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 What sickness do I have?
Well, I have sore throat, sometimes burning ears, a low fever, stuffed up nose, some coughing but no mucus just coughing from throat, and sleepiness. Any ideas? I just wanna know to be safe.

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 Persistant cough???
about 2 weeks ago i came down with a bad cold..congestion, soar throat, cough, chills, fever, headache...whole nine yards. after about i week i was feeling better..took some cold and sinus meds. but ...

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My uncle, who was always the dad I never had, was just diagnosed with COPD and after reading a fact sheet, I'm still now sure how serious it really is. If anybody has any information on whether ...

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so last night i started to get sick & just assumed it was a cold/sore throat. i took nyquil before going to bed, & this morning after brushing my teeth, i coughed up blood. it was kind of a ...

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 Can you catch pneumonia off other people?
i'm 25weeks pregnant and my husband got admitted into hospital with pneumonia.
I have had a chest infection and severe asthma for the past 2.5 weeks, but seem to be getting better now... <...

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Any suggestions would help.
Thank ...

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am feeling very fine that i have successfully quit
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 Is asthma hereditary?
I arguied with someone. I've told him that a father can transmited to his daughter, and a mother to her son. plaese i'm really confused i need help. thank............

 Why would someone with a throat problem have ear pain?
What is causing this? and similarly, why would someone with a cold have decreased hearing?...

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 What would cause a small child to cough blood?
i'm writing a book and the main character is 8, and constantly has 'attacks' where she coughs blood nad has a pain in her side.
I don't know much about medical stuff, so i ...

 Is it serious if you have shortness of breath with stomach acid/indigestion??

I cant breathe good...?
i cant breathe well...i believe i should go to the hospital but i do not have insurance... i also have a heart murmour and i dont know if that has to do with anything but this is a horrible feeling... and it feels as if i am going to faint. I am real dizzy...for the past few months i have been getting real bad dizzy spells for a few seconds..in which once happened while i was driving and i ended up in the other lane.... i dont know if this also has anything to do with what i am feeling now.. please help

niece m
Even if you dont have any insurance thaey still have to see you if they dont then take them to court and sue. you probably have asthma like i do.

Streptococcus pneumoniae (aka pneumococcus) is a common cause of strept throat. Strept throat, left untreated may lead to rheumatic fever => endocarditis (a bacterial infection of the heart). Some signs and symptoms of endocarditis include fever, a new or changing heart murmer, red spots, lines or nodes on hands and under the nail bed, dizzyness, and retinal calcifications. Endocarditis is a very serious condition.

If an infection clears up on its own <2 weeks then the cause is most likely viral, for which there is only supporitve therapy (rest, fluids, soup...). But if an infection is lasting months, there's a decent chance that it is bacterial and you may want to get it checked out. The heart murmur is also worrying.

It could mean a lot of things: not getting enough oxygen to the brain, a blockage in your heart value, low sugar, high blood pressure, any of these can cause death.
Just call 911 and they have to treat emergency people. I don't know of any hospital that would turn you away just because you don't have insurance.
We can't help you on this matter only a doctor. Don't let it go to long.....

I sure hope you went to the doctor...if you haven't already, GO! The dizzy spells could mean something is wrong with your heart, your breathing, or something else that seems unrelated. Only a medical professional can tell you what is wrong and what you need to do to fix it.

OMG...you should seriously go to the doctor. I understand that you don't have insurance, but they can put you on a plan so that you don't have to pay all the money at once i.e $25-$50 a month or whatever suits you best. But go to the doctor,I am sure money is not as important as your health.

Good Luck and Stay Healthy.

Insurance or not, you need to see a doctor. Your heart valve needs to be checked to make sure its okay. You could be going into heart failure. Do you have any swelling of your legs, etc. If you are having problems breathing. you could get scared and hyperventilate, and that could cause the dizziness. Or you could have an irregular heart beat. You do not need to drive. You could have a wreck and get killed or kill someone else. Please seek the advise of a medical doctor ASAP.

Call an ambulance now. Do not drive. Hospitals are obligated to treat you with or without insurance. After you are safely treated then ask about charity for this. If you have no ability to pay there are a great many charities that pay your bill for you. Do not let no insurance cost you your life.

lady d
plzz plzz plzz plzz go to er go now do not wait just go.there is somethin g very wrong here .who care s about insurance if you are dead .just go NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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