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 What sickness do I have?
Well, I have sore throat, sometimes burning ears, a low fever, stuffed up nose, some coughing but no mucus just coughing from throat, and sleepiness. Any ideas? I just wanna know to be safe.

My son and his asthma???
how many asthma attacks are too many that i would need to take him to the Emergency Room he is 19 mths ??

one is to many unless you have the inhalers and breathing machines he can use at night. My son had asthma for years (scary) but he totally out grew his when he hit about 14 years old. You may want to see what triggers his asthma which takes a doctor to give him shots of all sorts of things to pin point what is actually causing the asthma to begin with. It is worth it as it was for me to find out what triggered my sons asthma.

Mike L
I would take him to the hospital after just 1 attack as it may not be asthma but another type of infection called Bronchiolitis .
check out this website http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/medical/asthma/wheezing_asthma.html

The first one,to get him checked out.If he has a home nebulizer,give him a treatment and if he isn't getting any better,than bring him to the doctor.It is always better to be safe than sorry! I hope he feels better!

♥ miss_colombiana ♥
Take him to your doctor and get a referal to a respirolgist.

Do you mean in like a day a week or a month, if its like in a week, I would say two. There might be an underlying infection going on in there.

I had asthma as a child and from the first attack on you know you have asthma. I have a 1 year old baby and I take him to the doctor if anything is wrong regardless if it's serious or not. I say you have to be extra careful with any toddler. Make an apointment with his doctor and take him to his pediatrician.

Well having a baby with asthma is really a great concern, my son was admitted when he was 5 month baby and now he is 9 years old till 6 years old he was on off to hospital he had a acute attack hence i got to bring to intensive room but now no more hospitalizing, i do have a set of napulizer machine at home my self and my hubby both having asthma. My advise is, let the doctor examine thoroughly with the doctor medication, bring him to swimming lesson that will really helps to widen his lungs as, make a habit of drinking warm water. No pets around please

My husband has suffered with asthma his entire 48 years of life. He takes 2-3 medicines 2x daily for it. He just knows when he is spiraling down and needs to go to the ER for more help. He actually went into respiratory arrest in an ambulance and was hospitalized for 2 days. There are asthma specialist out there so don't just take your pediatricians word for it. If your little boys is that sick get more help for him. Some symptoms include quickness and shallow breaths as well as a fast pulse/heart rate.

I am a concerned parent and I would suggest that you contact a medical professional about this one. I would be real concerned about a 19 month old having ANY Asthma Attacks! This answer should be shared with each of us! Have a wonderful holiday with your family and son.

i have asthma and when i have an attack i always go to the e.r. if the puffers do not work.He is so young and often the meds do not go to the source to help. Children die everyday of preventable asthma attacks. please educate yourself and it is so important to know that when it is an attack call 911. It only takes minutes before you die. Keep his room clean and off limits except for sleeping. No smoking around him. No baby powder or smelly lotions. You too do not wear perfume or stinky shampoo,creams etc. His lungs are sensitive so everything can trigger asthma. Clean your house with natural products. Tell all your friends and family that your home is a scent free zone. Do not take him out in the cold as the air can trigger attacks. Go on the internet and do your research. Conventional doctors are okay but you still need to do natural things...think of all the unatural crap we ingest and inhale everyday...do not despair and remember at least you live in a country where medicine and help is available. I visited countries where kids die of asthma...no meds...no hospital. AND PLEASE DONT LET doctors tell you its just a slight wheeze as this can turn into a full blown attack. follow your instinct and go the e.r ...if his condition worsens while you are at the e.r. at least you are in the right place. please take this serious....oh and no stuffed animals or smelly plastic toys. Sometimes milk is bad for asthma too...i can go on and on...lotsa help out there. Have faith as he gets older you will better know what his triggers are.

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