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umm i dont know if this matters but i am...
a female
5'4 1/2

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Umm... Who said I wanted to loose weight at home? O_O...

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I do :-(
I wanna get better SOON
feel better than yesterday though
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I quit smoking 3 days ago, and will NEVER do a puff again as loooooong as I LIVE!!!!!

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 What dose it mean when you cough up blood?

Someone help? Mom hurting from the chest? O_O ALL the time! ?
My mom has been having these attacks very so often now. Her chest starts to hurt and she cant breathe. I think there called anxiety attacks but i want to know how to treat them shes very stubborn and wont go to the doctor unless shes practically dying of pain. Right now i've been with her for about an hour just trying to calm her down. I gave her some tea , water, her abuderal for oxygen, and just rubbing her back. I really dont know what else to do. Were in the middle of a move and school is starting shes very stressed. What do i do? PLEASE HELP!

she is having a heart attach go to the emergancy room or she might be having stress attacks

Don't look at my avatar.
This obviously doesn't sound very healthy or normal!
Ask her if its a sharp pain in her ribs, and it almost feels like she needs to breathe in really fast so the pain goes away. If this is the pain she is getting, its hard to believe but its muscular. This is caused by lifting things and just pulling muscles in the ribcage area. I get these too, and the best thing to do is to relax and wait for the pain to go away. If it simply wont, she could have RSI (Repeditive Strain Injury) in that area, which is rare but happens.

I would definitely take her to the doctors. Explain to her that this isn't normal and she needs to go. To encourage her to go, make an appointment in advance, so she knows she has to go.

Good luck!


it would be called a panic attack if she cant breathe and feels like she is gonna die (but SHE WONT) but if she is in real pain there is probably something else wrong and you should look up her symptoms online

Sounds like your mom is having panic attacks. She needs medicine for this. She is being unfair to you to put you through this. She should be mothering you, not the other way around. Explain to her that she needs to stop putting this on your shoulders and she should see a doctor about her panic attacks. I know it is hard when it is your mother, but you should let her handle this without you upsetting yourself and rubbing her back. She is torturing you and needs to grow up and take care of herself instead of expecting you to do it.

If she still refuses to get help, next time she has a panic attack call 911 and tell them your mother's chest hurts.

No one can help her if she won't see a Dr. She is being very childish.

That sounds like the same thing this 12 year old wrote in about: My answer to him was:
Could be anxiety attacks/stress in which the chest muscles tighten and start to spasm, making you to take notice and think that something might be wrong with the old ticker.
What she can do (if she won't go to the doc) is when she feels like her feathers are getting ruffled, lie/sit down and take deep slow breaths in and out. Think of relaxing thoughts. Calming, soothing scenes. Have the radio playing to a christian music channel (not rock) or smooth jazz. I will keep the atmosphere mellow. If she allows the stress to settle in and not let it out, she is going to remain contracted and not relaxed. You can get muscle relaxers from the doc.
Now when I get it (if feels almost like angina) I take a minute to calm myself down.

its probably a heart attack if your mom won't go to the doctor, call the doctor on what to do or ask them to come over

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