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First Aid and Emergencies
About the medical emergencies and what we can do in these situations.
First Diet & Lifestyle
About a healthy diet.What is good to eat and bad to eat?
Childhood Health
About child health,feed and Common childhood diseases treatment.
Medication and Medical Equipment
About medical tests and how to use medical equipment? We help you to understand !
Women’s Health
About the way you should take care of your health every day.
Reproductive Health
Here you can find advices for a healthy sexual life.
Vegetarian Health
Good advices for a vegetarian lifestyle.

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Artificial Insemination
Artificial insemination, or AI, is a procedure that is used to help an infertile woman become pregnant. Infertility is a disorder in which a woman is unable to become pregnant through sexual intercourse. ...
Sleep Disorders
A sleep disorder is a condition that abnormally affects the quality, duration, or behavior of a person's sleep.Sleep disorders fall into three general categories: primary sleep disorders / disorders secondary to a mental disorder / other sleep disorders, which are related to a medical condition or substance abuse ...
Low Blood Sugar - Hypoglycemia
Hypoglycemia is the condition that occurs when blood sugar, or glucose, levels drop below normal. Blood sugar levels drop when people don't eat for a long time, or when they have complications of diabetes and other diseases. The blood glucose level is affected by the hormones insulin and glucagon. ...
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Medical Forum Posts

My ring is stuck on my finger and I tried taking it off and it got swollen. Now my finger is literally more than double its normal size. I tried warm water, hot water, cream etc it just wont come off!...

 Is salt really harmful for our health?

 Can you say well done to me? I quit smoking 6 weeks ago today and I'm so proud of myself!!!!?
I'd love to get a record amount of "answers" to my question so please tell me how wonderful I am for quitting smoking!!!! Thanks ...

 What do you put on an itchy insect bite to soothe the itching?
I suspect I was bitten in the park , not sure exactly what bit me. Can you recommend a homemade remedy as all the shops will be closed by now? C...

 Do you really drink at LEAST 8 glasses of water a day?

 If you are very very sad what do you do ?
i.e do practice any thing or do any thing to forget your sadness. for exple eating running etc....

 Does doing dishes relax you?


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