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 I think that I have Diabetes but my family wont believe me... What should i do?
I have done research on diabetes and i urinate frequently, im always hungry, im excessivly thirsty, I am 16 years old a Male my mom has hypo or hyperglycemia what is the chance I have diabetes?...

 What Is Your Blood Type?
I am AB-...

 Age for type one diabetes?
My husband was two weeks off his 31st birthday when he discovered he was diabetic (type 1). How unusual is this as everything I've read says it is childhood onset.
Additional Details<...

 I have just moved to the UK and i have type1 diabetes. Where do i purchase extra syringes for my insulin?

 How to tell my parents?
I think i may be experincing symptoms of diabetes.

>yellow-dark yelow urine
>litte bit thirstier than i normally am
>i'm a bit overweight [i understand sugar/carbs ...

 When responding please state your credentials, is it possible to eat one meal a day?
does it rest the organs

when responding please state your ...

 Do you think my teacher should be fired?
There are any reasons that she is a teacher we all hate and we all want her gone but nobody ever believes us when we tell them the stuff. But there have been a few cases and today she did it again ...

 Blindness caused due to diabetes?
My dad is arround 60 yr old having diabetes since 6 yrs and it has startted affeting his vision. now my dad cant see anything in night, hardly he can see in the day. I know for diabetes there is no ...

 Can anybody please help new diabetic looking which yoghurts i can eat?

 Could I have Diabetes?
I have put on quite a bit of weight over the past 2 years. I am 5'4, 18 years old, and weigh 210 pounds. My father has Diabetes. I have been extremely thirsty for water the past week or so, and I...

Spring Break - A Fest of Sex and Alcohol
The American Medical Association released on Wednesday the results of a poll describing spring break: a fest of sex and alcohol, blaming the alcohol industry for promiscuous and reckless behavior. 65% of the women questioned think that spring break is essential to college life. About 91% agree that the images seen by the audience in TV programs or Girls Gone Wild videos promote a negative aspect of women. They also say that they will try to restrict these images. Edward Hill, president of the American Medical Association, stated: "Women are fed up with the marketing tactics and images that promote spring break as an alcohol-and-sex fest." The survey was conducted online, on 644 women, with ages between 17 and 35. 62% of the women questioned are currently in college, while others attended and graduated it. 27% said that they had never went on a spring break, 35% declared they went because it involves alcohol, while 43% said that a very important factor in choosing to take this trip was easy access to drinks and the drinking age under 21.59% of all women and 70% of those who had attended a spring break declared that they knew at least a friend who had more than one sex partner during the trip, three out of five women know friends who had unprotected sex during spring break, 40% of all respondents and 47% of those who attended said they knew friends involved in incidents related to alcohol. In what potential solutions are concerned, 81% of the respondents expressed their wish for colleges to provide fun, affordable alternatives, free of alcohol.

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