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i wish i was a punk rocker
What causes depression?

Baby Gyrl
chemical imbalances, usually too little serotonin .

As answer #1 states, the main answer is that certain chemicals that transmit feelings of happiness or satisfaction or related concepts are less concentrated than they should be, and the medications provided try to correct this inbalance. However, I am depressed, and have never had a chemical test analysis done to indicate that a sensor chemical is less powerful than it should be prior to prescribing a medication.

It's a chemical imbalance in the brain in which there is not enough seratonin. It's hereditary. If yo ur family has a history of it, you may be likely to get it.

Every body deserves life!
different types, different causes. I have dysthymia caused by a chemical imbalance but also not being able to handle frustration. New mothers get it, people going through grief get it, crime victims too.

When an account of yours being suspended and you can't even have a peek at your 'deceased' profile to add ALL your contacts back.

Justine L
it could be a bunch of things that cause an imbalance, most people were being too vague with you. it can be caused by a various of things, such as lack of nutrition, sleep, stress, shock, exercise. if you are depressed try to improve in these areas, meditation helps alot too.

Check out WebMD for your answer.

Exousia Skotos
Honestly, the answer isn't scientific, for it has nothing to do with our brain nor intelligence. I'm intelligent beyond compare and I'm happy being nothing and everything. Psychotic? Let me finish, this world is artificial, one day you'll realize gold is just a stone and the Bible isn't just a book. Rainbows may not be real, but the Bible helps out a lot when talking about the heart.

What is sloth? The sin of sadness. Did you know you cannot change the world, but you can change it's value.-Exousia Skotos

Life is a conundrum, and we are mere guinea pigs.

Aeros Fan
A hard object resting on a softer object.

alot of stress.


many things can cause a depression
you can learn all the factors at

it is only a state of mind. ur mind. Drive urself out off depression, by going out, mixing with friends & engaging in Group activities. Restart all ur favourite activities & keep ur mind engaged on things other than the factor, that is responsible for ur state of depression.

Never be alone, all by urself - brooding indoors. Go out, freak out & enjoy urself.

Lot's of things like just not finding your way around all that makes you sad, somethime we have to find out what the answer is not a doctor they are not the ones going through this depression. I know for they have not help me in years.

i think it's from being sad and letting it get to you. when you are depressed you feel like things can't get better. i was depressed and got on meds, but i didn' tlike being on meds since i was still stressed out with life. i decided to deal with the issues that were bothering me and confronting the people who did me wrong and cutting out other people from my life. a lot of people will say it has to do with a chemical imbalance and that it's hereditary, but i believe it is caused thru experiences and not getting things resolved

hope a
depression often come frome a tragic lose of someone or something!

other negative people around you that drains all of your energy

There are different types of depression. A situational depression comes because something has occurred that makes a person feel low, such as a death or loss of a job. This depression lifts in time, usually without the need for medication. Psychotherapy may be indicated.

Major Depressive Disorder is caused by chemicals that naturally occur in the brain. In order to have a diagnosis of major depression made, a person must meet certain diagnostic criteria as follows:

1. For a major depressive episode a person must have experienced at least five of the nine symptoms below for the same two weeks or more, for most of the time almost every day, and this is a change from his/her prior level of functioning. One of the symptoms must be either (a) depressed mood, or (b) loss of interest.
1. Depressed mood. For children and adolescents, this may be irritable mood.
2. A significantly reduced level of interest or pleasure in most or all activities.
3. A considerable loss or gain of weight (e.g., 5% or more change of weight in a month when not dieting). This may also be an increase or decrease in appetite. For children, they may not gain an expected amount of weight.
4. Difficulty falling or staying asleep (insomnia), or sleeping more than usual (hypersomnia).
5. Behavior that is agitated or slowed down. Others should be able to observe this.
6. Feeling fatigued, or diminished energy.
7. Thoughts of worthlessness or extreme guilt (not about being ill).
8. Ability to think, concentrate, or make decisions is reduced.
9. Frequent thoughts of death or suicide (with or without a specific plan), or attempt of suicide.
2. The persons' symptoms do not indicate a mixed episode.
3. The person's symptoms are a cause of great distress or difficulty in functioning at home, work, or other important areas.
4. The person's symptoms are not caused by substance use (e.g., alcohol, drugs, medication), or a medical disorder.
5. The person's symptoms are not due to normal grief or bereavement over the death of a loved one, they continue for more than two months, or they include great difficulty in functioning, frequent thoughts of worthlessness, thoughts of suicide, symptoms that are psychotic, or behavior that is slowed down (psychomotor retardation).

Keep in mind that there are other causes and/or conditions to consider, as noted above. If you think you may be suffering from a depressive condition, it is important that you seek medical attention, as clinical depression is a serious disorder than can gravely affect a person's life.

Best to you.

college girl
Lots of stuff. Abuse. Loss of loved ones. Feeling abandoned, rejected, etc. Someone's outlook on life. The everyday pains and loss we experience in life cause depression. It only matters that you beat it. It can be beaten.

It is a chemical imbalance in the brain, but this is not the only reason. Sometimes it can occur from certain events or just growing older and realizing more about the world.

Medicine Woman
There are many different kinds of depression that can be caused by many different reasons. Most depression is caused from chemical imbalances in the brain. Some are caused by life threatening illnesses. Some are from having a baby, this can usually be treated fairly easily. Some are caused by chronic pain and some from PTSD. This is one of the hardest to treat. Medication cannot treat all depressions. Some can only be treated by therapy by a psychologist or a therapist. Psychiatrists mostly only offer medication.Sometimes it takes years to get better and other times the patient stays depressed their entire life.

life. the brain more often then not works fine and if you get depresd thers a reason for it. not becouse of an inbalince of chems. thats how it sposed to work. dont blame the brain blame the life.

It could be caused by genetics, environmental causes, chemical imbalnce in the brain, hormonal imbalances, diet, some medications

the real question is where does stress come from.

yeah i have a depression and i dont even know why. its confusing. but like everyone says chemical imbalance - whatever that is

it could be many things.. Chemical embalance.

THings that are bothering you. Something in school, bills,(money woes) just stress etc.

sometimes you may think you are depressed but it could actually be anxiety ( thought I had depression but it was anxiety)

Carol (Yeah I said it!) G.
It's not always a chemical in-balance...depression is quite normal for a period of time when a major life change has occurred which are..divorce, death of a loved one, moving from a place you've lived a very long time, having an "empty nest" after your children have grown, having a longtime painful condition as arthritis, a terminal condition...there are a lot of "normal" reasons to be depressed. If it last too long, or you have thought of suicide then it's Clinical Depression and can be treated.

chemical inbalance is correct. however there are other causes such as events/situational and drug abuse. many do not take into account the last one. it is equally as important as the first two answers. be carefull; a lot of the answers given to you are not very accurate

Chemical imbalance can be one cause. Death of a loved one, Loss of a job, divorce............... The list goes on and on.

For me drugs and alcohol did it... I dont do either anymore.. What i learned that id like to pass on to you is that taking a multi vitamin/mineral everyday in connection with 1,000 mils of vitamin C and perhaps the most important anti depression pill for me was when i got in the habit of taking 1,000 mils of L-Glutamine (an amino acid).. Of course you have to eat at least a few healthy meals everyday... You know home cooked stuff like mom always made!!!

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