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 I've got a big tummy. How to reduce it?
i'm a software engineer.Morning i have bread toast or corn flakes.Afternoon i've rice meals.for dinner i've rice meals and go to sleep.I've developed a big tummy.i hardly find ...

 Are laxatives a good way to lose weight quickly?

 I can't put on weight, although i eat 3 meals a day and extras, has anyone got any tricks?

 Why are the Americans so fat?
Now more than half of Americans are obese

How can these people expect anyone to give them any respect when they clearly are lazy and have no self control?

The worst thing is ...

 What is the quickest way to loose 74 pounds within 7 to 8 months?

 Whats the best way to lose weight fast after becoming a mommy?
losing weight??...

 Has anyone tried Adam & Eve diet?
Metabolic diet - balance blood sugar.
Additional Details
It nothing do with apples and not a FAD diet. It was recommend by natural ...

 How do you lose weight w/o starving yourself???

 What are the good and bad effects of anorexia?

Additional Details
Just adding this. And i disagree with yoo, i found loads of pro-ana sites. Thanks for the long lists, i have a ...

 Starving Yourself for 8 Days?
If someone starved there self for 8 days, Only One fruit smoothie each day, how much weight would they loose??

Don't have a go at me because im not heading to do it. I would just ...

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Passive Smoking Linked to Stroke Risk Increase
A new study carried out at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston and Columbia University in New York shows that former smokers or nonsmokers have increased chances of having strokes as a result of inhaling cigarette smoke exhaled by other people. The research team also points out that being... Read More

Process Regulating the Response to Bad Memories Discovered
Individuals who have been through a traumatic event often tend to associate certain signals coming from the environment with the occurrence of the bad experience. Such signals are able to trigger fear and even panic attacks, but luckily, the brain has the ability to turn off traumatic feelings... Read More

Alzheimer's May Be Maternally Inherited
A new study shows that people with mothers having Alzheimer's may themselves be predisposed to the disease, suggesting that the condition could be related to an unbalance in the way the brain handles sugar, which is most likely genetically inherited. "Overall, these findings show that their... Read More

Marijuana Could Help Colon Cancer Patients
According to a new study involving colon cancer, the development of the tumors could be stopped and even reversed with the help of a chemical usually found in marijuana, although the drug itself would need some additional chemical compounds in order to work. The discovery was made by researchers of... Read More

AWARE – Biggest International Near-Death Experience Study
This week records yet another major breakthrough event, as the University of Southampton in UK begins the world's biggest study on near-death experiences to date. As a matter of fact, "begins" is not the most accurate choice, since the AWARE (AWAreness during REsuscitation) study is... Read More

Old Cyborgs Will Soon Roam Cities
Researchers place the final development stage of the artificial lens that would be able to restore a perfect vision both to short- and long-sighted people 5 years from now.


With age, human sight becomes less accurate, mainly due... Read More

The Search for Replacing the Troublesome Plastic Chemical
A recent study that associated bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound found in plastic, with increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes had plastic production-related and plastic using companies act like cats on hot bricks, and currently, there is a race against the clock to find a proper,... Read More

First Licensed Human Embryo Clones Will Be Australian

Scientists were given green light by the Australian government, in order to obtain embryonic stem cells out of cloned human embryos. The license and 7.200 human eggs were granted to Sydney IVF, an in vitro fertilization company. 

Previously, the practice had b... Read More

The Link Between Food, Longevity and Cancer Found
Scientists from the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah found a connection between some genes, which may lead to a healthier and longer life. Based on tests developed on some worms that have identical genetic designs as we do, researchers found that a gene associated with aging... Read More

Bees United Against Hypertension
A recent study related to hypertension indicates that a possible cure may be obtained from honeybee venom. Hypertension is among the most frequently-encountered diseases worldwide.Based on the estimations made by The American Heart Association, genetic inheritance, as well as high-fat and salt... Read More

A Small Guide to Ear Cleaning

Physicians concur on the fact that Q-tips and other such devices that are introduced in the ears for cleaning purposes have a major negative impact on ear-health in the long run. Here's why some clinical guidelines in this regard have been released at last. 

Alive for a Little Longer

Scientists who conducted a recent research study at Harvard School of Public Health claim to have found ways to increase people's lifespan with at least 5 years. 

Every individual on the planet will die of some cause at a certain point, and the reasons ar... Read More

Dark Chocolate Is Good for the Heart, Says Study

Eating one small square of dark chocolate daily keeps heart-related diseases and their consequences at bay, according to an Italian study. 

Almost every little thing you like to eat (or drink or inhale or feel) is generally labeled as being bad for health and ... Read More

Light Cigarettes Yield the Same Nicotine Level as Regular Ones
It has always been marketed and believed that light cigarettes only deliver smaller quantities of nicotine to the brain receptors than the regular ones. A recent study proves otherwise, specifically that the nicotine impact of the two cigarette types is sensitively similar.A new UCLA research has... Read More

Stress Inflicts More Casualties Among Policeman than Bad Guys Do

Apparently, cops tend to suffer a lot at the hand of stress, which, according to researchers at the University of Buffalo, causes several major health risks, including insomnia, high blood pressure, increased level of hormone... Read More

Beijing Mayor's Office Extends Car Curfews

Recently, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government (BMPG) has announced that it will extend its regulations on traffic flows even further than it did for the duration of the Beijing Olympics. During the games, the Chin... Read More

Vitamin D Is More Important than Previously Thought

Although we previously thought that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may cause severe forms of skin cancer, apparently, we need to be in the open at least 10 to 15 minutes daily, in order for our bodies to produce a suff... Read More

Intelligent Prosthetic Limbs Are a Small Distance Away

Working with clients such as Pistorius, winner of three gold medals in the Paralympics in Beijing this year, the Ossur Corporation deals exclusively with designing and engineering advanced prosthetic limbs. With their eyes on... Read More

New Cancer Pills Show Promise

A new type of radioactive isotopes may hold the key to tomorrow's lung cancer cures, says a team of scientists at the Allegheny General Hospital (AGH) in Pittsburgh, U.S. They have tested the new mesh of substances exten... Read More

A “Thinking Cap” Boosts Creativity and Brain Skills
The theory according to which we all have an inner genius waiting to be discovered has been addressed now by a team of scientists that built a device that affects the brain activity through a series of magnetic impulses. They are hoping to tap more of the brain's potential with their newly... Read More

Causes of Colon Cancer Under Scrutiny

A new adhesion molecule, named P-Cadherin, was linked to the developing stages of colon cancer by researchers at The London School of Medicine and Dentistry. This molecule is normally present during the developing stages of a... Read More

Children Around Smoking Parents Addicted to Nicotine

Canadian researchers conducted a study on 1800+ children, meant to determine if second-hand smoking may indeed cause in non-smokers the same symptoms that regular smokers exhibit, as previously speculated.

HIV Is a Century Old
Following a lucky discovery, scientists prove that the AIDS-causing HIV virus is actually about a hundred years old, virtually a few decades older than originally believed.The proof was lying in a box placed on an old storage room belonging to the University of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of... Read More

New Concerns Raised About the Safety of Legal Drugs

With legal drugs consumption on the rise on a worldwide scale, governments are beginning to question the safety of these substances. While some have decided to ban them altogether, others still allow the consumption of low-ri... Read More

Liver Transplants Increase Chances of Cancer

After studying 540 liver transplant recipients since 1982 to 2005, a team of researchers led by Helena Isoniemi uncovered that the standardized incidence ratio (SIR) in those who received transplants was of 2.59 when compared... Read More

New Way to Lose Weight Discovered

Contrary to popular belief, decreasing the rate at which the human metabolism burns fats could actually increase fats consumption overall. Scientists at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center studied several mice for an ex... Read More

Molecular Imaging Can Detect Early Stages of Breast Cancer

The Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) has released new information about the role that molecular imaging had and will have on breast cancer detection. As October is U.S. National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, SNM decided to ... Read More

Don't Skip Work Too Often, They Might Think You Died

English researchers have discovered that employees who take prolonged leaves of absence for more than one time in three years or so are more prone to dying prematurely on account of diseases than others. They analyzed more th... Read More

Physical Exercises Are Not Underrated

The lack of physical exercises in the severely obese has been linked to an overall degradation of the quality of their life, new studies show. Apparently, those who reported less than one hour of physical activity per week are more likely to experience symptoms like shor... Read More

Deafness Awareness at an All-Time Low

People suffering from hearing deficits number in the millions worldwide and yet there are very few measures in place to ensure proper communication between them and health care professionals, who are supposed to look after them. It's currently not required of doctor... Read More

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