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 Im 13 and .....?
and ive no boyfreind how d hell am i suposed to get one .all d ones i no ( thats alot ) ar taken.
Additional Details
if u all ways ...

 Best cure for a hang over?

Ive just woken up and have dinner with family members at 8pm......

 Is ib profin a prescription drug, or can you buy it off the shelf?
is ib profin a prescription drug, or can you buy it off the shelf?...

 Would YOU know what to do in the event of a zombie attack?

 Boyfriend/ drug problems....?
I've recently started seeing a bloke for just over a month now. Everything was great. I knew he liked weed - but didn't know it was like the way it is..... He won't see me unless hes ...

 Without medicines how can i unblock my nose so i can sleep better 2nite?
i didnt sleep well at all last night. cant breathe thru my nose.
dont have any medinces or the money to buy any so what can i do that could help?
Additional Details

 What are the side effects of frequent marijuana use,?
Like, high blood pressure? Or heart disease? anyone know?...

 What is the best way to get rid of the hiccups?

 What's the best natural remedy for a sore throat?

 What is the best cure for a hangover? And don't say " Stay drunk!"?

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Contraceptive Patches Cause Dangerous Blood Clots
The contraceptive patch has been designed to be more efficient against unwanted pregnancies but, as it turns out, it has stirred up quit a debate, as it seems to be more dangerous than the pill and should be pulled off market. Even more, this doesn't even have something to do with. A few... Read More

Pubic Lice on the Verge of Extinction
Lice need their "forest" in order to survive. However, just like the Brazilian Amazon forests, another one seem to be lost forever, thanks to the influence of modern civilization... A British research published in the June 2006 issue of the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal revealed that crab... Read More

The Causes of Sleepwalking
Getting no sleep can be the main reason of one's zombie-like behavior, meaning, for sleepwalking. "Sleepwalkers should keep a regular bedtime to avoid unwanted evening strolls," said Antonio Zadra of the Université de Montréal, lead researcher of a study published in the Annals of Neurology... Read More

Breastfeeding Keeps Rheumatism at Bay
Breastfeeding is good not only for the baby, but it is also beneficial for the new moms. A new Swedish research published in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases shows that women who breastfeed for at least 13 months reduce their chance of rheumatoid arthritis by 50%, compared to those who have never... Read More

Viagra Could Fix the Heart
We could say that Viagra is on the way to save lives. And it's not about sexual life; Viagra (sildenafil) could prolong the lives of people suffering from muscular dystrophy, as pointed out by a new research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Just as it... Read More

French Fries and Cancer
Life without French fries is unfathomable for most junk food addicts. Nevertheless, ingesting them means more than just making one obese (with all the accompanying health related issues): a new Dutch research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that acrylamide, a chemical... Read More

Tooth Loss Increases Cancer Risks
Tooth loss is not only very unappealing, it is also extremely unhealthy: a new research study published in the Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention journal found a tight connection between tooth loss and increasing risks of developing 3 forms of cancer (esophageal, head and neck, and lung)... Read More

The Burial of the Future: Alkaline Hydrolisis
Since the Stone Age, there have been two main methods of disposing of human corpses: burial or cremation. African tribes leave human corpses out for hyenas to eat; others leave the body to decompose in trees or on rocks. However, the future could add another option to the list: alkaline hydrolysis.... Read More

Improve Your Liver Health with a Daily Glass of Wine
Moderate wine consumption never harmed anyone - in fact, a study carried out by UC San Diego School of Medicine shows that a daily glass of wine can be beneficial for your health, especially in combating Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease. By comparison, people who never consume alcohol have double... Read More

Excessive Cannabis Users Risk Partial Brain Shrinking
The parts of the brain affected by long-term, heavy cannabis use are those where memory and the regulation of emotion functions reside. High resolution magnetic resonance imaging of the brain of 15 men who have been smoking at least five joints per day for periods of time at least 10 years long... Read More

Loud Music Is Bad for the Ears
The results of an Australian governmental study show that people listening to music at high volumes, especially those who use earphones and headphones, are subjected to a higher risk of developing permanent hearing problems. The study shows that about two thirds of the population of Australia is... Read More

Sleep Respiratory Disorder Linked to Memory Loss
Sleep apnea is a respiratory disorder manifested during sleep that involves episodes in which a person misses one or more breath at a time. The disorder is usually experienced in several episodes during the night and triggers fatigue and sleepiness during the day. Snoring and restless sleep are also... Read More

Forget Viagra, Eat Watermelon
According to a new study carried out at the College Station's Texas A&M; Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center, the watermelon could soon take Viagra producing companies out of business since it contains chemicals that have effects similar to those of the blue pill, thus increases libido."The... Read More

Women Less Responsive to Heart Disease Drug Treatment
A new study carried out by researchers at the New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medial Center reveals that women don't respond as well as males do to drug treatment, such as losartan and atenolol, against cardiovascular diseases although the two drugs are successful in reducing the... Read More

Nonagenarian Women More Predisposed to Dementia than Men
A review regarding the findings of the 90+ Study in the United States, the biggest study on dementia and other health factors in the country, found recently that women with ages over 90 years are more likely to have dementia than men. The original study involved the investigation of 911 people with... Read More

Certain Foods May Actually Make You Smarter
Most people would eat almost anything today, as long as it tastes good and it fills up their bellies, regardless of how healthy it is, the nutritional values or the bunch of chemicals they swallow up. No wonder that the US is currently facing a serious obesity epidemic - people suddenly forgot that... Read More

80 Percent of All Sunscreens Are Good Only under the Moonlight
Some of the sun-worshipers out there believe that the use of sunscreens immediately guarantees protection against the most harmful rays. An investigation carried out by the Environmental Working Group showed recently that up to 80 percent of sunscreen lotions available on the market provide little... Read More

Male Infertility Linked to Diabetes
According to the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology the increase in the number of men suffering from infertility could be directly linked to the increasing number of men suffering from diabetes. Apparently, the DNA damage in sperm cells of men with diabetes is harder to repair by... Read More

Gender Is Critical in Kidney Transplant
Data regarding as much as 200,000 kidney transplants done between 1985 and 2004, shows that gender is a key factor in this type of invasive procedure, kidneys from women received by men being unable to fully cope with their function due to their smaller size, while female recipients are much more... Read More

Young European Americans More Likely to Struggle with Tobacco Addiction
Age and certain genetic variations could greatly affect one later in life whether or not one becomes a heavy smoker, says a study conducted by the University of Utah in collaboration with researchers of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, again bringing to attention the dangers to which the young... Read More

Optimism Does Wonders for the Hearts of Men
"Think it and it might just become true!" This is just one way to describe the findings detailed by researchers of the University of Rochester's Medical Center, who have recently discovered that men who really believe that they have a low chance of developing a cardiovascular disease have in... Read More

Global Warming Now Synonymous with Kidney Stones
As if global warming weren't bad enough as it is, researchers now say that the extra amount of carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere will strike us in one of the most painful ways possible: kidney stones. And this time it's not selective and it's most certain that some of the... Read More

Getting the Dengue Virus May Sometimes Be Beneficial
Although the first dengue viral infection is painful, it is often harmless. However, if contracted for a second time, it can turn deadly. With all that, there are some cases in which getting infected for the second time with the dengue virus can in fact be beneficial for the body, helping the immune... Read More

Sleep Time Linked to Postmenopausal Stroke
Postmenopausal women sleeping less than six hours or more than nine hours every night have increased chances of suffering an ischemic stroke, shows a study carried out by Jiu-Chiuan Chen, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina School of Public Health. Postmenopause is a stage a... Read More

Rare Mutation Lowers Alcohol-Related Cancers
A study conducted in the UK suggests that as much as 25 percent of the population of the country is protected against alcohol-related cancers as a result of having certain genetic mutations that allows the body to eliminate the alcohol much faster than in the case of the rest of the population. This... Read More

Wrinkle Removal Works Best with Lasers
Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing is currently by far the best solution when it comes to wrinkle removal techniques, giving overall better results than some of the latest invented procedures. Most of the time the technique is successful in clearing up the skin, and the side-effects are relatively... Read More

Bladder Problems Affect Brain Activity
If you have a bladder disorder, you're also likely to have unusual brain activity, say the results of an experiment involving rats with overactive bladders. And if this is true for rats, then humans with this disorder could also suffer significant changes in the activity of the brain, which... Read More

Soy Causes Fertility Problems in Men
Multiple studies have shown that animals that consume large amounts of soy beans are likely to have a lower fertility rate. On the other hand, research regarding the impact of soy on humans revealed that the chemicals found in this plant have absolutely no effect on fertility. Now, a new study... Read More

Dementia Twice as Common in Developing Countries
The number of dementia cases in developing countries could be twice the one previously estimated, says a study involving about 15,000 participants, which might be related to the lack of standard techniques for diagnosing dementia in these particular areas. The findings come in contradiction with... Read More

Walking Helps Limit the Impact of Diabetes
If you have type 2 diabetes it would be a good idea to walk an extra 45 minutes each day, says a new study showing that exercise can keep the blood sugar levels under control, thus limiting the effects of this terrible disease. Type 2 diabetes is a non-insulin-dependent disease that can be managed... Read More

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