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  • L
    Prefix indicating a chemical compound to be structurally (sterically) related to l-glyceraldehyde.
  • L doses
    a group of terms that indicate the relative activity or potency of diphtheria toxin; the L doses are distinctly different from the minimal lethal dose and minimal reacting dose, inasmuch as the latter two represent the direct effects of toxin, whereas the L doses pertain to the combining power of toxin with specific antitoxin.
  • L selectin
    cell surface receptor produced by leukocytes.
  • L shell
    the next lowest energy level of electrons in the atom, after the K shell (q.v.).
  • Löffler
  • Löffler endocarditis
    fibroplastic constrictive parietal endocarditis with eosinophilia, an endocarditis of obscure cause characterized by progressive congestive heart failure, multiple systemic emboli, and eosinophilia.

    Alternate names: Löffler disease, Löffler syndrome2

  • Löffler parietal fibroplastic endocarditis
    sclerosis of the endocardium in the presence of a high eosinophile count.
  • Löffler syndrome I
    eosinophilic pulmonary infiltrates, often associated with parasitic migration; also associated with reactions to some antibiotics, to L-tryptophan, or to crack cocaine.

    Alternate names: eosinophilic pneumonia, eosinophilic pneumonopathy

  • Löffler syndrome II
    eosinophilic endocarditis/myocarditis.
  • Löwenberg forceps
    forceps with short curved blades ending in rounded grasping extremities devised for the removal of the adenoid.
  • Lücke test
    a test for hippuric acid; hot nitric acid is added to the urine and evaporated to dryness; the presence of hippuric acid is indicated by an odor of nitrobenzol upon further heating.
  • lückenschädel
    Craniolacunia with meningocele or encephalocele.
  • L+ dose
    alternatives for L†, the limes tod dose of diphtheria toxin, the smallest amount of toxin that, when mixed with one unit of antitoxin and injected subcutaneously into a 250-g guinea pig, results in death of the animal within 96 hours (based on the average in a series); on theoretic grounds, one might expect that the difference between the L+ and L0 doses would be identical to 1 MLD, but this is not so in actual practice; with various toxic filtrates, the difference may range from several to more than 100 MLDs, indicating that the toxin-antitoxin combination is not a firm chemical union that occurs in constant proportions.
  • l-
    Prefix indicating a chemical compound to be structurally (sterically) related to l-glyceraldehyde.
  • L-AP4 receptor
    a type of glutamate receptor that also binds a particular synthetic agonist and acts as a cation channel.
  • l-cone
    Long-wavelength–sensitive cone (red cone).
  • l-dehydroascorbic acid
  • L-ficolin
  • l-glyceric aciduria
    Excretion of l-glyceric acid in the urine; a primary metabolic error due to deficiency of d-glyceric dehydrogenase resulting in excretion of l-glyceric and oxalic acids, leading to the clinical syndrome of oxalosis with frequent formation of oxalate renal calculi.
  • l-gulonic acid
    Reduction product of glucuronic acid (–CHO → —CH2OH); oxidation product of l-gulose (–CHO → —COOH); a precursor (except in certain primates, guinea pigs, certain fishes, and the Indian fruit bat) of ascorbic acid via l-gulonolactone.
  • l-gulonolactone
    The immediate precursor of ascorbic acid in those animals capable of ascorbic acid biosynthesis.

    Alternate names: dihydroascorbic acid, l-gulono-γ-lactone

  • l-gulonolactone oxidase
    the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of l-gulonolactone and O2 to H2O2 and l-xylo-hexulonolactone, a precursor of ascorbic acid; absent in humans.
  • L-meromyosin
    the relatively low molecular weight product (mol. wt. about 120,000) of the tryptic digestion of myosin.
  • L-phase variants
    bacterial variants that do not have rigid cell walls but that may contain varying amounts of cell wall material; they are spheric to coccobacillary in shape and vary in size from small bodies that pass through filters, which retain bacteria to bodies that are larger than the bacterial form; they are gram-negative and resistant to penicillin. The variants differ greatly from the parent bacterial cells in mode of reproduction, physiology, growth requirements, and individual and colonial morphology; they are generally considered to be nonpathogenic, even if derived from a pathogenic bacterium.
  • L-radiation
    an x-radiation of slight penetrating power excited by cathode rays (high-speed electrons) impinging on a metal anode; the energy of the radiation is a function of the binding energy of the L-shell electrons of the metal anode.
  • l-rhamnose
    A methylpentose present in several plant glycosides, found in lipopolysaccharides of Enterobacteriaceae, and in rutinose (a disaccharide), and in free form in poison sumac.

    Alternate names: isodulcit

  • l-serine dehydratase
    a deaminating hydro-lyase converting l-serine to pyruvate and NH3; a part of amino acid catabolism.

    Alternate names: serine dehydrase

    See Also: threonine dehydratase

  • L-shaped kidney
  • l-sorbose
    A very sweet reducing, but not fermentable, 2-ketohexose obtained from the berries of the rowan/mountain ash, Sorbus aucuparia (family Rosaceae), and from sorbitol by fermentation with Acetobacter suboxydans; epimeric with d-fructose and used in the manufacture of vitamin C.

    Alternate names: sorbin, sorbinose, sorbitose

  • l-stercobilinogen
    Reduction product of l-urobilinogen, precursor of l-stercobilin in the final stages of bilirubin metabolism; excreted in feces, wherein it is oxidized to stercobilin.

    See Also: bilirubinoid

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