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  • I
    Symbol for iso-.
  • I antigens
    antigens expressed on antigen-presenting cells in laboratory animal species; determine immune responses. They are analogous to MCH II class antigens in humans.
  • I band
    a light band on each side of the Z line of striated muscle fibers, comprising a region of the sarcomere where thin (actin) filaments are not overlapped by thick (myosin) filaments.

    Alternate names: I disc, isotropic disc

  • I cell
    a cultured skin fibroblast containing membrane-bound inclusions; characteristic of mucolipidosis II.

    Alternate names: inclusion cell

  • I region
    that area of the H-2 complex of mice that contains Class II major histocompatibility complex genes.
  • I-V
    Abbreviation for intravenous; intravenously.
  • I.V.
    Abbreviation for intravenous; intravenously.
  • IADL
  • IAHS
    Abbreviation for infection-associated hemophagocytic syndrome.
  • IAP
  • Iatr- (prefix)

    Iatr (prefix)-: Prefix relating to a physician or medicine. From the Greek word "iatros" meaning physician (healer). As in iatrogenic, generated by physicians, due to their activity.

  • iatraliptics
    Method of treatment by inunction.
  • Iatrapistic

    Iatrapistic: A lack of faith in doctors. Entirely from the Greek: "iatr-" indicating a relationship to a physician or medicine + "a" meaning lack + "pisteuo" meaning I trust in.

  • iatric
    Pertaining to medicine or to a physician or healer.
  • iatro-
    Physicians, medicine, treatment.
  • iatrochemical
    Denoting a school of medicine practicing iatrochemistry.
  • iatrochemist
    A member of the iatrochemical school.
  • iatrochemistry
    The study of chemistry in relation to physiologic and pathologic processes, and the treatment of disease by chemical substance as practiced by a school of medical thought in the 17th century.
  • Iatrogenic

    Iatrogenic: Due to the activity of a physician or therapy. From the Greek "iatros" meaning physician + "gennao" meaning I produce. Iatrogenic is defined by Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as: "induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures." For example, an iatrogenic illness is one caused by a medicine or doctor.

  • iatrogenic methemoglobinemia
    methemoglobinemia brought about deliberately by a therapy to induce it, usually with amyl nitrate, as an interim state that prevents more ominous hemoglobinopathies, particularly in cases of cyanide poisoning, and may allow rescue of the patient in a multistep therapeutic process.
  • iatrogenic pneumothorax
    pneumothorax caused by a medical procedure, most often central venous catheter insertion, thoracentesis, or transbronchial and transthoracic lung biopsy.
  • iatrogenic transmission
    infectious agents transmitted to patients due to medical interference, such as transmission by contaminated needles.
  • iatrology
    Rarely used term for medical science.
  • iatromathematical school
    a group of academicians, of whom Descartes was one of the foremost proponents, who maintained that all physiologic processes were the result of physical laws.

    Alternate names: mechanistic school

  • Iatromelia

    Iatromelia: Ineffective or negligent medical treatment. From "iatro-" meaning a relationship to a physician or medicine + the Greek "meleos" meaning fruitless or vain.

  • Iatromisia

    Iatromisia: An intense dislike of doctors. From "iatro-" indicating a relationship to a physician or medicine + the Greek "miseo" meaning I hate.

  • iatrophysical
    Denoting a school of medical thought in the 17th century that explained all physiologic and pathologic phenomena by the laws of physics.

    Alternate names: iatromathematical, iatromechanical

  • iatrophysicist
    A member of the iatrophysical school.
  • iatrophysics
    Physics as applied to medicine.
  • iatrotechnique
    Rarely used term for the art of medicine and surgery; the technique or mode of application of medical science.
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