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 Does anybody here use wacky home remedies for acne?
I don't mean stuff your doctor gives you or you can buy at the drugstore, but like your grandma telling you to rub a frog on it or something....

I want to get whiter! what is the problem with me?
I'm a Filipino. I have this sort of spanish mix down my system. I was born with fair skin, til now im still fair skinned.

I want to get whiter skin.

The natural skin color of a filipino is "perfect tan" .

Well, im a filipino and i want to be fairerrr...

am i normal?

sera d
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open this website and u`ll also see so many links for acne removal and acne cure tips...try once..it really works

well being normal isnt for any of us to answer but if you have a perfect tan all yr round why do you want to change that..people pay alot of money every year to get a fake tan

(omplExity _|_
go rub ur face with chockpiece retard ..or jus dip ur face in white cement

Why don't you give Michael Jackson a little ringy-dingy? Maybe he would be happy to share his secrets with you. That said, white is highly over rated. Most lily-white folks spend oodles of money just to get a tan.

Peanut Butter
You sound like Michael Jackson to me. Normal, you be the judge.

Zach G
normal? well if you like something you want to be it, so that sounds normal to me. I'd love to have a tan at all, i'm really white and i go out into the sun alot and still nothing happens, any ideas for me?



What the hell for?

But if you really want to do that, you can buy this skin bleach cream they sell at Indian stores.

Froot Loop. You're a froot loop.

Paul S
What and end up like Jacko? Stay your natural colour.

Angelacia baybeeeeee
It's not crazy! I guess it's just preference. I personally love filipino skin tone tho.

i don't think there's anything wrong with you. just because many other people want to be tan, doesn't mean you have to want that, right? go for the white skin!! i don't know exactly how you would do that though except to stay out of the sun, or constantly wear a high numbered sunblock

You can be normal if you want lighter skin.. Just don't go Micheal Jacson crazy with it or your buddies might think it's wierd.

its pretty much human nature to want something that you cant have so i guess you are normal. i would love to have your perfect tan, maybe we can trade :)

i have like the same problem,i think if you move up north and avoid the sun a lot you`ll get whiter,just where sun screen a lot and avoid the sun damaging your skin,but of course you can`t get whiter if you were born tan,it`s natural,but if you were born white skinned and got tan for years then you could lose th tan by avoiding the sun damagin your skin but otherwise if you were born tan i doubt it,unless you you get like a skin whitener i saw online,but im not sure about that.

Dude are you off your rocker>? Be proud of who you are. I know gals who are pale and filipino. Just be yourself. And dont hate who you are.

you know what, people always wish they have what they don't have. so yes your normal. i love tan skin. i always lay out to get a tan skin. like yours, but yours is natural.

Of course you're normal. Nobody is perfectly happy with who they are and everyone wants to change something about them. I'm very fair and I wish I could be darker. All I can say to you is try to be as happy as you can be with yourself.

yea I'm west indian and I want to be lighter also

dont go outside

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