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 Do u think people with glasses are ugly?

 Contacts or glasses?

 Is it possible????
is possible for ur eye color to change( without wearing colored contacts)???? cause people have said that my eye color looks different somedays???...

 Can you get blind for materbating?
thats what i heard
Additional Details
how about getting it infected ...

 My daughter needs contact lenses.Do many kids use them.How long can you keep them in?
Do a lot of kids nowadays wear contact lenses?My 12 year old daughter needs glasses but she won't wear them so the doctor suggested contacts.Are they easy to use ?...

 How can I get colored contact lenses?
I don't have any eye problems,but I need some colored contact lenses,where can I get them without prescription?...

 Quick name the first invisible thing you see ???

 Are my eyes normal?(pic)?
i'm a little worried because i have really bad vision for a 16 y/o and there are brown spots on my eye.

should i be worried?


 How to change eye color from BROWN to BLUE?
I'm only 13 years old, is this possible? Also, I heard something about pigment, as where you have a lot of pigment, your eye color is brown, and where you have less pigment, your eye color is ...

 First person to write either yes or no wins best vote which ever one I'm thinking of?
hurry your running out of ...

 What color contacts should i get *pic included.)?
http://i281.photobucket. that's me.
either eletric green: http://www.dixieart.com/ or the blue, like the color ...

 What is the rarest eye colour in the world?

 Do color contacts change your vision color?
for example, if you have green contacts will you see stuff in a greener ...

 Is this pink eye?
for the past 2 or 3 days, usually flaring up at night, it feels like there has been something in my eye. i checked many times and tried to wipe it out but I've seen nothing. Tonight, it got very ...

 Putting Contacts In?
I want to be able to wear contacts, but I have a very difficult time touching my eye and trying to putting contacts in.
Does anyone have any advice, suggestions or exercises that could help me ...

 Why do my eyes hurt after reading?
i have picked up reading again and my eyes hurt really bad after reading only 10 or 15 pages? whats up?
Additional Details
i was thinking about glasses too but its weird because i can ...

 Can masterbating one time everyday and not sleeping well cause your eyes to get blurry sometimes?

Additional Details
6-7 hours of sleep everyday....

 What are the consequences for leaving your contacts in over night?....or over 7 nights?
it is a bad habbit that i need to break but i want to kno what it does to your eyes. i kno it has to do something or else the doctors wouldnt tell you to take them out. but they have never stuck and ...

 How do I clean glasses?
I just started wearing the glasses I got...and I don't know how to clean them...how do i clean them?...

 What Is The Most Uncommon Eye Colour?
Im just curious ......

Thanks for your time, =)

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Midnight Shadow ♥
My Contacts and eyes getting worse!?
Somewhere i read that if you wear contacts, that it doesnt affect your eye vision. It keeps your vision the same. But that if you wear glasses, it just keeps making your eyesight worse. Don't as... Read More


At what age did you start needing reading glasses?
How did you first start noticing that you needed reading glasses?

And did glasses from 99 cent store work until it got worse?

I am in my 30s so I am getting nervous about it.... Read More


How long does Walmart take to give you ur contacts right after your appointment????


Laser Eye Treatment?
Has anyone on here ever had laser eye treatment and if so did it work and what was it like?

Thanks to those who answer x x x.
Additional Details
Lori, does it really matter? I ... Read More


Contact lenses feel funny?
I'm pretty new to wearing contacts. But I love them very much (aside from the part of taking forever to put them in...*sigh*

Anyway, the last couple days, the lenses feel kind of funny... Read More


What happens if you don't blink for long periods of time?
I assume your eyes dry up but does the drying up cause any immediate or lasting damage?

I'm not planning on trying this out by the way. I like my eyes too much.... Read More


Should I remove my contact lens when I jog or during workout?
I had no idea about this, so just wanted to verify.... Read More


*.*~MIZz . LoLiPoP~*.*
Is there anything I should know when I get contacts?
any concerns.......or something?????... Read More


Ive had my right eye twitch now for the past two weeks.....help!!!?
does any one know what causes this and how i can make it stop? it doesn't hurt, but it is extremely irratating and distracting me at work....

blinking makes it worse..... im so frustrated!!!... Read More


Nicole n
I Just got my contacts, and I need help?
I put them in twice at the contacts place, but I can't get them in again. Any suggestions?????????... Read More


I enjoy wearing contacts more than my glasses but I have a major problem with my contacts getting really dry??
I've tried different brands of disposable contacts and my eyes still get really dried out and I've tried visine made for contacts. Are there any other options???... Read More


Can i still get glasses even though my eyes arent that bad?
my vision is getting worse but i dont think its that bad but will they still give me glasses, because my eyes are really hurting.

sometimes i just have to close them because they are bugging me... Read More


anthony g
Eye help please?
I get a glare coming out of lights. The T.V., Comp., and even street lights and lights around the house. I am only 15 years old.

I usualy stay on the computer from around 4 to 7 on the week... Read More


My eyes are blue ish green does that mean that i have hazel eyes?
... Read More


My eyes are itching me?
my eyes are itching me and hurting why is that. and what should i do to stop that... Read More


Kristen M
How much do colored eye contacts cost?
I have 20/20 vision but I want to change the color of my eyes... Read More


Staring at computer screens too much is making my eyes really tired and stressed?
No, I'm not a gamer or anything, just have a LOT of work to do each day that involves staring at my laptop screen.

As a result, my eyes get really sore and stressed, really tired. How can I... Read More


Eye Help PLZ?
It's a weird topic, but i see black fuzzy things. They look like just like a model of the bacteria strep. It doesn't bother me, but when i look around it, i can see the things moving. I can ... Read More


Alex C
What color would you consider my eye?
color to be, If some people say I have brown eyes and other people say I have Green eyes, Depending on the light that I'm in?... Read More


Contact Lens Solution?
What's the best all in one solution for acuvue oasys?... Read More


I just got contacts and..?
i know how to put them in and take them out and everything like that.

my eyes are smaller than other peoples. and when i try putting them in my eyes get all "flickery" like my eyes at... Read More


Chocolate Loverâ„¢
What will happen to your eyes after sun exposure?
Will the eye colour change?

Or will you gone blind?... Read More


Ginnie M
I have a bad cold, with stuff leaking from my eye, can I wear my contacts? I hate glasses!?
One eye is really bloodshot and watery, and somethings green gooey stuff comes out. Can I wear my contacts, or should I throw out the pair I was wearing and wait until my eye calms down? Thanks!
<... Read More


I love puppies
Name of eye doctor?
what's another for an eye doctor without it being an ophthalmologist?... Read More


My Optician diagnosed me with allergy-sore eye's-however this morn I woke up with sticky pus.....?
I have been using allergy eye drops (Sodium Cromoglicate 2.0%) as advised since the 30th April. My Optician suggested I went without contacts for a week and then introduce them into my eye for 10 hou... Read More


Ben K
My glasses are Anti-Glare (Anti-reflection)..for only about three weeks?!?
My glasses are about three weeks old, it has anti-reflection coating. The first three weeks were fine until last week I use the spray for the first time (spray was given by where I bought the glasses ... Read More


Can contact lenses actually correct vision?
My eye-glasses number is really high for my age (im only 15 and my number is -7.75). and i have a need to change my glasses and number every 6-12 months. At this rate, im afraid that my eye ball will ... Read More


Eye pain? Eye infection, or something else? Please help!?
Last week, one of my eyes began to itch and water. I left it alone, thinking it could be an eye infection and that I would go in to the doctor if it got worse. The itching and watering lasted for abou... Read More


What can you do to glasses frames that you want to get rid of?
I have these frames that I don't enjoy on my face, and I just bought them. I don't know what to do with the frames only.... Read More


Do i have Pink eye?
It's been a week,I called my friend and samething is happening ot her.So im like " My eyes are all crusty and glued shut when i wakeup.. From the eyegoo thing.. And allot of eye goo comes o... Read More

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