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 I am female aged 60 with a blood pressure reading of 148/73 is this normal?

I am a 22 y/o female & I am obese. For about a week, I have had a tingling feeling in my right side of my chest (between my breasts and under my right breast). Today I started to have some ...

 What causes a stroke?
What causes a stroke? What are the features of stroke? pls help !!...

 I just Had a Heart attack in August of this year at the young age of 34. How do I deal with all this?
Im 35 now.I just turned 35 in september but in August of this year I had a heart attack. I had 4 blocked autries and so therefor I had to have a bypass done. I cant believe at 34 years of age I had ...

 I'm 45, and I've been experience some sqeezing pain on the center-left side of my chest?
The pain seemed to radiate from the center-right side of my chest (around where the heart is) and it spreads up my sholders and down to the stomach, and I seemed to sweat and be short of breathe when ...

 Chest pain?
hi i have lots of test and all seems ok but have to have the die next to see if my arteries are ok i get out of breath a lot and very tired and a lot of pain seems to come and go but can be there a ...

 Why has my husband got high cholesterol & what can we do ?
he has been told his cholesterol is 5.9.
why is this, what can we do about it and what long term risks does it impose on his health?
Thank you
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 Why is losing weight beneficial to your heart?

 Does anyone that their own blood pressure?
It's good to learn. To stay healthy....

 How do I lower my blood pressure without medicine?

Some Vaccines Fight Cancer
Reports say that anti-viral vaccines have the ability to prevent one in ten cases of cancer. The English Center for Cancer Research estimates 1.8 million, about 18% of new cases of cancer caused by viruses each year worldwide. Vaccines against a wide range of viruses could prevent hundreds of thousands of cases of cancer each year. Rob Newton, an epidemiologist at the Cancer Research Center, stated about the correspondence between transmissible viruses and cancer: "If you chat to your neighbor with cancer you're not going to catch it. The cancer itself is not infectious. You don't vaccinate against cancer - you vaccinate against the infectious agents that cause it." These viruses can disrupt the cell's machinery, including its DNA, thing which leads to erratic cell replication, eventually causing tumors. "Studying the association between infectious agents and human cancers is extremely important because, in such cases, infection represents one defined link in the chain of events leading to cancer development. Knowing this helps us to trace other links in the chain and to understand how the whole chain fits together. More importantly, if we can break the chain by preventing the infection through vaccination, then we can prevent the cancer developing," said lead researcher Professor Alan Rickinson from the University of Birmingham. Recently, a virus has been created for Hepatitis B, a disease linked to liver cancer. No vaccines have yet been developed to help combat stomach cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma and the lymphomas and leukemia associated with infections. Medical director Professor John Toy added: "As today we successfully vaccinate against infectious diseases, so we shall soon be able to vaccinate against certain types of cancer."

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