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I do :-(
I wanna get better SOON
feel better than yesterday though
Additional Details
I quit smoking 3 days ago, and will NEVER do a puff again as loooooong as I LIVE!!!!!

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My girlfriend is gonna wipe me out in my sleep if I don't stop. Please help a plea from a frightend man....

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 What will the hospital do if you cough up blood?

Additional Details
lets just say that this was caused by something not because it just started automatically. i know why it is happening but i want to know what the hospital will do?...

 Help! i'm super sick!?
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 How many of you smoke, stoped smoking or dont smoke?
i need at least 50 ...

cujobaby 2
Been smoking for 36 years, tried Cold turkey,chant ix. Any answers for a longtime smoker?

Arch Stanton
I used the patch and it worked for me....Beside the fact that my father passed away from lung cancer 2 months prior to me quitting. He had small cell carcinoma, which moves faster that crap. I saw him go downhill fast. Funny thing is that we didn't even find out that he had cancer until month and half after I quit smoking. I quit May 5,2004. He was dignosed on June 12th and was gone June 30th. That was definitely enough incentive to stay smoke free. I smoked for over 15 years....Trust me, If I could do it you can do it and you will feel the result of not smoking within weeks. Take lots of Niacin and Garlic. Go to Puritan's Pride Website and check it out. Good Luck!!!!!

I'm' in a similar situation - I even quit for 5 years at one point but started again. I am currently doing a neuro linguistics program that is making a huge difference. I started it for depression and motivation, but one side effect after a couple weeks is that I simply don't want to smoke. Check out the site below - and do some other research - but this has been an excellent program.

btw - it's also doing wonders for depressions, confidence, peace of mind and motivation! Highly recommend it.

Hghg G
Go to your doctor. They can prescribe a really good pill that works wonders, its prescription only, though. and really expensive if you dont have insurance. But its really good.

Its all about hear mate!Try working on that if you really want to stop.


long lashes
i smoked for 15 years and i wanted to quit for at least 10, when i finally did it (2 years ago) it took me about a year to really faze it out entirely. so yeah---theres other ways to go than cold turkey.

i say a good old fashion faze out is good,.

rashion your cigarettes to yourself. figure out a system that feels like a challenge to you but not crazy difficult. say you smoke a pack a day. you now have to make a pack last 2 days, and do that for about 2 weeks, then after two weeks, ok, a pack has to last 4 days,. and do that for two weeks, get yourself to a pack a week, then 1/2 a pack a week, etc. until you are at a pack a month. the thing is so long as you are smoking at all it will be in your system and the cravings will be intense. but if you can discipline yourself to just wait a little longer between each one, you will be "getting better".

you will want to binge, as you really reduce to say 1 pack for 2 months, the trick will be to forgive yourself if you do and then get back on track. but also---seriously avoid doing that,

replace smoking with other things along the way, i found eating a lot of fruit actually made me feel healthy and less like i needed to smoke, also i increased my excersice, and took a lot of showers. sometimes those things helped the craving pass throug me, or helped me wait longer,

accept that it;s going to hurt. your body is going to do every damn thing it can think of to make you believe you need a smoke. you just have to know better.

good luck,

it really is great on the other side, i no longer crave them, and i feel the differnce in my whole body all the time and it feels really good.

woman 3
well, i smoked for about 15 years. two packs a day when i quit cold turkey. i woke up one day, sick and tired of feeling like crap. i could barley breathe anymore, was having headaches, etc. the key is you really want to have to quit or you won't. as soon as i started my path to becoming smoke free, i started exercising. walking, lifting weights, then jogging. that really helps you to stay smoke free. now i can do just about anything and not get out of breath. my heart doesn't beat like it's going to pound out of my chest. just remember, it will be hard at first, but if you really want to quit, you will realize the cravings will pass. someone told me this....just think of the urge to quit as a huge wave. ride out that craving and soon it will peak, then subside. check out these web sites and hang in there. it's been nearly two years for me and the smell of cigarette smoke now makes me gag!
read the benefits of quitting smoking in this one..

Please try the Allen Carr method! You can read the short book "easy way to stop smoking" (sounds too good to be true but it works i promise!) or listen to the cd or attend one of his sessions. Google Allen Carr Easy Way to get more info. This method is quick and simple, and most importantly it does not scare the smoker into quitting, quite the opposite infact seeing as Allen carr smoked 80 plus a day for many many years and quit, he understands why we smoke and helps us to understand that too which is the key! I would say give it a go, you do not need any patches or gum or hypnotherapy stuff, thats all just a con, all you need is to understand why we smoke and how to lose it, thats what this method is all about. Hope it works for you, best wishes for a life free from the smoking trap! Its great to have control back!

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