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I this is weried but in surgery do the let you wear underwear?

There are a few variables that have to be addressed when answering this question.

The first question is obviously where are you having surgery? If you are having a procedure done on your pelvis, perineum, proximal thighs or lower abdomen, they will have to be removed. If you are having something short done on another body part, it is likely that the operating room staff won't even check.

The second question is what operation are you undergoing? If it is a long procedure or a procedure in which a full bladder will disrupt the case (i.e., a lower extremity angioplasty in which a full bladder would obscure the fluouroscopy of the proximal vessels), a foley catheter may need to be placed, requiring the removal of underwear.

As a person that has roughly 14 surgeries, no I wasn't wearing any underware. But, all of the surgeries I had, all involved in the hip & pelvic areas. Never tought about it until I say this weird question. As a matter of fact I wasn't wearing underware when I had carpol tunnel sergery either ... Now ya got me really thinking ....

Natalia's mom
negative there it doesn't matter where youre getting operated on in the event of something happening during the surgery unless its oral like your teeth getting pulled

lol no it isn't weird asking, but when you are put out you while having surgery they take everything off ,that is why after wards you are freezing and they give you warm blankets to get warm.

Not if you're in a surgical room of a gynecologist...

It depends on the surgery. If its dental surgery I would say you should be able to keep your underwear. If its a medical surgery you will probably have to take them off. In long surgerys you have to take your underwear off so they can insert a catheter.

No! I had surgery for an umbilical hernia a few months back and I took everything off except my underwear. I woke up from surgery later and found that they had taken my underwear off. How Embarrassing!

Sometimes they give you this little paper underwear thing, but sometimes you have nothing. Good luck if you're having surgery!

I have had a number of surgeries and each time I was told to wear nothing but the gown they gave me.

Surgery on your hand? Surgery on your leg? Where are you talking about?

It all depends on where the surgery is taking place. If your having your prostate (male) removed, well, than I doubt it! hehe.

big b
no u hav to b naked unless its just a finger or toe

not usually, in case they would need to insert a catheter or something like that, you should ask if you are apprehensive.

depends on what area they will be operating on and how long sx is scheduled to take

Usually not, but you can always ask. It depends on where the surgery is.

No, man. The nurses have you completely strip (or completely strip you, if you're out of it) before any surgery so that the doctors can have easy access to anything they may need without wasting valuable time. There's a reason your mon always told you to wear clean underwear.

Daft One
NO! You are not allowed to wear any of your own clothes during surgery. You'll be wearing a hospital gown and that's about it.

If you are afraid that the doctor will see you naked, it's not a big deal. They see naked people ALL THE TIME! lol They are used to it, and they are totally professional about it.

Cheers and good luck with the surgery, hun.

it depends on what kind of surgery you are having...most of the time you do not wear underwear

No, only a hospital gown. But if you insisted, they would probably let you and then remove them later if they needed to.
(while you are unconscious)

Mike J
Nope. You can wear that same thing you wore in the hospital on the day you were born. There is no reason to be shy of anything. If you are having surgery, you will most likely be unconscious.
I got to wear underwear (I had all of my clothes on) for lasik, but for all my other surgeries, I was naked as a jaybird.

No, they don't. In fact, they take your gown off, too. But your gown is back on before you wake up. They can't have anything blocking they way---if you should start to crash during surgery, they are not going to fool with moving your underwear and gown to try and save your life.

It depends on where the surgery is. If you are getting an arm fixed or you ears fixed you can ask to leave your underwear on but if you are getting abdominal or lower back surgery then no.

depends ON the surgery

Depends on the surgery -- if it is going to be longer than a couple of hours, no; they will place a catheter so they can measure your urine output.

Is this a joke?

idk i dont think so it depends where ur getting the surgery i guess

When I had surgery, they put 4 catheters in my groin area so I wondered the same thing. I didn't have any underwear on, just a gown, but they just cut holes in the gown where they were going in so I wasn't just lying here naked or anything. I think it does depend on what you're having done as well.

I've had five surgeries and been told to strip down to nothing but the hospital gown each time. One of those surgeries was on my foot, the others were abdomenal.

I've had several surguries and nope, I had to be nakie under that hospital garment even when the surgery was on my hand.

nope, nothing but the gown,

yes they do

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