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 What diseases/sicknesses can you get by kissing someone?
just curious :)...

 Am i too skinny?
i am 14, 5'7 and 105 pounds. i have a healthy diet and eat a normal amount. a lot of people think i have an eating disorder, which i don't and i don't know why. when i look at myself ...

 Why do some people not believe in taking medicatioin?
I don't see what the big deal is. If medication can help you, I say go for it.
Additional Details
Dan: Who said anything about ...

 Can people live with out a liver?
my fiance has a bad liver, its being going on for almost 10 years, what much worst can it get? would he need a new liver any time soon? or can he live with out one?...

 Drinking 8 glass of water, is good/day for health & bad for bladder? as no clinical report or logic available?

 If a loved one died and had previously carried a donor card - would you object to his/her organs being taken?
New legislation now permits surgeons to do this - whereas before (in the UK this is) they had to get permission of the next of kin regardless of the dead persons orginal wishes....

 Should i got see a docotor?
Should i go see a docotor? i have sevre angry problems and i hate being left alone and i have aniexty attacks almost every time and cant breathe and feel like im dying.. whats wrong with me?

 Am I dying?
I have a hard knot on my back and it's getting bigger. I have a bubble in my neck too. I am not a hideous person or anything - rather average really. I have been feeling VERY odd lately - always ...

 Does anyone like liver?
i think it is sick! even though i havnt tried it...... explain why you like it or not....

 Why is canabis illegal .................?
...........when it has a sedative effect and no-body gets violent on it? It can also help people with certain medical conditions. While alcohol is legal and causes people to become violent and ...

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Scientists Produce Healthy Pigs
A group of scientists stated that they have produced genetically modified healthier pigs, which have compounds good for the heart. The pigs have now higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids, substances normally found in fish and linked to a good health. The team from the University of Pittsburgh used... Read More

Weight Lifting Good for Cancer Survivors
Lifting weights a couple of times a week can help women who survived breast cancer look and feel better. These women usually suffer from insomnia, weight gain, chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety. This study is the first one aimed specially at weight training, after previous studies showed good... Read More

Woman Appeals in Herceptin Case
A woman in the early stages of breast cancer is fighting for her right to receive the drug which might save her life, namely Herceptin. Ann Marie Rogers, 54, from Swindon, Wiltshire, lost her case when she appeared in front of the High Court, asking Swindon Primary Care Trust in Wiltshire should pay... Read More

Don't Mix Energy Drinks with Alcohol
Many people use energy drinks to counteract the effects of alcohol such as dizziness or drowsiness, but a new study has shown that their ability of actually counteracting the effects is illusory. People mixing alcohol and energy drinks have the impression that their skills are relatively unimpaired... Read More

Drugs Used to Treat HIV May Also Prevent it
For some time, scientists believed that the best method against AIDS is a vaccine, but, so far, all attempts to create one have failed. It seems that they have found something that was already on the pharmacies' shelves. Their hopes rely on a combination of two drugs which has shown promising... Read More

More and More Sleep Deprived Teens
A recent survey has shown that a growing number of teenagers are felling asleep in class because they are not getting enough hours of sleep. Christopher Drake, a psychologist with the Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, said that "only 20% of children are getting optimal sleep, and nearly half are... Read More

Hormone Which Cures Fears
Scientists suggested that people with phobias can be helped with their fears if they are given a dose of the hormone cortisol. The team from the University of Zurich found that giving this hormone to people before entering a situation which provokes anxiety reduces the fear and the anxiety. Dr Cosmo... Read More

Contraceptive Pill Reduces Cancer Risk
Scientists predicted that in about 5 years, new contraceptive medication that protects against breast cancer will be available. Among these, the controversial abortion drug RU486 seems to reduce the risk of breast cancer and blood clots, while also getting rid of pre-menstrual syndrome. Current... Read More

Promising Results for Bird Flu Vaccine
Tests for a new vaccine against bird flu have shown promising results, after it was discovered that it produces the necessary immune response to protect a person against the disease. The vaccine, tested by Dr. John J. Treanor's team from the University of Rochester in New York, which will be... Read More

Loneliness Heavy on the Heart
A recent study shows that loneliness is a risk factor for hypertension, obesity and lack of exercise. Apparently, lonely, sad, stressed or hostile middle-age and older adults had blood pressure levels 30 mm Hg higher than those less lonely. As the study went to analyzing older people, loneliness... Read More

Parents Warned about Dangerous Bracelets
Canadian Health officials are warning parents to dispose of bracelets given out free by the Reebok company when purchasing children's shoes because it poses a severe risk for their health. According to the officials, "the heart-shaped charm on the bracelet may contain a very high level of lead... Read More

WHO's Plans for AIDS
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 2,000 babies are born daily with HIV because their mothers who carry the virus do not get treatment to stop the transmission. Less than 10% receive the much needed antiretroviral therapy during pregnancy and childbirth, despite the much easier... Read More

Vitamins May Increase Risk of Preeclampsia
Recent research suggests that high doses of vitamin supplements may raise the risk of preeclampsia for pregnant women, rather then protecting them from the disease. Preeclampsia, which causes blood pressure to rise so that it becomes dangerous for the mother and child, affects around 25,000 British... Read More

What Separates Smart Kids from Average Ones?
A new study showed yesterday the way the brains of very intelligent children develop, as opposed to those of less intelligent children, differences being found in the cortex, the outer layer of the brain that is involved in complex thinking. The team of American and Canadian scientists did several... Read More

Does Alcohol Bring Health Benefits?
A new study shows that moderate drinking has no positive effect for the heart after all. During the past 30 years, many studies found that those who drink a moderate quantity of alcohol live longer than those who do not or than those who abuse it. The group of researchers from Australia, Canada and... Read More

Infections May Cause Blood Clots
According to a report of British researchers, infections may lead to deep vein thrombosis, an illness which causes blood clots to form, usually in the leg and which can eventually cause a heart attack. Infection is also associated with pulmonary embolism, in which the blood clots travel to the lungs... Read More

Mass Graves Planned in Case of Bird Flu Pandemic Reaching Britain
British officials are considering mass burials if the bird flu pandemic reaches their country. This assertion is based on a confidential report published by a British newspaper, which stated that 320,000 could die if the virus mutates into one that will be easily transmitted among humans. These... Read More

Mumps Epidemic in Iowa
Iowa is currently experiencing the biggest mumps epidemic in the United States in 17 years, more than one third of the state being affected. 245 confirmed or probable cases have been so far reported by local authorities, being caused by the same strain of mumps which has infected thousands of people... Read More

Nicotine Gets in the Way of Chemotherapy
According to a report issued on Sunday, nicotine can prevent chemotherapy drugs like taxol from killing lung cancer cells. The report also stated that people who do not smoke anymore, but use nicotine supplements such as patches are not getting the best out of their cancer therapy. The drugs which... Read More

Painkiller for Arthritis May Prevent Cancer
Researchers found on Monday that Celebrex, a drug used in the treatment for arthritis, could be used to prevent colorectal cancer. Based on clinical trials, researchers said that Celebrex can reduce pre-cancerous polyps by up to 45%, while also increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.... Read More

Bird Flu Deaths Raise to 107
The World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that 4 Egyptians got infected with bird flu and another two have died of the disease. Nasr al-Sayyed, an Egyptian Health Ministry official, stated on Monday that a WHO laboratory in Britain verified the 4 cases after the Egyptian government sent samples... Read More

World's Heaviest Ecstasy User
Doctors have released details about a man who they believe is the biggest ecstasy user in the world, describing the incredible side effects the drug had on his mind. The 37-year-old patient, known as Mr. A, took 40,000 tablets during a 9 year period. He took ecstasy between the ages of 21 and 30. In... Read More

Lack of Sleep Increases Risk of High Blood Pressure
Inadequate sleep may increase the risk of high blood pressure, according to a study made by Columbia University in New York. The study, conducted by a team of researchers led by James E. Gangwisch, was based on the data collected from 4,810 people (ages 32 to 86) who did not have high blood pressure... Read More

Gates Gives $75m for Pneumonia Fight
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offered $75 million dollars for the development of a cheap vaccine against pneumonia, the main cause for most of the infant death across the world. The money went to PATH, a Seattle-based non-profit group which aims to increase people's wellbeing worldwide. "We... Read More

Depression Linked to Menopause
Two studies have recently shown that a woman increases her chances of facing depression as she approaches menopause. One of the studies measured the hormone levels in 231 women in the Philadelphia area for a period of eight years, discovering that the risk of experiencing melancholy grew as fast as... Read More

Cats May Transmit Bird Flu
Scientists warned people living in areas where bird flu has been found in birds to keep their cats indoors, because they may have an important role in transmitting the disease. Laboratory tests showed that cats can become infected with the virus and can also transmit it to other cats, although it... Read More

Cervical Cancer Vaccine Proves Useful
According to a recent study, Cervarix, GlaxoSmithKline's vaccine against cervical cancer, has been shown to protect women for up to 4 and a half years from the virus that causes the disease. Cervical cancer is caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV), a persistent infection with... Read More

Doctors Want Folic Acid in our Bread
Doctors have planned a mass medication by adding folic acid into our bread and flour in order to reduce the risk of "birth defects". The dose of this vitamin should be increased in the diet of young women in order to help prevent babies being born with spinal cord and brain defects, such as spina... Read More

Less Calories, Longer Life
Scientists found signs according to which reducing calories may lead to a longer life. The study led by a team from Louisiana State University said cutting calories lowered insulin and mentioned that further studies were needed to confirm the findings. "A lot of evidence already exists to suggest... Read More

Common Spices Can Stop Cancer
Ginger can kill ovarian cancer cells and hot peppers can shrink pancreatic tumors, researchers stated in a conference on Tuesday. The studies add some considerable evidence to the fact that some "popular spices" can slow down and even prevent the growth of cancer. The team of researchers from the... Read More

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