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 Where is pleural fluid located?

My friend is 13 years old and she has pneumonia..Im really worried about her, Do most 13 year old die when they have pneumonia

Help me.. im worrying to much!...

 My lungs keep hurting...should I be worried?
Ok, well, I am only 13. Starting about the beginning of the summer, I felt this sharp pain in my heart. However, it is developing on both sides. So, I am thinking it is my lungs, and not my heart. I ...

 Bad cough and fever?
I have this really deep cough. It sometimes brings up that yellowish/white goopy stuff (i forget what its called). I have a fever of 100.2 and I've been like this for a about a week and it seems ...

 Are you cold?
Im freeeezzzzziiinng!! I think i may turn into an ice lolly at some point this morning.

I hate this bloodyy English weather!

I cant sleep because of it! :O...

 I cant breathe good...?
i cant breathe well...i believe i should go to the hospital but i do not have insurance... i also have a heart murmour and i dont know if that has to do with anything but this is a horrible feeling......

 Why is TB (tuberculosis) so unknown not recognised in the uk?, even though it?
can be a fatal disease and the effects on the individual are very painful in every aspect. Are there any runs or charities that show these people that they are aknowledged and supported? if not or ...

 Is there anybody who even knows what cistic fibrosis is?

 Smokers and ex-smokers......?
I have been a smoker for about hmmmmmm, 16 years now. I am really wanting to quit.... I am sick of waking up choking every morning, and huffing and puffing walking up stairs!!!!!
I have tried to ...

 I have a question about my breathing?
ive have been feeling like i need to take deep breaths and i cant and i cant stop yawning and sometimes i try to and i cant its so annoying
is this something serious??? do i need to go to the ...

 Why is it called smoking?
That black costume?...

 If you had pneumonia, do you end up with permanent scarring on your lungs?
and if so is there any danger of further damage to the lungs,
would stopping smoking have any effect, or does it make no ...

 Can't stop coughing after cold?
I just had a cold for about 3 days, and it's really starting to clear up, but the only problem is that I can't stop coughing and cough medicine/drops do not help at all. It feels dry when I ...

 If i have asthma can i go bungee jumping, or will i lose my breath?

 My 4 year old cant breath propley!?
when she was born her right side of her nose was squashed and still is if its quiet you can her her its really loud and at night she dont like going to sleep and when she does she wakes up early ...

 When you cough up phlegm is it ok to swallow it?
I mean it feels as though you are just putting it back where it came from but really it came from lungs right and if swallowed it will go into your stomach... right?...

 What sickness do I have?
Well, I have sore throat, sometimes burning ears, a low fever, stuffed up nose, some coughing but no mucus just coughing from throat, and sleepiness. Any ideas? I just wanna know to be safe.

 I am taking a meds to fight a bacterial infection. How can i replace the good bacteria being destroyed?

 Could it be pneumonia??
ok well.. i am almost 13 years old and recently had a cold... ((im a girl)) and i have noticed that i have been caughing alot and wheezing..... and this gross stuff has come up =p.... i have had ...

 Persistant cough???
about 2 weeks ago i came down with a bad cold..congestion, soar throat, cough, chills, fever, headache...whole nine yards. after about i week i was feeling better..took some cold and sinus meds. but ...

Is smoking a hookah bad for u?
a hookah is an arabic pipe ...it has a fliter to it..if u kno wat i mean...but it is bad like smoking cigrites..and is it addicting

no its amazing.

First off it should be stated hooka is the device not what u smoke in essence its a fancy wanter bong. It can be used to smoke anything. All smoke of anykind is bad for ur longs and repitory system. Depending on what u smoke does not change if it is bad or not just HOW bad it is obviously opium would be one of the worst then pot (the medical reseach says yes its worse than tobaco 10 times the number of cancer causing elemints on top of the brain cells it kills the only people who say other wise are pot heads or those trying to sell it to u). Even the "herbal" stuff is bad might i mention Tobaco is "herbal" it is only a leaf. All smoke is bad if smoke were good why would we leave a burning building?

Most people who do smoke cigs and weed dont even consider people who smoke hookah really smoking. As far as I know it's not addictive. Their are probably some adverse health effects, but not like cigs.


It is.

Smoking tobacco in any type of pipe (even with a filter) is a health risk.
Nicotine is ingested (even with a filter), so it is addictive.

We know what a hookah is, and also what is usually smoked in one; to answer your question, yes, it is bad for you...no matter what you're smoking in it and yes, anything you smoke is addicting.

Rob B
No matter what it is or how it gets there, smoke in your lungs is not good for you. It causes problems with your lungs and windpipe. It will also put chemicals into your bloodstream which could cause harm to any other place in your body.

Um, smoking anything is bad for you because you are polluting your lungs (filter or not). Provided you're smoking tobacco, it is a bit better for you than cigs because the loose tobacco does not contain the tar that manufactured cigs have.

legalize it
it depends on what you are smoking
if its tobbaco, its still addictive
pot NOT addictive physically, but can be mentally

dont smoke opium, or anything addictive!!!

smoke pot instead
or better yet, cook with it, youll get high without smoking it!

smoking anything can be harmful to your health

try a vaporizer, people say its the safest way to smoke
even though its not really smoking kind of,

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