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Khayr Al-anwar
Why would someone with a throat problem have ear pain?
What is causing this? and similarly, why would someone with a cold have decreased hearing?

Basically, your sinuses are canals that connect every hole in your head. I had ear infections and when I put in my drops I could taste them-freaky!!
The only explanation is that your sinuses connect your nasal passages, ear canals and throat-this is also partly the reason why a sore tooth can cause an earache.
As for the cold, anytime your sinuses are stuffed up, they're shutting off part of the communication with the other passages in the system (which is why when you get an ear infection sometimes your voice will be affected) and it's kinda like plugging a valve in a trumpet-the instrument works the same but it sounds different and you know that something's wrong.
A temporary situation like this is no major issue, everyone gets sick from time to time. If you find yourself in pain for weeks at a time with no relief from medicine, consult an ENT.

depending on bad the cold is.

many people I have met have suffered the exact same problem.

hats why you go to an , ear nose and throat specialist

they are all inter connected

all the best

your ears, nose and throat are connected. i once had a ear infection after a cold and the doctor told me it was where i had snuffed up my snot it had gone from my throat in to my ear and blocked it up. my ear was full of snot aaaahhhh?

holey moley
Since nobody else answered your question, I'll do it.
The throat (pharynx) is connected to the middle ear space by the eustacian tube. A throat irritation or infection will make the tissue around the eustacian tube swollen, blocking drainage from the middle ear. This allows fluid to collect behind the eardrum in the middle ear, which will keep the bones (i.e. ossicular chain, composed of the hammer, stirrup, and anvil, also known as the malleus, stapes, and incus) from relaying the movement of the eardrum to the cochlea.
Taking a medicine which contains an antihistamine and a decongestant should fix the problem.

Matt A
The system that the ear is part of is really close to the system that the throat is part of. ENTs are doctors who specialize in Ears, noses and throats. If you have an upper respiratory infection and or inflamed throat, it could affect the pressure in the ear passages causing pain and loss of hearing.

When your sinuses get blocked up it puts pressure on your ear. Also, blowing your nose pops the ear drum out causing a tunnel sound effect.
It would be a good idea to see a doctor and possibly get a prescription of antibiotics.

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