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 What can i use for nail growth?

 Someone told me that if you eat a potato that's gone green you will suffer an excruciatingly painful death!!
Is this true? Because if it is I wont bother setting the video to record Eastenders tonight!!!
Additional Details
cutegirl, eastenders ...

 Very black neck!?
Black Neck?
Ok my skin is light brow. However, my neck is very dark. People quickly notice that my neck is darker then my face. My neck has little rings going around it too. I am overweight (14 ...

 Does anyone know how to get rid of warts?
i've got 5 warts on my hand frozen them with wartner but isnt working. does anyone know how to get rid of ...

 How do you get rid of acne?

 How do i get rid of the blackheads of my nose !
well i have some blackheads on my nose and i am trying to get rid of them i just bought the clean&clean blackhead clearing scrub yesturday and i did notice after 3 uses that the tiny blackheads ...

 Does anyone know of a cure tha actually works for hand warts?
Freezing doesn't work as it just seems to make them spread. Neither do bazuka or any other similar ...

 *yellow stuff comes out!!?
*all around my nose i have just started to get these tiny yellow things that stick out, and if i squeze my nose it all comes out...i don't know what it is. can someone tell me what and how i can ...

 I have a party in 5 days, but my face has erupted with spots. How can i get rid of them quickly?
I use Retin-A constantly but i still keep getting acne. Its very frustrating especially because its everywhere this week and i have a party on saturday....

 I want to get whiter! what is the problem with me?
I'm a Filipino. I have this sort of spanish mix down my system. I was born with fair skin, til now im still fair skinned.

I want to get whiter skin.

The natural skin color ...

More than 700,000 Million People of the Rural Population in China Lack Medical Care
After two decades of neglect, China is confronting with a monumental health crisis of the rural population. About 90% of the 800 million people in the country side lack proper medical care. Children do not get the vaccine they need; AIDS patients get free drugs, but lack necessary monitoring. Zhang Deyuan, an expert on rural problems at Anhui University, stated: "Most of the people in rural areas dare not to see a doctor when they get sick simply because they cannot afford it." The communist leaders are not attempting to rebuild the health care system, crashed alongside cooperatives during the two decades of economical reform after the 1949 communist revolution, in order to fix the discrepancy between the fast developing cities and the poor rural areas. This issue will be a priority at the meeting of China's parliament on Sunday. Plans have been made that by the year 2010 "farmers can expect safe, effective, convenient and low-cost health services," adding an extra of $1.1 billion to the treatments. Scandals of corruption among the Chinese doctors culminated with the case of a patient at the hospital in Harbin asked to pay $680,000 for 67 days of treatment. The bill contained, among others, charges of 241 blood transfusions and 180 transfusions of intravenous fluid all in the same day. The only help that China's rural population got was two decades after the communist revolution, when villages received help from "barefoot doctors" that provided basis medical services such as vaccination. "The situation became much worse when the farmers lost the barefoot doctors. Fundamentally, they're going down a slippery slope of decline in the overall health situation," declared Li Ling, researcher at the Peking University. According to a World Bank survey on affordable care, China has the 187th position out of 191 countries; a day in a Chinese hospital costs about $240.

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