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Other method for asthma???
Does anyone know a way i can help control my asthma instead of taking my inhaler all the time and i dont wnat to keep using it.
Any suggestions would help.
Thank you

Rheanna R
do not take your inhaler as much. after you use your inhaler for a very long time you start to need to use it more. what you need to do is stop taking it even when you cant breat try and drink coffee to make you feel a little better. after a while you will wein yourself off of it. I would also suggest talking to your doctor about putting you on a provental medication. the best provental medication i used were arabid(spelled wrong) singular(which is also used for alergies) and saravent which i used to use before i started using advair. advair made my asthma a million times better.

Brooklyn NYC
Drink lots of clear liquids (water, et cetera) and slowly increase the amount you exercise, doing stuff that isn't too strenuous, like walking or biking. You will clear out your lungs and build lung capacity. It is slow, and you might still need your inhalers sometimes, but less.

I find that I rarely need mine anymore, except when doing more strenuous aerobic workouts like swimming or a really aggressive hike.

Of course, it is helpful to cut down on your exposure to smoke and other asthma triggers too.

keep the humidifier on. make sure its a "cool mist" one they work better. also an air purifier works good too.
make sure your home is under good pest control (allergens from pest are a really high cause of asthma)
Ask your doctor if singular will work for you. if worked for me and my brother. My brother is winging himself from the pill and hasn't used his inhaler in like the past year and i have been asthma free for about the past 2. good luck. hope this helps.

relax, avoid irritants like dust, cold etc. and always get fresh air (avoid stuffy rooms)

If you aren't already on corticosteroids (advair, asmanex, etc.), I would suggest them. If you are, you may want to consider increasing the dosage. Although you would still have to take them daily, they will reduce your dependency on your inhaler. Corticosteroids prevent many inflammatory responses that are normally induced by inhaled allergens. Normally, when you inhale an allergen, your lungs become inflammed and more mucous is produced, causing breathing difficulty. Short acting beta agonists (your inhaler) can reverse this, but corticosteroids can help avoid the initial reaction altogether.

Also, they can improve how well your inhaler works when you do need to use it. Corticosteroids have been shown to increase the amount of Beta receptors in your lungs. The Short acting beta agonists interact with these receptors and reverse the bodies reaction to allergens. When there are more receptors, the inhaler works more effectively.

Unfortunately, corticosteroids do not cure asthma, so you'll still need to carry your inhaler. If you use the corticosteroids consistently, however, you'll find that they can help a lot.

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