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  • R

    RF: Rheumatoid factor.

  • R antigen
  • R pili
    specialized pili found on bacterial cells, similar to F pili and associated with R plasmids.
  • R wave
  • Réaumur scale
    a thermometer scale in which each degree Réaumur (°R) is 180 of the temperature difference between the freezing point and boiling point of pure water at 1 atm, with 0°R set at the freezing point and 80°R set at the boiling point of water.
  • Récamier operation
    curettage of the uterus.
  • Rønne nasal step
    a nasal visual field defect with one margin corresponding to the retinal horizontal medium; seen in glaucoma.
  • Röhrer index
    body weight in grams times 100 divided by the cube of height in centimeters.
  • Römer
  • Römer test
    a test of historical interest: tuberculin, either pure or diluted, is injected intracutaneously into a guinea pig; if the animal is tuberculous, a large papule with a necrotic hemorrhagic center appears in about 24 hours (cocarde or cockade reaction).
  • R-banding stain
    a reverse Giemsa chromosome banding method that produces bands complementary to G-bands; induced by treatment with high temperature, low pH, or acridine orange staining; often used together with G-banding on human karyotype to determine whether there are deletions.
  • R-on-T phenomenon
    a premature ventricular (QRS) complex in the electrocardiogram interrupting the T wave of the preceding beat; often predisposes to serious ventricular arrhythmias.
  • R-R interval
    the time elapsing between two consecutive R waves in the electrocardiogram.
  • R.C.P.
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Physicians (of England).
  • R.C.P.(E)
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh). Symbol for reactivity.
  • R.C.P.(I)
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Physicians (Ireland).
  • R.C.P.S.C.
    Abbreviation for Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.
  • R.C.S.
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Surgeons (England).
  • R.C.S.(E)
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh).
  • R.C.S.(I)
    Abbreviation for Royal College of Surgeons (Ireland).
  • R.D.H.
    Abbreviation for Registered Dental Hygienist.
  • R.Ph.
    Abbreviation for Registered Pharmacist.
  • R.Q.
    Abbreviation for respiratory quotient.
  • R/O
    Abbreviation for rule out.
  • RA
    Symbol for radium.
  • rabbeting
    Obsolete term for making congruous stepwise cuts on apposing bone surfaces for stability after impaction.
  • rabbit fibroma virus
    a poxvirus of the genus Leporipoxvirus, family Poxviridae, closely related to vaccinia and myxoma viruses, that causes Shope fibroma.

    Alternate names: Shope fibroma virus

  • rabbit myxoma virus
    the poxvirus of the genus Leporipoxvirus causing myxomatosis of rabbits.

    Alternate names: myxomatosis virus

  • rabbit syndrome
    A rare neuroleptic-induced form of parkinsonism usually manifested as 4–6 Hz, rhythmic discharges involving the jaw, perinasal, and perioral musculature; so-named because the movements mimic those seen with the chewing movements of a rabbit.
  • rabbitpox virus
    an Orthopoxvirus that causes epidemics of pox in laboratory rabbits; immunologically, it is closely related to vaccinia virus but is more virulent in rabbits.
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