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  • S
    Symbol for selection coefficient; sedimentation coefficient.
  • S antigen
    a photoreceptor protein found in rods and in the pineal gland, exerting an inhibitory function in the light transduction cascade.

    Alternate names: soluble antigen

    Alternate names: arrestin

  • S factor
    the specific variables, or empirically most minute subclusters of intercorrelations or common variance, found in different intelligence tests (specific).
  • S potential
    prolonged, slow, depolarizing or hyperpolarizing responses to illumination; initiated between the photoreceptor and ganglion cell layers of the retina.
  • S protein
    the major fragment produced from pancreatic ribonuclease by the limited action of subtilisin, which cleaves the ribonuclease between residues 20 and 21; the smaller fragment (residues 1–20) is S peptide.
  • S sign of Golden
    in pulmonary radiology, the combination of an atelectatic lobe and a central obstructing mass produces a concavity and a convexity, like the letter “S.”
  • S wave
    a negative (downward) deflection of the QRS complex following an R w; successive downward deflections within the same QRS complex are labeled S′, S′′, etc.
  • Sézary cell
    an atypical T lymphocyte seen in the peripheral blood in Sézary syndrome; it has a large convoluted nucleus and scanty cytoplasm containing PAS-positive vacuoles.
  • Sézary syndrome
    exfoliative dermatitis with intense pruritus, resulting from cutaneous infiltration by atypical mononuclear cells (T lymphocytes with markedly convoluted or cerebriform nuclei) also found in the peripheral blood, and associated with alopecia, edema, and nail and pigmentary changes; a variant of mycosis fungoides.

    Alternate names: Sézary erythroderma

  • Sörensen scale
    the negative logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration, used as a scale for expressing acidity and alkalinity.

    Alternate names: pH scale

    See Also: pH

  • S-A
    Abbreviation for sinuatrial.
  • S-A node
    abbreviation for sinuatrial node.
  • S-adenosyl-l-homocysteine
  • S-adenosyl-l-methionine
    A nutraceutical with antioxidative stress effect; may be used in management of liver disease; is a precursor of cysteine. In human medicine, may be used to scavenge free radicals associated with toxic insults to liver (e.g., alcohol, infection). During liver-function compromise, the resident enzyme system that generates SAM-e endogenously is compromised.

    Alternate names: active methionine

  • S-BP line
    a line connecting the sella with the Bolton point; it indicates the posterior portion of the cranial base in cephalometrics.
  • s-cone
    Short wavelength sensitive c. (blue c.).
  • S-N line
    a line connecting a point (S) representing the center of the sella turcica with the frontonasal junction (N); it denotes the anterior portion of the cranial base in cephalometrics.
  • S-N-A angle
    in cephalometrics, an angle measuring the anteroposterior relationship of the maxillary basal arch on the anterior cranial base; it shows the degree of maxillary prognathism.

    See Also: subspinale

  • S-N-B angle
    an angle showing the anterior limit of the mandibular basal arch in relation to the anterior cranial base.

    See Also: supramentale

  • S-nitrosohemoglobin
    A compound formed by the binding of nitric oxide with hemoglobin; release and uptake of the nitric oxide group produce changes in vascular resistance and blood flow, which assist in oxygen homeostasis.
  • S-nitrosothiol
    A type of organic sulfur–containing nitrite; can transport nitric oxide through the body by binding to the sulfur group.
  • S-sulfocysteine
    A sulfated derivative of cysteine that is elevated in people with a molybdenum cofactor deficiency.
  • s.c.
    Abbreviation for subcutaneous; subcutaneously.
  • S.G.O.
    Abbreviation for Surgeon General's Office.
  • s.o.s.
    Abbreviation for L. si opus sit, if needed.
  • S/P
    Abbreviation for status post.
  • S1
    Symbol for first heart sound.
  • S1 nuclease mapping
    a method for locating the 5′ end of a transcript in a mixture of RNA.
  • S100
    An acidic, calcium-binding protein characterized by its partial solubility in saturated ammonium sulfate; stains for S100 are used in the differential diagnosis of melanomas, which are commonly positive for S100.
  • S2
    Symbol for second heart sound.
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