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 What can i use for nail growth?

 Someone told me that if you eat a potato that's gone green you will suffer an excruciatingly painful death!!
Is this true? Because if it is I wont bother setting the video to record Eastenders tonight!!!
Additional Details
cutegirl, eastenders ...

 Very black neck!?
Black Neck?
Ok my skin is light brow. However, my neck is very dark. People quickly notice that my neck is darker then my face. My neck has little rings going around it too. I am overweight (14 ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of warts?
i've got 5 warts on my hand frozen them with wartner but isnt working. does anyone know how to get rid of ...

 How do you get rid of acne?

 How do i get rid of the blackheads of my nose !
well i have some blackheads on my nose and i am trying to get rid of them i just bought the clean&clean blackhead clearing scrub yesturday and i did notice after 3 uses that the tiny blackheads ...

 Does anyone know of a cure tha actually works for hand warts?
Freezing doesn't work as it just seems to make them spread. Neither do bazuka or any other similar ...

 *yellow stuff comes out!!?
*all around my nose i have just started to get these tiny yellow things that stick out, and if i squeze my nose it all comes out...i don't know what it is. can someone tell me what and how i can ...

 I have a party in 5 days, but my face has erupted with spots. How can i get rid of them quickly?
I use Retin-A constantly but i still keep getting acne. Its very frustrating especially because its everywhere this week and i have a party on saturday....

 I want to get whiter! what is the problem with me?
I'm a Filipino. I have this sort of spanish mix down my system. I was born with fair skin, til now im still fair skinned.

I want to get whiter skin.

The natural skin color ...

Marijuana Clouds Up Your Memory
A new comparative study found that people using large amounts of marijuana for a long time perform worse at standard memory and decision-making tests. The study hasn't yet determined whether the changes are irreversible. Lambros Messinis of the Department of Neurology at the University Hospital of Patras in Greece has tested 64 people, age 17 to 49, falling into three groups: 20 who had smoked four or more joints per week for more than 10 years (for an average of 15 years); 20 who'd been smoking for 5 to 10 years (for an average of 7 years); and 24 controls who had smoked at least once but not more than 20 times and not at all in the past two years. The subjects were not allowed to smoke at least 24 hors before the test, to make sure they were not still under the influence. "It wasn't while they were high," he said.The results were rather stark: "We found that the longer people used marijuana, the more deterioration they had in these cognitive abilities, especially in the ability to learn and remember new information," said study author Messinis. "In several areas, their abilities were significant enough to be considered impaired, with more impairment in the longer-term users than the shorter-term users." For example, long-term users performed worse in memory tests such as the one testing the ability to remember a list of words. Asked to recall lists of 15 words that they had seen earlier, the long-term users averaged 7, compared with 9 recalled by short-term users and 12 by controls. On a decision-making test, the performance of long-term users was 70 percent impaired, compared to 55 percent impaired in cases of shorter-term users and 8 percent impaired performance for non-users. Frequent marijuana users also performed worse than medium users and non-users on tests of cognitive abilities, such as divided attention (the "multi-tasking" ability to pay attention to more than one stimulus at a time) and verbal fluency (number of words generated within a time limit). Medium users performed worse than non-users."It definitely fogs your brain," says Messinis. "Importantly, we don't know if it's reversible." To find this, he and his colleague plan to re-evaluate the same subjects after an abstinence period of at least a month.Other studies have shown that marijuana has lasting memory impairment effects in case of people who have started smoking marijuana before age 17, when the brain is still forming. This troubles scientists and doctors because, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are around 3.1 million Americans age 12 and older who use marijuana daily or almost daily. In 2004, 5.6 percent of 12th graders reported daily use of marijuana.

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