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 I am taking a meds to fight a bacterial infection. How can i replace the good bacteria being destroyed?

 Could it be pneumonia??
ok well.. i am almost 13 years old and recently had a cold... ((im a girl)) and i have noticed that i have been caughing alot and wheezing..... and this gross stuff has come up =p.... i have had ...

 Persistant cough???
about 2 weeks ago i came down with a bad cold..congestion, soar throat, cough, chills, fever, headache...whole nine yards. after about i week i was feeling better..took some cold and sinus meds. but ...

 Do anybody know anybody that has COPD (emphysema)?
My uncle, who was always the dad I never had, was just diagnosed with COPD and after reading a fact sheet, I'm still now sure how serious it really is. If anybody has any information on whether ...

 Coughing blood, sore throat, head throbbing, nose bleed?
so last night i started to get sick & just assumed it was a cold/sore throat. i took nyquil before going to bed, & this morning after brushing my teeth, i coughed up blood. it was kind of a ...

 Why do young people start smoking when they know that smoking cigarettes kills?
I work in a Nursing Home and we have many residents who are suffering because of cigarettes. It is so sad! We had this sweet little lady, Stella, who was on oxygen, I had never know her to smoke but ...

 My doctor told me i had asthma what are the symptoms , but im pretty sure i dont have any allergies?
i also smoke ya i should quit easier said then done. what exactly is an asthma attack. i was also told 90% of people with asthma have allergies. i wont take inhalers because of all the side affects ...

 Someone help? Mom hurting from the chest? O_O ALL the time! ?
My mom has been having these attacks very so often now. Her chest starts to hurt and she cant breathe. I think there called anxiety attacks but i want to know how to treat them shes very stubborn and ...

 Just how addicted are you to Cigarettes?? For women smokers only please?

 What is the best way to stop smoking concidering my smoking addition?
I grave ciggiretts all day long. I get up and need one, I even wake up in middle of the night to smoke. Sometimes I will smoke two packs in two hours. There will even be times when I am caughing my ...

 Can you catch pneumonia off other people?
i'm 25weeks pregnant and my husband got admitted into hospital with pneumonia.
I have had a chest infection and severe asthma for the past 2.5 weeks, but seem to be getting better now... <...

 What is the desiese called that killed Bernie Mac?
I know its like a type of pnemonia? That starts with a S. but I dunno what it is called. and is it like where bumps are on your lungs? or cells?...

 Other method for asthma???
Does anyone know a way i can help control my asthma instead of taking my inhaler all the time and i dont wnat to keep using it.
Any suggestions would help.
Thank ...

 Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very troublesome...is there any solution?
I have quit smoking since 15th august 2007. although I
am feeling very fine that i have successfully quit
smoking, Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very
troublesome. I am facing too ...

 Is asthma hereditary?
I arguied with someone. I've told him that a father can transmited to his daughter, and a mother to her son. plaese i'm really confused i need help. thank............

 Why would someone with a throat problem have ear pain?
What is causing this? and similarly, why would someone with a cold have decreased hearing?...

 Can anyone help??
At school we're running a campaign against smoking. Can anyone suggest a name for our group?? ...

 What would cause a small child to cough blood?
i'm writing a book and the main character is 8, and constantly has 'attacks' where she coughs blood nad has a pain in her side.
I don't know much about medical stuff, so i ...

 Is it serious if you have shortness of breath with stomach acid/indigestion??

 What is this lump in my right nostril?
Around two weeks ago I found a lump far up my right nostril. It is located in that area just as the wider part of the nostril tightens. The lump is not sore but hurts if I press it hard. I don't ...

Why is TB (tuberculosis) so unknown not recognised in the uk?, even though it?
can be a fatal disease and the effects on the individual are very painful in every aspect. Are there any runs or charities that show these people that they are aknowledged and supported? if not or few why is this?

William C
The UK has been relatively free of TB for many years, the problem is now coming to the fore with many third world travellers coming into the country. The NHS will eventually wake up, but whether effectively or not - who knows?

Clare E
Because of widespread vaccination most British people are very unlikely to contract TB. Unfortunatly this is not the case in third world and developing countries where TB is still a serious problem. There are charities concerned with the spread of TB such as this british charity: http://www.tbalert.org/

Please see the webpage for more details on Tuberculosis. Among black Africans in Britain TB rose by over 100% between the end of the 1980s and early 1990s. Tubercle bacillus is becoming drug resistant and the treatment is becoming difficult to cure. Medical cost is also increasing in geometric proportion.

I always thought that TB (prevention in particular) was very carefully watched in the UK - everyone I know has had their BCG shots, I've seen posters and emails alerting people to the disease and all UK universities screen their foreign students to ensure they've not got it before they can start their courses...

However, I think it's true that it's on the increase (possibly due to immigrants, though it can be spread by native wildlife too, so they can't take all the blame), and more effort ought to be made for those people who already have it.

Because most people have a vaccine as a teenager. I havnt had the vaccine however because i tested positive in the tests that they do first. so was on antibiotics for a while and never had the vaccine.

We've had NHS posters up in our college a while now letting people know the risks of TB and the symptoms. But maybe that's because the college i work at is in a poor area where we have a lot of new immigrants from all over the world who may be carriers. There needs to be a television campaign definitely. Because this is a risk I have to deal with every day as I have a customer facing role. The thing is when I applied for this role, they asked me all questions about whether I have suffered from TB, but they don't ask the students! So how are we supposed to know who has TB? We don't and therefore are put at risk of catching it every day! Its disgusting, but nothing will happen here until one of the members of staff do get it.

Mr Crusty
It really wasn’t an issue until recently, as it had been eradicated in the UK - but it is becoming more prevalent again because of immigrants bringing it back into the country.

TB(tuberculosis) is every corner of world. It is also recognised in UK, although in very less percents. That disease is not painful and 100% curable if treated properly. TB is commonest among the people who lives in crowd and having poor nutrition. Only problem is multi drug resistant bacteria.

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