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xo cAnDii ♥
After you use mouthwash are you suppose to wash your mouth out with water?
Also, what is the order your suppose too brush, floss, and use mouthwash??


i don't think so..
haha at leats i never do

My sis in law is a dentist, and you are not supposed to wash out your mouth with water after mouthwashing. She advises me to brush, floss and then use mouthwash. But, she asks that I take about 7 minutes to perform this routine. I find that very difficult.

The Great Gate
No. Of course you can but it would appear in the directions if it was recommended. Here is an analogy for you to make things more understandable. You have a dirty car which represents your mouth. I am assuming you would go in this order if you were to clean your car.........
1) Brush (All the big pieces out of the way/vacuum)
2) Floss (Clean the small & harder to reach germs, all the details in unseen places)
3) Mouthwash (Finishing touches [shampoo the carpet, windex the windshield/windows, etc.])

You are not supposed to wash your mouth out directly after you use mouthwash. You need to wait at least 5 minutes before doing so if you can't handle the taste.
Also, you can dilute the mouthwash with a little bit of water (not much at all) and it helps it not be so strong.
Also, I find it's best to brush, floss, and then use mouthwash.

Rick B
No, don't rinse it out.

You should brush after each meal and before bed. You should floss once a day.

aero girl.
no, you don't have to rinse ur mouth w/ water, but I do because I don't like that icky taste...

And yes , you have it in order...

No u dont rinse ya mouth after mouthwash

no, no water.

defiently dont floss first!
brush, floss, mouthwash feerr suree.

No no water after you use mouthwash. I brush, floss then mouthwash

No i don't think so because the mouth wash is still working but if you rinse it out with water your just rinsing out all of the stuff so there would be no point with mouthwash.

I do. I don't think I'm supposed to though.

rinsing with water is the most natural way to wash ur mouth, that helps to remove particles saturated between tooth.

u need to wash ur mouth after every meal that will reduce bad odor

no ur not suppose 2 at least i dont do tht

well i sometimes use water after using mouthwash, but i don't think it really matters. read the directions on the bottle. and yeah the order's right.

ya there are anti-life chemicals in mouthwash you don't want chillin in your mouth all day.

Shanna bananna
Floss, then brush, then mouthwash so your washing away all the stuff the pervious step missed.

no....people do their own orders.... i brush, floss, then mouthwash

no it shortens the effects of the mouthwash

i brush, floss, then mouthwash. if the mouthwash is too stron like listerine i rise my mouth with water but if i can handle it i dont

Brush.....floss and then mouthwash. Some of the new rinses have properties that make it more effective if you do not rinse out with water afterward.

Elizabeth R
Well, I would and wouldn't suggest. I wouldn't suggest it because it'll wash away all the chemicals and ingredients that are used for your teeth to stay healthy. I wouldn't suggest it because it contains harmful chemicals. I don;t use mouthwash. I just brush thoroughly for at least 2 minutes and I floss. Also, I rinse after every meal. If you want, you could do it like I do, but if you want to stay ith moutwash, I would suggest rinsing with a little bit of water. Good luck!

Naw, that is the whole idea of rinsing with mouthwash.. It is suppose to act as a rinse. Sometimes I rinse with a bit of warm water afterwards if the mouthwash is too strong of an aftertaste.
As for order of cleaning teeth. I usually floss if something hard is stuck between my teeth, than brush to remove any other particles. Proceed with flossing again, and mouthwash for a great clean feeling

i usuually swish and gargle very rigorously for 3-5 minutes and then spit and then rinse with water.....why because i use fluoride rinse and it can be toxic to the body when digested...

The acceleration of the aging process by fluoride occurs at the bio-chemical level by means of:

enzyme inhibition;
collagen breakdown;
genetic damage; and/or
disruption of the immune system per se.

No you shouldn't need to rinse your mouth with water after mouthwash. Especially since the idea of mouthwash is aslo to protect your mouth from bacteria and teethstaining, the water would just rinse it off of oyur teeth

Brush, floss and then Mouthwash

okay yes supposed to rinse, order can be what you like i prefer to floss, brush, mouthwash then rinse

Lauren S

I reccomend that you brush, rinse, floss, and then use mouthwash. Yes, you are supposed to rise your mouth out with water as long as you don't overdo it.

nope. remenants are still fighting off bacteria long after you spit.

and the order is brush, floss, mouthwash.

... Justice will previal... [L]
no, you aren't supposed to.

and i think it's:
floss, [get the stuff loose]
brush, [get it out]
then mouthwash [keep it out]

hope this helped, c ya

mary c
No, you not supposed to rinse after you use mouthwash. First floss, then brush, and finally mouthwash.


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