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 Waht is a TB test?
i had a shot in school today. and it is still red. will it be still red for a while?...

 Why do symptoms of the common cold seem to get worse at night?

Additional Details
This question may go to vote because i have a lot of very good

 Wat are the symptoms of anxiety attacks?

 My son and his asthma???
how many asthma attacks are too many that i would need to take him to the Emergency Room he is 19 mths ??...

 What is Ulcerative Colitis ؟!؟!?
please help me !!
what is Ulcerative Colitis ؟!؟!...

 How to get rid of cough ??
I have a lot of cough in my throats & lungs. It keeps on increasing & decreasing but remains in all seasons. I want to completely get rid of it because it makes my voice unclear & ...

 Is smoking a hookah bad for u?
a hookah is an arabic pipe ...it has a fliter to it..if u kno wat i mean...but it is bad like smoking cigrites..and is it ...

 What could cause a person to cough day and night?
I have taken her to several doctors but they can't find the problem. They all recommend she see an ENT specialist....

 What relieves snoring if the breathe right strips don't work?

 If u have asthma?
if u have asthma? is it a sickness in the lungs?...

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Breast Cancer Averted by Intense Exercises

The conclusions of an 11-year-old scientific study, conducted on some 32,000 women throughout the United States, show that a sedentary lifestyle drastically increases the risk of post-menopausal women developing some form of breast cancer. On the other hand, intense phys... Read More

Diabetes Glucose Levels Reduced by Aerobics
Diabetes sufferers who participate in aerobic and resistance exercises are more likely to exhibit lower glucose concentrations in their blood streams than sedentary patients, a new study, published in the November issue of American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)'s Physical Therapy Journal ... Read More

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