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Maddie M
Im getting drug tested, what will my school do if it comes out positive?
i got drug tested today at school for pot and it is going to ocme out positive, i know that. i am not only scared bout my dad finding out but i am scared about what the school will do...does anyone know what the school is going to do? i have less than a week before the resualts come in. i need help about how i should approach my dad about this. HEEELLPPP!!!!

two forty 7
they will tell the authorities and you will be sent to jail with no bond. have fun hippie


Run girl run.

depends on your school. most schools have a zero tolerance policy, while others may just suspend u for a while. but you will probably get expelled, and you probably will not be able to enroll at any other school in that district, and you may have to go a school for like drug addicts, pregant teens, gang bangers, etc. not to mention how angry your dad will probably be. don't do drugs! stick with alcohol, theres no way to test for that.

run away

They will probably suspend you for a while or send you to an alternative school.

well it depends i guess if u smoke regularly then ur on ur own
quite frankly ur own fault for doing DRUGS!

but if it was a one time thing(which is still not ok) just explain to ur dad that it was just once and that it will never happen again.

as for ur school u can get suspended/expelled
or depending on ur age arrested maybe considering that weed is illegal.
good luck but please stop doing drugs its not doing u any good and look what predicament u are in now...

Drug tests at school? that is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. I am from Canada and I haven't ever heard of anything like that. Why is smoking pot such a big deal? I don't do it myself but I don't think it should be illegal.

Also I think that most people have done it before, I would just say that you had only tried it once or that it wasn't something you did often.

well u might go to juvenile :(

Tell him it's time to confess. Let him know what your future plans are. Tell him your sorry to disappoint him. Let him know you were just curious. You don't want lose his trust. You now know what it's like and you are now done experimenting. It also wasn't peer pressure or he might cut off your friends. It was all on your own. Ask him if he ever experimented? You could also say hey at least it's not crack;)

What the school will do depends on its policies regarding drug use. People on YA can't give you a definite answer to your question, because we do not know your school's policies.

Josh F
if you are addicted you come about it with a sympathetic approach both for the school and to your father. Otherwise if it was your first time around just tell them you regret making the mistake of doing it, and assure them that it won't happen again. Tell them that you have realized your fault and the stupidity of your decision. Same goes for your folks.

The school will be obligated to tell your dad whether you tell him or not. The school can suspend you for having pot with you, but I'm not sure on the policy for testing positive if you don't have any physically with you at the time of the test.

Either way, you violated the rules/law, so be prepared to face the music no matter what.

you are so srewed!seen that alot of times!they will tell your parents first then put you in a community service! other than that they might kick you off the school! then your parents would be so disapointed and stress! tsk3!!!


Erin Z
Wow, schools are drug testing now? Your screwed. You might as well tell your dad before the results get back. I would not think the school can do anything to you though.

Your ******. Shame on you for doing drugs in the first place.

sorry i don't have a clue what will school do!!!!!!!!!sorry

They may suspend or expel you...what are your school's policies on controlled substances? Every school is different and I've actually never heard of a school drug testing...

Sit your dad down and let him in on things. He'll be mad but if it were me as the parent I'd be shocked and proud of you coming to me as an adult

I will gladly sell you my clean pee for $25.00 so you dont get caught :)

♠The Joker♣
" I'm a teenager, I did what all teenagers do. "

Why did you take it?
I know you can refuse them as a breach of something or other, privacy I think.

I understand u honey....been there,,,even though this might seem fun and relaxing..lol...it can be so harmful not only for your body but for the consequences like right now .....U should tell ur Dad before he finds out some other way...like from the school....how embarassing.....Just tell him u tried it once and that u felt pressured to do it to be cool.....don't tell hm u did it often.......as for the school situation...I didn't even knew they can do that....Where r u from?

I feel for u ...GOOD LUCK.

Be honest... But I think that they will notify your parents then try to get you some help. not too bad think about your future

kathy s
Go to your guidance counselor and ask for the drug policy. Explain that you know you are going to be positive. Then get yourself in a rehab program before the results come back. That may make your punishment less severe.

Tell him the truth...........You can get suspended, and possibly expelled...It's not the end of the world, so don't freak out...I was in this position way back and it turned out fine.

Don't worry too much. 99% of people try pot. Most likely, your dad tried it too. Just tell him you've only tried it a few times and you don't do it regularly. I don't know what your school will do though.

Just try to be honest. If everyone thinks that you were trying to fool them it will just be worse. Take your punishment in stride.

You're gonna get suspended and they're going to call your parents. The best thing is to calmly tell your parents about it before they find out from the school, that'll only be worse.

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