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 Can anyone recommend me anything for a wart?
i have a wart on my finger and i used to go to the docs but gave in as it was not working this was for a year. is there any good strong stuff that i could use from the cemist thanks
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 What should you use to make foot odor go away?

 Is it okay to put rubbing alchol on your skin?

 Anyone know how warts develop?

 There are little red bumps on my hands, lower arms, neck and now they're spreading to the rest of me. help!
i'm on vacation on florida right now...it could be an allergic reaction i guess, but i haven't been eating, drinking or around anything new that could have caused it. they're really ...

 Is it normal to have your toes peel?
My toes are peeling on the bottom from the center out, especially my big toe. Is this normal? Is it because i am on my feet to much or what....

 What can i use for nail growth?

 Someone told me that if you eat a potato that's gone green you will suffer an excruciatingly painful death!!
Is this true? Because if it is I wont bother setting the video to record Eastenders tonight!!!
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cutegirl, eastenders ...

 Very black neck!?
Black Neck?
Ok my skin is light brow. However, my neck is very dark. People quickly notice that my neck is darker then my face. My neck has little rings going around it too. I am overweight (14 ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of warts?
i've got 5 warts on my hand frozen them with wartner but isnt working. does anyone know how to get rid of ...

Risk of H5N1 Mutation Very Low
A British government official recently announced that the chances of bird flu virus mutating into a form that spreads between humans are "very low". Sir David King, a spokeswoman for the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, made this statement, characterizing rumors of an imminent global pandemic as misleading. The bird was found in an advanced state of decay, it's missing head making it hard to identify. This announcement came when Scotland found the first case of bird flu - a swan on Sunday, in Cellardyke, Fife, after examining 1,100 birds since February. A 10 km surveillance zone and 3 km protection zone was placed around Cellardyke and will remain for at least 30 days from the day the swan was found. "The one swan doesn't mean bird flu has arrived here. We need to see more evidence of spread before we can say that it has arrived in the UK," King said, adding that bird flu was "absolutely not" present among poultry in Britain. The H5N1 virus can not pass from one person to another and does not currently pose a large-scale threat to humans. "We have got a virus in the bird population that has gone on since 1996, and in Asia particularly there has been a lot of contact between human beings and the birds that have got that virus," King said, adding that, in despite of this, a human virus has not developed.

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