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 Persistant cough???
about 2 weeks ago i came down with a bad cold..congestion, soar throat, cough, chills, fever, headache...whole nine yards. after about i week i was feeling better..took some cold and sinus meds. but ...

 Do anybody know anybody that has COPD (emphysema)?
My uncle, who was always the dad I never had, was just diagnosed with COPD and after reading a fact sheet, I'm still now sure how serious it really is. If anybody has any information on whether ...

 Coughing blood, sore throat, head throbbing, nose bleed?
so last night i started to get sick & just assumed it was a cold/sore throat. i took nyquil before going to bed, & this morning after brushing my teeth, i coughed up blood. it was kind of a ...

 Why do young people start smoking when they know that smoking cigarettes kills?
I work in a Nursing Home and we have many residents who are suffering because of cigarettes. It is so sad! We had this sweet little lady, Stella, who was on oxygen, I had never know her to smoke but ...

 My doctor told me i had asthma what are the symptoms , but im pretty sure i dont have any allergies?
i also smoke ya i should quit easier said then done. what exactly is an asthma attack. i was also told 90% of people with asthma have allergies. i wont take inhalers because of all the side affects ...

 Someone help? Mom hurting from the chest? O_O ALL the time! ?
My mom has been having these attacks very so often now. Her chest starts to hurt and she cant breathe. I think there called anxiety attacks but i want to know how to treat them shes very stubborn and ...

 Just how addicted are you to Cigarettes?? For women smokers only please?

 What is the best way to stop smoking concidering my smoking addition?
I grave ciggiretts all day long. I get up and need one, I even wake up in middle of the night to smoke. Sometimes I will smoke two packs in two hours. There will even be times when I am caughing my ...

 Can you catch pneumonia off other people?
i'm 25weeks pregnant and my husband got admitted into hospital with pneumonia.
I have had a chest infection and severe asthma for the past 2.5 weeks, but seem to be getting better now... <...

 What is the desiese called that killed Bernie Mac?
I know its like a type of pnemonia? That starts with a S. but I dunno what it is called. and is it like where bumps are on your lungs? or cells?...

 Other method for asthma???
Does anyone know a way i can help control my asthma instead of taking my inhaler all the time and i dont wnat to keep using it.
Any suggestions would help.
Thank ...

 Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very troublesome...is there any solution?
I have quit smoking since 15th august 2007. although I
am feeling very fine that i have successfully quit
smoking, Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very
troublesome. I am facing too ...

 Is asthma hereditary?
I arguied with someone. I've told him that a father can transmited to his daughter, and a mother to her son. plaese i'm really confused i need help. thank............

 Why would someone with a throat problem have ear pain?
What is causing this? and similarly, why would someone with a cold have decreased hearing?...

 Can anyone help??
At school we're running a campaign against smoking. Can anyone suggest a name for our group?? ...

 What would cause a small child to cough blood?
i'm writing a book and the main character is 8, and constantly has 'attacks' where she coughs blood nad has a pain in her side.
I don't know much about medical stuff, so i ...

 Is it serious if you have shortness of breath with stomach acid/indigestion??

 What is this lump in my right nostril?
Around two weeks ago I found a lump far up my right nostril. It is located in that area just as the wider part of the nostril tightens. The lump is not sore but hurts if I press it hard. I don't ...

 Im not sick... right?
The last few days I've had a runny nose and have been sneezing not stop and I've woken up with a sore throte but the pain doesn't last long after i get up. except today its eighty ...

 What does it mean when u cough up blood...?
i did it earlier and it was just 1 spontaneous cough. i feel fine other than that...

umm i dont know if this matters but i am...
a female
5'4 1/2

Smokers and ex-smokers......?
I have been a smoker for about hmmmmmm, 16 years now. I am really wanting to quit.... I am sick of waking up choking every morning, and huffing and puffing walking up stairs!!!!!
I have tried to quit soooooo many times, and just end up lighting up again when I get stessed out (which is often)..... I wanna hear from others who have tried to quit or have quit, give me some tips on what works for you...... Thanks in advance.

would think the price would be enough. When you feel the urge chew gum and go for a walk. Eat 4-6 small meals a day. that helped me. Drink a lot of water. Get plenty of sleep. Have you sat next to some one on oxygen in public- struggling. That will be you eventually- that was enough to scare me- and the cost- i needed money for food- none was left over for cigs- which were 10.00 a carton back in the 70's

1. Go visit an old folks home and watch them breathe... scare the socks off of you. (Just walk in and walk around, then leave....)
2. Go on line and see photos of smokers' lungs... yucko
3. If there are certain times during the day that you smoke, or certain places, don't go there... For example, if you have a cigarette with coffee in the morning, go for a walk, and skip the coffee. If you have one with wine and dinner, omit the wine. The first week isn't too bad, actually, as you may know. It is the first month. There are anti-smoking support groups, join one... tapering off doesn't help, patches do, along with determination. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash after every meal. Chew on a cinnamon stick.

You are not ready to quit or you would do it. Everyone can give you what worked for them, chew this, eat that, drink this, on and on....You have to find your own script. You cannot use something that worked on someone else.

I quit after 45 years of heavy smoking. I quit too late. I have severe COPD which is an umbrella for emphysema, asthma and chronic bronchitis. I am on oxygen 24/7. I use three inhalers and so many drugs I have to write them down to keep track. I am on steroids which means I don't have an immune system, so I cannot go out in large crowds or I risk getting very sick. Because of my condition it did make two of my close friends quit.

One of my helps is Bubble Wrap. I buy bubble wrap like I used to buy cigarettes. The wrap is a lot cheaper. LOL.

I am on total disability. If you wait long enough you won't have any choice. One of my friends that has quit used to put on two patches, took pills, did hypnotism and acupuncture. She also tried a new laser thing. NONE of it worked. She smoked while using the patches. She could have had a heart attack and died doing that...................It took her watching me go down to nothing and it happened rather quickly too. She looked at me and quit.......................I have not smoked or drank in a year and I never will again. I do not have a life but I have to keep living.

Try setting a "quit" date 30 or 40 days from now. When the day arrives, it will be easier to quit. Try going for a few hours each day w/o smoking before you hit your Q date. Try to take up jogging also. This drives home how negatively cigarettes affect your wind and personal stamina. Another trick that works for some women is to buy a package of Skoal bandits (yes, it is totally disgusting) Use one of them when you are alone if you need a nicotine hit. I guess it sorta works like aversion therapy because you find yourself using this form of nicotine less and less because it is so gross.

If you are serious about quiting smoking there is a new drug on the market that will do it for you. It's called Chantix. For more info go to www.chantic.com It worked for me. It takes away all cravings, no withdrawals it's easy just pop a pill twice a day. I did it, it worked for me. Just know you will want to drink alot of water. After a month I notice that my smile is whiter and clothes don't stink. Good Luck

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