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 Is it possible????
is possible for ur eye color to change( without wearing colored contacts)???? cause people have said that my eye color looks different somedays???...

 Can you get blind for materbating?
thats what i heard
Additional Details
how about getting it infected ...

 My daughter needs contact lenses.Do many kids use them.How long can you keep them in?
Do a lot of kids nowadays wear contact lenses?My 12 year old daughter needs glasses but she won't wear them so the doctor suggested contacts.Are they easy to use ?...

 How can I get colored contact lenses?
I don't have any eye problems,but I need some colored contact lenses,where can I get them without prescription?...

 Quick name the first invisible thing you see ???

 Are my eyes normal?(pic)?
i'm a little worried because i have really bad vision for a 16 y/o and there are brown spots on my eye.

should i be worried?


 How to change eye color from BROWN to BLUE?
I'm only 13 years old, is this possible? Also, I heard something about pigment, as where you have a lot of pigment, your eye color is brown, and where you have less pigment, your eye color is ...

 First person to write either yes or no wins best vote which ever one I'm thinking of?
hurry your running out of ...

 What color contacts should i get *pic included.)?
that's me.
either eletric green: http://www.dixieart.com/Sparklescent_Electric_Green.jpg
or the blue, like the color ...

 What is the rarest eye colour in the world?

Wine Can Treat Gum Diseases
Canadian scientists found that polyphenols, a chemical in red wine, can block the production of free radical molecules which can damage the gums. Researchers from Quebec's Universite Laval said that there are other risks which come with drinking wine and people should be aware of the fact that wine is not necessarily associated with healthy teeth. The production of free radicals is prevented by changing the composition of the proteins from the cells that control their release. The production of too many free radicals can cause weakening of the gums, leading to inflammation, bleeding and gradual tissue decay. Dr. Fatiah Chandad from the University Laval stated: "Our findings demonstrate that red wine polyphenols have potent antioxidant properties. I am optimistic that components in red wine can limit the effect of these oral bacteria." Around 80% of Americans are believed to suffer from gum disorders; 15% with ages from 21 to 50 experience the most dangerous form of gum disease and 65% of people over 50 are affected. More exposed to these affections are smokers, diabetics, and people taking steroids, oral contraceptives or cancer drugs. The studies conducted in Quebec on mouse cell samples showed that the antioxidants found in red wine or polyphenols may help reduce the severity of gum inflammation caused by bacteria. However, the results hardly can be considered final. Robert Genco, a professor of oral biology with the School of Dental Medicine at the State University of New York, stressed the fact that the findings are preliminary. "I would say that in general these experiments with antioxidants in test tubes give variable results when they are later tested in animals or humans. Many antioxidants have been tested in humans, and they have not been too effective. We've been very disappointed, so we have to be very careful. So, while this study is an interesting first start, the key now is clinical trials in humans," he explained.

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