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Does everybody get wisdom teeth?
I heard some people only get 2 or instead of all 4 but I don't have any. I'm almost 20 years old, there's no sign of anything coming in, and there's not really a space for them in my mouth. My teeth go all the way to the back. Is it possible that I'll never get them, and never have to deal with getting them pulled?

ash 7
everyone have wisdom teeth but not everyone got to extract theirs.
if yours grew straight, probably you do not have to deal with it.

Amy S
I'm 24, still don't have mine, but I remember a long time ago my dentist told me that when they do start to come in I have to get them pulled because there isn't any room for them.

don't think so

Yes siree Bob! Man and they can be quite painful. You'll get them (don't rush)..I got my last two well into my mid twenties. I was WISE enough to get all 4 removed because they were just too much pain....

Big Nasty Trucker
Some of mine didn't come in until I was 22.

oo i;m right now udergoing the pain.. God it pains a lot.. it is growing at the end of the gum n gives me a very torturace pain...and i 'm 21 now..i got one in the left and one in the right

A friend of mine only had 3...
Its possible you dont have any.
You can go get an x-ray from your dentist to find out. Just tell him you want to know about your wisdom teeth because I know an x ray for that is called something else.
Even if there isnt any room in your mouth its possible that you still have them. The reason people get them removed in the first place is because people dont have room for them. If you've had braces or are getting braces your wisdom teeth will mess up your other teeth and move them to make them fit.
Also... I've heard of older adults getting their wisdom teeth in at the age of 30 so i dont think age has much to do with it.
I suggest asking your dentist about them and see what he thinks.

Blunt Honesty
You will get them eventually. Just hope they come in straight.

Jill B
See a dentist!

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



it varies, some people don't have them, sometimes they come in later, and sometimes they get impacted and never come out of the gums, it can cause problems with your other teeth. Your dentist probably does x-rays on your jaw from time to time to check for these kinds of issues, if he's a good dentist and you do have impacted wisdom teeth he will recommend you have them taken out.

Not everyone gets wisdom teeth. If you go to the dentist regularly (which you should) they will take x-rays once a year. Ask your dentist.
Mine didn't poke out till I was 20. Then i had them removed because, like you said, there was no room.

Some stay dormant and never come in so they have no ill effect.

I got all 4 of mine in my early 20s. And no, they never hurt while coming in. Granted, some people experience pain, but not all.

And no, everyone does NOT get wisdom teeth. Most get all 4. Some get only 2. Some get none.

No, not everyone has wisdom teeth. Just like I still have two baby teeth even though I'm 31. I never had replacements grow in for those two. Some people have 3 sets of teeth. They fall out and replacements grow in, just like as in childhood. I would expect your dentist would be able to tell you if you have any. If you will get them, you may be able to see them on an xray now. I didn't have any problems with mine until I was 26 and I got an infection. Obviously I had to have them removed after that.

Only your dentist can tell you for sure.

yes! oh, they hurt!

I'm in my late 20s and do not have any. My dentist has taken the xrays and says I am one of the lucky few who don't have wisdom teeth.

My sister just had all 4 of hers removed and I am very glad I won't have to go through that. Looks painful! Hopefully you won't have to either!

It would be really unusual not to have them, I would definitely have your dentist xray and tell you if you have them and what is the status. Because if they are delayed coming in and don't have space, it might be because they are severely impacted. The larger issue with impaction is they will start to push on the rooths of your other teeth and make a crooked mess, you would be shocked how fast teeth can move. This happened to me when I was much younger mine were already pushing around my other teeth, so my dentist sent me to get them taken out before they ever broke the gumline, then we had to restraighten my teeth (I had already went through braces). Get it checked out soon.

I'm 24 and I think mine are just coming in now but man its painful.

No, not everyone gets them. Just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they're not there. Get an x-ray taken to see if they are forming, if not you probably will not get them. Humans are going through evolution, in the future (like maybe a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand years) there will be less and less people having there wisdom teeth come out.

dont worry about them because wisdom comes from mind and heart!

Coo coo achoo
You could still have wisdom teeth but if there isn't a lot of room they will become impacted near your jaw. I had two removed and now Ise be stoopid.

Have a great day!!!

the more you have the wiser you are ...sorry

not everyone gets wisdom teeth. I only had the top two, and x-rays to this day do not show any bottom wisdom teeth. Both of my dentists told me that they pull wisdom teeth because they are either very painful (no room), or you just can't clean them well enough to not get cavaties. The bad side to that was having the 2nd molars on the bottom pulled because with no wisdom teeth, those teeth were right up against the gum, and I couldn't clean them well enough.

Stephen L
Actually, you can have no wisdom teeth at all. It is not common, but it does happen. My sister only had 2 and I had all 4. Of course, most of mine never came in until is was 21/22. But, mine were showing, just not fully in yet. If there is nothing showing then either they will come in real late or never at all. Wisdom teeth themselves are useless, they are one of those left over genetic echoes from our genetic past when they were useful. Eventually wisdom teeth will be phased out of Humans. So if you don't ever get them, consider yourself lucky, because you can't eat much for a few days and for some people it really hurts to have them out.

victoria k
not everuone cause everyone develops differantley!so dont worry bout it!if it doesnt grow dont worry bout it its not a big deal!good luck

johnny m
the only way you'll know is if you get xrays taken. most likely you've got a few impacted ones i.e they're stuck below the bone level because of your small mouth. very very very low odds you're missing all 4 genetically.

You are supposed to. But some times they just don't form, God only knows why

I'm 24 years old and haven't gotten any either. So maybe some people do and other don't

Bonquisha Lashika Jackson
well i aint kno bout yo azz but i is certain dat i be gettin dem n sellin dem to da man!

( G®1M R34|Dê® /)

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