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Medical Dictionary     Z
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  • Z
    Abbreviation for zepto-.
  • Z chromosome

    Z chromosome: This is a sex chromosome in certain animals likes chickens, turkeys, and moths. In humans, males are XY and females XX. But in animals with a Z chromosome, males are ZZ and females are WZ.

  • Z filament
    the thin zig-zag structure at the Z line of striated muscle fibers to which the actin filaments attach.
  • Z gene
    the structural gene for β-galactosidase.
  • Z line
    a cross-striation bisecting the I band of striated muscle myofibrils and serving as the anchoring point of actin filaments at either end of the sarcomere.

    Alternate names: intermediate disc, Z band, Z disc

  • Z score
  • Zöllner lines
    figures devised to show the possibility of optic illusions; a common one consists of two parallel lines that are met by numerous short lines obliquely placed; the parallel lines then seeming to converge or diverge.
  • Z-
    Abbreviation for zepto-.
  • Z-DNA
    a form of DNA in which the helix is left handed and the overall appearance is elongated and slim.
  • Z-plasty
    Technique to increase soft tissue length along a selected axis; change the direction of a malaligned scar 90 degrees; obliterate or create a web or cleft (as in syndactyly or thumb-web contractures); or alter surface contour. The central limb is located along the malaligned scar or the site of greatest tension; opposing flaps are constructed at each end (or at intervals) along the central limb at angles of 30–90 degrees depending on clinical circumstances. The flaps are elevated and transferred, reorienting the central limb by 90 degrees.
  • Z-protein
    a fatty acid–binding protein that participates in the intracellular movement of fatty acids.

    Alternate names: fatty acid–binding protein

  • Z-tract injection
    a technique in which the skin and subcutaneous tissue are displaced laterally before inserting the needle intramuscularly; used to prevent leakage along the track of the needle and consequent tissue irritation.
  • Zaffaroni system
    a chromatographic system for the separation of steroids.
  • zafirlukast
    A blocker of leukotriene D4 and E4 (LTD4 and LTE4) components of a slow-reacting substance of anaphylaxis (SRSA); used for the prophylaxis of asthma attacks.
  • Zaglas ligament
    a short thick fibrous band extending from the posterior superior spine of the ileum to the second transverse tubercle of the sacrum.
  • Zahn infarct
    a pseudoinfarct of the liver, consisting of an area of congestion with parenchymal atrophy but no necrosis; due to obstruction of a branch of the portal vein.
  • Zaire virus
    a variant of Ebola virus.

    Alternate names: Ebola virus Zaire

  • Zambezi ulcer
    an ulcer, usually single, about 3 cm in diameter, on the foot or leg, occurring in laborers in the Zambezi Delta in Africa; the ulcer has a sloughing surface, but does not spread and produces no constitutional symptoms or glandular enlargement; it is associated with the presence of a spirillum and a large fusiform bacillus; one attack seems to confer a partial immunity.
  • Zamboni disease
    name applied to a range of problems, including acute pulmonary edema, associated with activity in enclosed ice rinks, resultant from inhalation of various nitrogen oxides in the exhaust of the gasoline-powered ice resurfacing machine, the Zamboni.
  • zanamivir
    An agent that inhibits neuraminidase of influenza virus.
  • ZAP-70
    Acronym for zeta-chain–associated protein.
  • Zappert counting chamber
    a special, standardized glass slide used for counting cells (especially erythrocytes and leukocytes) and other particulate material in a measured volume of fluid; the central portion is precisely ground in such a manner that the uniformly flat surface is exactly 0.1 mm lower than that of two parallel ridges on which a special, uniformly flat coverslip may be placed; accurately etched lines on the flat central portion form the boundaries of groups of squares of known areas, thereby providing the basis for determining the volume of fluid in which the cells are counted. Glass slides of this type are frequently known as hemocytometers.
  • Zarit burden interview
    a structured verbal interaction used to evaluate levels of stress in family members or caregivers of Alzheimer patients.
  • zea
    The styles and stigmas of Zea mays (family Gramineae), Indian corn; formerly used as a diuretic and antispasmodic.

    Alternate names: cornsilk

  • zearalenone
  • zeatin
    A cytokinin first isolated from kernels of sweet corn.

    Alternate names: maize factor

  • zeaxanthin
    A carotene found in corn, fruits, seeds, and egg yolk; isomeric with xanthophyll.

    Alternate names: zeaxanthol

  • zebra body
    metachromatically staining membrane-bound granules, measuring 0.5–1 mcm in diameter and containing lamellae with a 5.8 nm spacing, reported in Schwann cells and macrophages of patients suffering from metachromatic leukodystrophy.
  • Zeeman effect
    the splitting of spectral lines into three or more symmetrically placed lines when the light source is subjected to a magnetic field.
  • ZEEP
    Abbreviation for zero end-expiratory pressure.
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