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 My bruise doesn't hurt!!!?
I have a bruise on the very bottom of my thumb and it doesn't hurt at all! I touch it and even rub it but it doesn't hurt. And yes it's a bruise because it's purple....

 Whats wrong with me??sick?
jan 2nd my throat started acting up, it only hurt on my left side to swallow. i managed the pain and would spray cepacol and take ibuprofen then i would feel better.got but on jan 4th it got worse. ...

 I have a small burn on my leg from a motorbike exhaust pipe which has now blistered.should i pop the blister ?

 Red Srcatches on my husband's back. He said he got those from working out or he cheated on me? Please help!

This happened last night that I happened to see scratches on my husband's back (I did take 3 pictures of the scratches). The moment I saw those red scratches on his back, I was ...

 Don't say I'm stupid........?
because I really want to break my arm! I've got a perfectly good reason to but I can't say why!!! Could someone please give me an idea?!!...

 How come people don't type the full word?
What I mean is; people using the shortcuts of words/phrases. For example, u, lol, ppl any1, r etc. I just want to know why people are lazy when they type.
Additional Details
I put it in ...

 Oh my God, I'm in my office. Someone just walked in with a gun and shot Ms. Stephenson the recptionist?
OH God what should I do, he's killing everyone OH GOD PLEASE HELP ME. I have a Beretta in my drawer. Should I risk going out there?
Additional Details
I killed him. I actually ...

 How do you make it stop?
Oh my gosh!!! Seriously it is the most annoying thing ever. My eyes have been doing this thing for the past couple of months where they will randomly twitch.

What causes an eye to twitch? ...

 How do i fake injury?
how do i fake a really really sore ankle or actually half break it. I need to know I NEED to get out of winter inter school sports. Because everyone always laughs at me. Oh and i want it to kind of ...

 Help Me this is serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
My knee has been hurting me for about three weeks now. I first noticed it when I was playing in a softball game and I slid into second base. The next day it hurt very bad. And every day it has been ...

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How to Protect Your Infant from SIDS

The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is still one of America's most worrying problems today. The infant mortality rate, although decreasing by almost 50 percent since the 1990s, is still high, and SIDS occurs frequently. Parents and doctors are desperately trying to det... Read More

The FDA Is In Over Its Head with Generic Drug Labeling

The American Food and Drug Administration is currently backed into a corner, as reports about generic drugs being inefficient keep coming in, despite the fact that the FDA approved and cleared them as being equivalent to the brand-name products they are to substitute at ... Read More

Skin Disease Can Be Treated with Vitamin D

The presence of a high concentration of vitamin D in the human body has been linked to a decrease in the severity of atopic dermatitis cases, a skin disease that is present in 10 to 20 percent of children worldwide, as well as in 1 to 3 percent of adults. Researchers fro... Read More

Children May Become Addicted or Immune to Medicine

While this may seem like the proper thing to do when a child is ill, giving out free sample drugs often proves to be the worst thing a doctor can do. Some of these drugs have not yet undergone extensive testing and most of them don't even have instructions on how to... Read More

Colonoscopies Not Advised After 75

The US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) released new information to the public, stating that regular colonoscopies over the age of 75 are not advisable. The communicate states that exams of such nature over that age are useless, as patients that underwent this p... Read More

Some Comatose Patients Can Feel Pain

Belgian doctors discovered that some comatose patients develop the same "pain matrix" in the brain as healthy individuals do when subjected to pain stimuli. This gives further justification to medics administering painkillers to patients previously believed to have had n... Read More

Honey Can Help Treat Moderate Burning Wounds

Patients with mild to moderate burn wounds may benefit a lot from using honey as a dressing for their injuries, new studies show. Apparently, honey creates an appropriate environment for cellular renewal, facilitating the process of removing all impurities that may cause... Read More

Breast Cancer Recovery Is Harder Than Expected

The presence of large amounts of estrogen hormones in the female body has already been linked to increased chances of developing breast cancer, but doctors are now adding that weight is also directly responsible for increasing risk of cancer. Simply put, the heavier a pe... Read More

Creativity and Mood Disorders May Be Linked

Depression and mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, have been linked with creativity, in a new study led by Kay Redfield Jamison, professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University. Psychologists now believe that ruminating personalities could become more creative ... Read More

Fruits and Vegetables Prevent Cancer

It's common knowledge among doctors that people eating many fruits and vegetables are at a much lower risk of developing cancer than those who don't. But the reason why this happens remained a mystery until recently, when researchers at the Institute for Food R... Read More

Seniors Risk Eye Disease from Sunlight Exposure

Recent European studies showed that blue light, part of the visible range of lights the human eye can see, could be responsible for retina deterioration in seniors with low amounts of antioxidants in their systems. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease that... Read More

Playing Video Games Makes You a Better Driver

A series of five games that are proven to improve mental abilities was distributed free of charge by Allstate insurance company to 100,000 old age drivers from Pennsylvania.

Alcohol Poses Great Health Risks

The human brain is designed since birth to begin reducing its volume on its own, past a certain age. The process usually shows a 1.9 percent decrease over approximately ten years, in a regular person. But studies conducted on moderate drinkers revealed that the decrease ... Read More

MP3s Can Determine Hearing Loss Within 5 Years

Recently, the European Commission asked scientists to evaluate the effects of prolonged exposure to high levels of “leisure noise,” and the results of the study were more than worrying.

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Food Packages

It's common knowledge that plastic-generating processes can have some pretty nasty chemicals created as a by-product. It's also known that some of these dangerous substances make their way into a few of the finished products, which account for a multi-billion d... Read More

New Links Between Diabetes and Tuberculosis Found

People suffering from Type 2 diabetes are at much higher risk of contracting tuberculosis (TB) than the rest, a new study revealed. This discovery is very alarming, as, according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, more than 180 million people in the world toda... Read More

First Spanish Genetically Engineered Baby Saves His Brother
Andres, the older son of a Spanish family, has a rare hereditary disease called Beta Thalassaemia, which prevents his body from producing the required amount of red cells that carry oxygen. His little brother, who was born only three days ago, has been genetically adapted in order to provide him a... Read More

Kidney Transplants Are Tricky Outside The U.S.

A new UCLA study dealing with the safety of organ transplants abroad revealed concerning results. Two groups were involved in the research, one made up of people who went outside the United States for kidney transplants and the second containing people that underwent the... Read More

Patients Without Health Insurance Are at Risk

New researches show that African American and Hispanic patients, along with white uninsured people, run the greatest risks when it comes to their health. Health experts say that past medical histories could account for the large number of deaths that occur from trauma es... Read More

The Eye Stiffener Is Finally Here

Keratoconus is a fairly widespread disease in teenagers and young adults in their twenties and thirties, and it is caused by the thinning of the cornea, presumably because of increased enzyme activity in the eye. However, doctors still fail to see eye to eye on the real ... Read More

Eat Slowly and Stay Fit

Dietitians and doctors draw attention to the fact that the speed with which someone eats is one of the major factors that influence the way nutrients are absorbed by the intestines and distributed throughout the body. Also, if every meal is eaten to the last bit or until... Read More

Chinese Arsenic Lake Needs Cleaning
One of China's most famous hot spring lakes is now critically endangered by arsenic poison. Local authorities have recently discovered the contamination and have placed an offer for the disinfection of the lake both nationally and internationally. The water reserves of a nearby town are... Read More

Internet Linked to Brain Function Speed
A recent test on brain activity during reading and Internet surfing has indicated that the latter is superior to the old reading hobby, in that it stimulates more highly the areas related to memory, decision making and visual images, situated in the frontal, temporal and the cingulate regions of the... Read More

Measuring Environmental Dust Levels

Dust has been associated with damages to the nose, throat and lungs for a very long time, especially in the case of those working underground, inside mines or in quarries. Over the years, large amounts of dust are inhaled by workers. These tiny particles can form deposit... Read More

Professional Athletes Have Better Metabolic Rates

It's common knowledge that sports, in general, make for increased metabolic rates and better overall fitness of the human body. Regular exercises, done daily, or at least 3 or 4 times per week, can help people's bodies become more efficient in the way they burn... Read More

How to Balance a Diet

Maintaining the perfect nutrient equilibrium inside the body while dieting is the key to losing weight in a "sustainable" way – that is to say, the pounds will stay off even after the diet is completed. Knowing exactly how to balance various substances inside the b... Read More

Electroshocks Improve Brain Function

A new scientific experiment provided doctors with reasons to hope that, one day, they could have a potential alternative therapy for motor recovery after powerful strokes. Scientists from the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and the Harvard Medical School managed to ... Read More

Scientists Looking for New Ways to Fight Obesity

With obesity becoming more and more of a problem worldwide, some 1 billion of the entire world population has recently been classified as obese, or at least overweight, by a World Health Organization report. Out of these people, most of them are in the developed world, w... Read More

Transfusion Blood May Cause More Infections

New medical statistics show that the number of infections post-transfusion patients develop after receiving new blood is constantly rising, directly proportional to the "age" of the blood. Packets containing blood that was more than 30 days old were associated with signi... Read More

African Spice Can Prevent Diabetes

West African cooking habits apparently hold more secrets than meets the eye, scientists say. One of the most extensively used spices, a distant relative of ginger, called Aframomum melegueta, has been known for a long time to have therapeutic properties. Now, health expe... Read More

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