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 My doctor told me i had asthma what are the symptoms , but im pretty sure i dont have any allergies?
i also smoke ya i should quit easier said then done. what exactly is an asthma attack. i was also told 90% of people with asthma have allergies. i wont take inhalers because of all the side affects ...

 Someone help? Mom hurting from the chest? O_O ALL the time! ?
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 Just how addicted are you to Cigarettes?? For women smokers only please?

 What is the best way to stop smoking concidering my smoking addition?
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 Can you catch pneumonia off other people?
i'm 25weeks pregnant and my husband got admitted into hospital with pneumonia.
I have had a chest infection and severe asthma for the past 2.5 weeks, but seem to be getting better now... <...

 What is the desiese called that killed Bernie Mac?
I know its like a type of pnemonia? That starts with a S. but I dunno what it is called. and is it like where bumps are on your lungs? or cells?...

 Other method for asthma???
Does anyone know a way i can help control my asthma instead of taking my inhaler all the time and i dont wnat to keep using it.
Any suggestions would help.
Thank ...

 Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very troublesome...is there any solution?
I have quit smoking since 15th august 2007. although I
am feeling very fine that i have successfully quit
smoking, Nicotine withdrawal seems to be very
troublesome. I am facing too ...

 Is asthma hereditary?
I arguied with someone. I've told him that a father can transmited to his daughter, and a mother to her son. plaese i'm really confused i need help. thank............

 Why would someone with a throat problem have ear pain?
What is causing this? and similarly, why would someone with a cold have decreased hearing?...

 Can anyone help??
At school we're running a campaign against smoking. Can anyone suggest a name for our group?? ...

 What would cause a small child to cough blood?
i'm writing a book and the main character is 8, and constantly has 'attacks' where she coughs blood nad has a pain in her side.
I don't know much about medical stuff, so i ...

 Is it serious if you have shortness of breath with stomach acid/indigestion??

 What is this lump in my right nostril?
Around two weeks ago I found a lump far up my right nostril. It is located in that area just as the wider part of the nostril tightens. The lump is not sore but hurts if I press it hard. I don't ...

 Im not sick... right?
The last few days I've had a runny nose and have been sneezing not stop and I've woken up with a sore throte but the pain doesn't last long after i get up. except today its eighty ...

 What does it mean when u cough up blood...?
i did it earlier and it was just 1 spontaneous cough. i feel fine other than that...

umm i dont know if this matters but i am...
a female
5'4 1/2

 Been smoking for 36 years, tried Cold turkey,chant ix. Any answers for a longtime smoker?

 Why is it that when I wake up I have a sore throat that dissapears after about an hour? Every morning?

Additional Details
Umm... Who said I wanted to loose weight at home? O_O...

 I have quit smoking, how long will it take for my lungs to improve?
I smoked for about 6 years, averaging around 10-15 per day. Can anyone shed some light on the time line of my lungs improving? For the first few years I smoked 8mgs then changed to 4mgs.

 I breathed in chlorine tablet air help!! im 16
im 16 and we have a pool and our chlorine bucket is in our pool toy bucket and when i opened the lid to get a subskate fumes just shot up my nose and down my throat, it hurt really bad, and i have ...

Can't stop coughing after cold?
I just had a cold for about 3 days, and it's really starting to clear up, but the only problem is that I can't stop coughing and cough medicine/drops do not help at all. It feels dry when I cough, and it's gotten to the point where I'm getting pains in my sides and vomiting. It doesn't happen at night, however. There's always a tickle in my throat and it won't go away, even after I cough. Should I see a doctor?

Grand Pa
Make paste of 2 garlic pods boil in 1/2 glass of drinking water, one boil only, let cool down when tolerable add a little salt and gargle with it . It will give relief.

You can keep a clove into your mouth but do not chew it. Keep it on the sides as long as you can do it. It is harm less and you not get cough in the night.

Seeing the doctor is your choice.

Mix one part apple cider vinegar and one part honey. Sip it frequently during the day and before bed. Ricola natural cough drops work well. Sometimes too much medication dehydrates you and makes the cough worse. Also try Mucinex to help you cough up any phlem in your lungs.

Same here, as well as my family & other people. The coughing stays after cold as, whether throat or lungs, irritation or allergy.
My coughs, the last time, stayed the longest, for a MONTH!
Vitamins, fruits & hot fluids, didn't help.
The pharmacist recommended a heavy antibiotic of 3 pills for 3 days, as I tried other medicines TOO... , but in total vain.

It's so bothering cuz it's loud, & it's very after one another, I CAN'T BREATHE.
IT STARTS THE MOMENT I WAKE UP, & I have to spit the mucus as it relieves me. But the mucus is so clear, of which is originally the Saliva. But of course, it's more plunge. I mean, if it's clear, what's wrong then?

Tickle happens here too. I don't know about your vomiting though. Pain could be common as cough is tiring.
So.. well.. yes, do see a doctor.

Hope you'll get well soon. :)

probably if you are at the point of vomitting. Are you drinking enough fluids?

xxx.xx x
You have developed a touch Bronchitis which you can get cough syrup from your doctor with codeine in it. The codeine will help stop the coughing and you will sleep very well.

Good Luck!!! :--)

♥ dancerdemi ♥
yes see a athmsa/allergist. you may have athsma and i suggest you go see a special doctor and see a regular doctor for the vomiting. athsma comes in wierd ways but there are ways to control it. athsma also explains why cough medicen/drops don't work because athsma is a lung reaction to the air.

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