how i can loose 90 lbs.<...
 How long does it take your body to adjust to drinking more water?
I understand the importance of drinking plenty of water so I have recently started drinking 2-3 times more water than I usually do. Needless to say, this change has caused me to constantly have to ...
 I'm 13 and weigh about 125 pounds. I'm 5'4'' and 1/2. Do I weigh too much?
I'm 13 years old 5'4'' and 1/2 and weigh 126 pounds. I play soccer and basketball at least 5 times a week. Do u guys think I weigh too much? If so could I have some good dieting ...
 Should i sell my daughters Hockey Sticks on ebay because she is fat?
I feel as though her recent weight gain has made her undeserving of her hockey sticks of whicxh i bough her after she succeeded at the Jenny Craig bread and water diet.
ALSO she wets the bed ...


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