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umm i dont know if this matters but i am...
a female
5'4 1/2

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Additional Details
Umm... Who said I wanted to loose weight at home? O_O...

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 Coughing up blood?
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 Have you ever had a cough so bad that your stomach muscles were sore from coughing?
I do :-(
I wanna get better SOON
feel better than yesterday though
Additional Details
I quit smoking 3 days ago, and will NEVER do a puff again as loooooong as I LIVE!!!!!

 Are you an organ donor?
if so-thank you so much. someone close to me who was going to die-got her transplant today!...

Sue W.
Why do young people start smoking when they know that smoking cigarettes kills?
I work in a Nursing Home and we have many residents who are suffering because of cigarettes. It is so sad! We had this sweet little lady, Stella, who was on oxygen, I had never know her to smoke but she buzzed for a CNA early yesterday morning, my day off, and she asked to be pushed into the smoking room and she asked for a cigatette. Stella was in a wheelchair.The other CNA went to ask a nurse if it were alright, she got permission to give Stella a cigarette after she washed her up. and when she got back to the room Stella was dead. I am sorry but I am crying as I am typing because I loved that sweet little lady. And a blanking cigarette was the last thing she thought of!

yep, she lies. Shes been smoking for a long time sue

Paul S
Its a form of pleasure for some people.
There are cardiologists and respiratory therapists that smoke also.

In that situation, I doubt she wanted to live anymore. She probably just wanted one last puff before she died.

Young people start smoking because it makes them look cool and grown-up and also because they are not supposed to.
Plus they think they are invincible and nothing is going to happen to them because they smoke.

Joshua H
Studies show that teens just aren't interested enough in what happens to 80 year olds to be dissuaded by tales of cancer risk. Teens see that their friends are smoking, and that none of them are dying of it. And they're curious. So they try it, and, more often than not, once they get the hang of it, they find nicotine extremely pleasurable. If they worry at all about the health risks, they figure they'll just stop before they get old. Then, when they try to stop, they discover that nicotine is the most addictive drug known . . .

Here's something that will make people think about what smoking does. My sister made this comedy video.

I often wonder this as well. Young people today know better. The lady you just told us about may not have heard of the dangers until it was to late. I know it must have hurt to have lost someone your grew to love, I am sorry.It is so sad that a cigarette was the last thing she thought of. That tells us just how addictive cigarettes are. When my husband was in WWII he said that the government sent cigarettes to the troops. He had never even dreamed of smoking before then. He gave up smoking many years ago, about 1965 when people were first learning about the dangers. I never smoked a day in my life.

Hi Sue:
My sympathies are with you and I commend you for having such caring feelings for someone in your care.
Smoking is an addiction as we all know. What many don't realize that in some people it is a terribly "Strong" addiction.
Stella had given up....and the only thing left in her life that she truly enjoyed was feeding that addiction (which she couldn't do). She knew she would never get well so she gave herself one last little pleasure. Please don't feel bad for that.
Why do we start? One has to understand the mind of a youngster (not an easy thing to do). Peer pressure.....maybe....or the feeling of getting away with a taboo. Like most addictions....you may beat it but to some people, it never lets go of you.
I wish you well.

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